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Happy Birthday My Beloved Husband

Updated on June 18, 2013

It's your Birthday today, June 25

I dedicate this birthday song to my Greg, My Beloved husband today; it's his birthday today.

The title of the song is "Happy Birthday My Darling".

Actually, I had sang this song to him in our chat. It has to be noted here that my husband and I are living two worlds apart; not our choice but as a result of bureaucracy. We are doing our best and within our capacity to one day be living together for the rest of our lives and we never give up.

You were born for me.

I created the following narrative poem to express my emotional attachment to my husband on his special day.

Regardless of what you are, who you were and are,

where you had been;

what you had been doing.

I am still convinced that you were born for me;

You are my perfect mate,

My perfection,

My Beloved.

I thank your Mom and Dad;

I thank God; I thank the Universe for bringing you to this dimension called Life.

I thank every one else who in one way or another,

Had contributed to your birth and nurture that made you who you are to me now;

and eventually becoming my beloved and perfect match;

That make us the perfect husband and wife for each other;

And most of all,

I thank you for loving me.

I love you oh so much;

Happy Birthday My Love.


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