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Jt Edson's Floating Outfit Series

Updated on July 8, 2010

Meet the Men of the Floating Outfit

Tough with outlaws, tender with the ladies, these guys are not only handsome, they can out-shoot, out-fight and out-ride the competition.

Meet the riders who make up JT Edson's Floating Outfit Series. Dusty Fog, Mark Counter and Loncey Ysable aka "Kid."

When there's a job to done, Ole Devil Hardin sends out men he can trust.

Dusty Fog proved his riding ability when he rode the horse that put Ole Devil in a wheelchair for life.
Dusty Fog proved his riding ability when he rode the horse that put Ole Devil in a wheelchair for life.

Dusty Fog

Dusty Fog is Ole Devil Hardin's nephew. He made a name for himself at 17 years old in the Civil War.

Now he's head of the straight-shooting, hard-riding Floating Outfit

Although he's the shortest man in the bunch, he's the fastest draw. His training in oriental fighting skills make it easy for him to take on larger men.

Dusty Fog Civil War Series Edsons

1. Comanche (1976)

2. Mississippi Raider (1997)

3. You're in Command Now, Mr.Fog (1973) aka Rebel Vengeance

4. The Big Gun (1973)

5. Under the Stars and Bars (1970)

6. Fastest Gun in Texas (1965)

7. A Matter of Honor (1982)

8. Kill Dusty Fog! (1970)

9. The Devil Gun (1966)

10. The Colt and the Sabre (1968)

11. The Rebel Spy (1968)

12. The Bloody Border (1969)

13. Back to the Bloody Border (1970)

Mark Counter, aka "Adonis" according to the ladies.
Mark Counter, aka "Adonis" according to the ladies.

Mark Counter

Mark is the eye-catching member of the outfit. Tall, strong and handsome, he's a crack shot.

One of the sons of Ranse Counter, owner of the RC ranch in Big Bend, Mark has inherited an aunt's fortune.

He doesn't need the wages that come with riding for the OD connected.

He's part of the Floating Outfit because that's where he wants to be. Where he belongs.

Ysabel Kid is half Comanche and half Irish. He's got the best of both bloodlines.
Ysabel Kid is half Comanche and half Irish. He's got the best of both bloodlines.

Loncey Dalton Ysabel aka The Ysabel Kid aka "Kid"

Son of Irishman Sam Ysabel and the daughter of Comanche Indian Chief, Long Walker, Lon speaks fluent bowie knife and rifle. He's a lean fighting and shooting machine.

The Kid's choice in clothing matches his raven black hair. He's always in black from head-to-toe.

He rides a well-trained, half-wild stallion, that just happens to be white.


Waco aka "Boy" when he first joins the Floating Outfit, is cut from the same mold as the other Floating Outfit members.

Like Dusty, he rides a paint horse and is a fast gun.

Like Mark, he's a good-looking blonde who can fight.

Like Loncey, he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit.'

Waco has a keen knack for figuring things out and does especially well when the chore involves being a lawman.

Floating Outfit Books Focusing on Waco

Floating Outfit Series:

Waco Series:

1. Waco's Badge (1982)

2. Sagebrush Sleuth (1968)

3. Arizona Ranger (1964)

4. Waco Rides in (1967)

5. The Drifter (1965)

6. Doc Leroy, M.D. (1977)

7. Hound Dog Man (1969)

Floating Outfit Book List

Floating Outfit

1. The Ysabel Kid (1968)

2. .44 Calibre Man (1969)

