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jungle fever my adventures in interracial dating

Updated on October 26, 2010

its attraction.

I have been in many interracial relationships from White women to Asian women to Latino women and right now I am single and looking for my one true love and whatever race that she maybe if god sends her to me if I find her it will not matter to me.Love is a powerful force,Attraction is a very powerful force,when a man and a woman are attracted to each other nothing matters and nothing and no one can stop it.Try if you will,but know this,standing between a man and a woman caught up in the full gravity of love,is like trying to stop the earth from orbiting the sun.True Love is impossible to stop,and true love starts with Attraction.Wars have been fought over love.Kings have renounced their thrones because of love.Men and Women have turned their backs on their families...forever.For love.So trust me when I say nothing can stop true love between a man and a woman.When it comes to the affairs of the heart RACE MEANS NOTHING.And that's the truth.

green eyed redhead in a grey sweat suit

I had just processed in from Germany and just arrived for my first tour of duty in the states at Fort Polk.I wasn't alone in my arrival from Germany, it was about twenty of us that came from the same base different batteries but the same base.It's the weekend and we are doing what young soldiers that just arrived from Germany do best.Partying like its 1999.I'm in the game-room shooting billiards are pool as we call it in the south.I'm buzzing pretty good talking trash kicking ass and taking names,and talking more trash.I'm what you call a sore winner when I'm winning I'm going to let you know.Along with everyone else that's around.Next on the table is this green eyed redhead in a grey army sweat suit."My name is yon but you can call me the G.O.A.T,the greatest of all time,don't take this spanking personal." She responds "Alright." About a hour later I'm four games down,shes laughing and giggling and all the fellas in the game-room are clowning the crap out of me.After sucking it up and still talking trash to all the trash talkers that I defeated on the table,I make my way back to the barracks and crash.

Love is in bloom

After that day on the pool table I ran into red a lot around the base,she had a very unusual since of humor,she was able to make me laugh no matter what mood I was in.And that's saying something because its not that easy to make me laugh.We hung out on a regular basis my friends starting calling her my "unofficial" official girlfriend.We would hang out around base go to events and just chill.Then one-day we decided to venture out off base into the real world,you see mixed couples in the military means absolutely nothing.But in some places off base that could be a problem.So like I was saying we decided to head to the mall in Alexandria a small city about a hundred miles off base.

the mall

When we arrived at the mall,while walking to the entrance I was called a sell out and she was called a whore by a group of black women, she ignored them,me?I called them every name I could think of.That's just me.I respond.Making our way through the hardware department in the mall I ran into two rednecks snarling and growling and shouting out racial slurs at me,porch monkey,moon cricket,and on and on,she ignored them,me I responded,that's me."come on, don't worry about them." she said grabbing my hand we continued our walk through the mall going from store to store while she was trying on different outfits and talking about whatever she was talking about I was trying to hide the fact that I was pissed.We continued on our date by going to the arcade and playing a couple of games,having fun,but I was still pissed.We resumed our stroll around the mall,I stopped at the bar which was located in the middle of the mall and got a forty four ounce Long Island Ice tea,my choice of drink back then.We continued to stroll around the mall in and out of stores the more bags she collected the more bags I carried.The long island ice tea caught up with me and I had to hit the restroom.I'm drying off my hands and getting ready to exit when one of the rednecks I got into it with earlier enters.I'm standing there looking at this moron,listening to the hate coming out of his mouth and I am amazed that he seems to think he's going to kick my ass.I'm standing there he's fuming and building up then it happens... he swings,I sidestep, grab his wrist and neck and hip toss him, slamming his head on the restroom counter.Now I have him pent down on the counter, I give him my crazy face (every vet has one,I got mine from watching Kung-Fu theater) I wipe all emotion from my face and focus all my anger into my eyes and I calmly say "I am a soldier in the united states army,don't make me hurt you."Our eyes are locked and I hold him there for a few seconds,which seems like an eternity,then I let him up.He bolts out the door cussing and calling me names.I straighten up a bit and let my nerves cool before I resume my date with red.

She must be easy.

Back at the base,in our own little world,everythings going great.I'm cruising over to reds to pick her up,me and the fellows are having a cookout,when I get there she doesn't want to go,she wants to stay in.I'm puzzled as I was heading for my car her roommate stops me.She tells me that one of my so called "friends" came on to red,assuming that because she was white and she was dating a black-man that she must be easy,and because he was black all he had to do was ask and she would give in."O.K." I hopped into my ride and head to the cook out.When I get there I meet and greet everyone and I turn to my "friend" and say "Ride with me to the P.X. (store) my girlfriend is coming and she's bringing some friends,we're going to need some more stuff."We make our way to the P.X. and grab three cases of beer and some buns and a couple of packs of hot dogs and other stuff.Load the stuff into the car and head back.I pull off the road into a large grass field "Get out man,I need to talk to you about something." We both exit the car I immediately fire off two knuckle sandwiches to his mouth,he rushes me picks me up and body slams me into the grass I pop up catch him with a hook to the jaw,he catches me with a shot to the ribs and now we are rolling around in the grass,we break apart, both back on our feet now he yells " Whats your f#@#$! problem man?!?" I come back with "My girlfriend is me! you disrespect her you disrespect me!" For a minute we just stand there facing off moving around watching each other," Look man,I'm an asshole O.K.?I'm sorry alright?" He says offering his hand "Yeah..its all good." I respond accepting his apology.We make our way back to the cookout everyone looking at us like "what happened?" Because we have grass and dirt stains on our clothes.I clean up and head over to reds after a little begging and pleading her and her roommate decide to come to the cookout.The night is going great everyone is having a good time my friend has manned up and apologized to red,I'm sitting back watching everyone at the cookout my eyes lock onto red and I think "This is my girlfriend,if I have to slap the crap out of a black-man and a white-man every once in awhile...So Be It." Peace I'm Audi 5000.


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    • profile image

      asian lamps 7 years ago

      Very interesting indeed

    • The Shark profile image

      The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

      Bill, where have you been bro? Stop by my hub.


    • The Shark profile image

      The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

      Come on over, the water is warm---good environment for a shark biting liberals.

      You can check out my newest post regarding the liberal writer for the Washington Montly--Steve Benen.

      One of these days you'll tell me how to post pictures or video to an article.


    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

      whats up shark!Glad you're still around,I just might pop over and wreck your nerves!

    • The Shark profile image

      The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

      Hey Bill, still out here just been busy making sure the business survives this econnomy. On interracial relationships, I can speak from experience, my wife of 23 years was Black, although I lost her 6 years ago to cancer I have our memories and the beautiful daughter we had.

      The Shark

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

      Thanks lightning john.Drop by anytime.

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 7 years ago from Florida

      Hey there Bill!

      Very interesting writing! Those pictures are very cool!

      I'm having trouble getting pics attached without losing my internet connection. Keep up the writing.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

      sup obs thanks for dropping in,I try to keep my hubs light hearted and entertaining not to serious its enough serious stuff on the hub as it thank you for the compliment.

    • Obscurely Diverse profile image

      Obscurely Diverse 7 years ago from Tennessee, U.S., Earth, Milky Way via Cosmos

      This was interesting to read; entertaining stories with bouts of humor and ass kicking... Hmm, I never knew G.O.A.T. stood for "greatest of all time." Ha-ha!

      Oh, good luck in the dating pool and your search for a new gal. Maybe you'll find a big booty babe that isn't too crazy in the head. :)