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Judge me now

Updated on July 8, 2014

"I see you and you see me, so can you understand me without passing judgement about me?"

I play that in my mind now and days, because I fear your judgement my brothers and sisters.

You may ask why, but you and me both know why?

It's not about what you know it's who you know?Why is that?

Do you care you help the person to the right, to the left, behind, or in front of you?

We all wonder what is our purpose on this earth,but maybe if we use that time helping each other we wouldn't have to wonder.

Why do we think that we all have a certain purpose on this earth?

Have we ever considered that if that was the case that there would be one person per planet.

Maybe thats what blinds us of unconsciously skipping that obvious reality to take care of each other, and not just take care of ourselves, my family, my bubble.

We have done that enough already, and we haven't even done that well.

We have and will evolve, but we also seem to be segregating ourselves unconsciously and so apathetically from each other, that I wonder if communication will even need to exist.

I mean we text so much, we are forgetting what feelings and emotions even is. And don't worry its not a race thing, Its not about white, black, hispanic , or any nationality; english, spanish, or german language, its how we value each other.

I would say The value we show to each other this present day is unbareable to discern about alone.

Maybe its in our nature to judge, but should we harshly allow our minds or our " nature" to run its course and reduce how we value each other.

Could it be possible to change our mindset of judging each other, to evolve from that in the future. To be better people for people and not just for ourselves?

Do we give ourselves a chance to connect with one other, or is it true what " they" say? You know what they say, because you are saying it now, or you have said it before. This is something that we must change together as a world. What is and has happened on this earth happened for a reason, and for a reason, we as living things are still on this earth. We can all be connected, if we decide to connect together.


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