3. A Horse Called Mogollon (1971)

4. Goodnight's Dream (1969)

5. From Hide and Horn (1969)

6. Set Texas Back on Her Feet (1973) aka Viridian's Trail

7. The Hide and Tallow Men (1974)

8. The Hooded Riders (1980)

9. Quiet Town (1968)

10. Trail Boss (1973)

11. Wagons to Backsight (1972)

12. Troubled Range (1969)

13. Sidewinder (1972)

14. Rangeland Hercules (1968)

15. McGraw's Inheritance (1968)

16. The Half-breed (1965)

17. White Indians (1982)

18. Texas Kidnappers (1996)

19. The Wildcats (1969)

20. The Bad Bunch (1968)

21. The Fast Gun (1967)

22. Cuchilo (1969)

23. A Town Called Yellowdog (1966)

24. Trigger Fast (1969)

25. The Making of a Lawman (1968)

26. The Trouble Busters (1969)

27. Decision for Dusty Fog (1986)

28. Diamonds, Emeralds, Cards and Colts (1988) aka Cards and Colts

29. The Code of Dusty Fog (1989)

30. The Gentle Giant (1979)

31. Set A-foot (1978) aka The Nighthawk

32. The Law of the Gun (1966)

33. The Peacemakers (1974)

34. To Arms! to Arms, in Dixie! (1972)

35. Hell in the Palo Duro (1971)

36. Go Back to Hell (1972)

37. The South Will Rise Again (1972)

38. The Quest for Bowie's Blade (1974)

39. Beguinage (1978) aka The Texas Assassin

40. Beguinage Is Dead! (1978) aka The Lone Star Killers / Texas Killers

41. Master of Triggernometry (1981) aka The Trigger Master

42. The Rushers (1969)

43. Buffalo Are Coming! (1984)

44. The Fortune Hunters (1969)

45. Rio Guns (1963)

46. Gun Wizard (1969)

47. The Texan (1964)

48. Old Moccasins on the Trail (1981)

49. Mark Counter's Kin (1990)

50. The Rio Hondo Kid (1966)

51. Ole Devil's Hands and Feet (1983)

52. Waco's Debt (1964)

53. The Hard Riders (1968)

54. The Floating Outfit (1970)

55. Apache Rampage (1966)

56. The Rio Hondo War (1970)

57. The Man from Texas (1969)

58. Gunsmoke Thunder (1969)

59. The Small Texan (1969)

60. The Town Tamers (1970)

61. Return to Backsight (1966)

62. Wedge Goes to Arizona (1996)

63. Arizona Range War (1996)

64. Arizona Gun Law (1997)

65. Terror Valley (1967)

66. Guns in the Night (1970)

The Ladies of the Edson Westerns

Several Ladies fit prominently in some of the Floating Outfit Books. When trouble calls, these women don't have time to have the vapors. They're too busy fighting and shooting.

Four of the Most Featured:

Betty Hardin - Dusty's Cousin.

Belle Starr - Beautiful Outlaw. (Obviously no resemblance to the real one.)

Calamity Jane - Lives up to her name anytime she makes an appearance.

Lady Freddie Woods - America is an adjustment after England but she manages well.

Edson Books Featuring Calamity Jane

1. Calamity, Mark and Belle (1986) aka Texas Trio

2. Cold Deck, Hot Lead (1970)

3. The Bull Whip Breed (1977)

4. Trouble Trail (1969)

5. The Cow Thieves (1983) aka Running Irons

6. The Hide and Horn Saloon (1983)

7. Cut One, They All Bleed (1983)

8. Calamity Spells Trouble (1968) aka The Road to Ratchet Creek

9. White Stallion, Red Mare (1970) aka Ranch War

10. The Remittance Kid (1978)

11. The Whip and the Warlance (1979)

12. The Big Hunt (1967)

Edson Books Focusing on the Ladies

1. J.T.'s Ladies

2. Wanted! Belle Starr aka Oklahoma Outlaw

3. More J.T.'s Ladies

4. J.T.'s Ladies Ride Again

Ole Devil Edson Books

Ole Devil Hardin is the Head of the OD Connected Ranch and the one man the Floating Outfit answers to.

1. Young Ole Devil (1975)

2. Ole Devil and the Caplocks (1976)

3. Ole Devil and the Mule Train (1976)

4. Ole Devil at San Jacinto (1977)

5. Get Urrea! (1975) aka Texas Fury

Order a Floating Outfit Western

Which Floating Outfit Book Is Your Favorite?

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