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My Invisible Little World; a narrative poem

Updated on October 19, 2012

A narrative poem

I wrote this narrative poem on June 2, 2002 when I was jobless because I was care-giving full time to my then bedridden husband, Adrian Shiels. He died ten months later.

My Invisible Little World

Beyond anyone else's understanding and imagination;

Lies my invisible little world.

No one can reach it;

It's farther than the least visible star on a clear starry night;

It lies in the depths beyond the deepest ocean floor;

It's nowhere even in the earth's core.

No one knows of its existence;

Nobody has even thought about it;

If there was one to sense of its existence then he must be a psychotic;

Yet it does exist in anyone alive.

Doesn't everybody's beliefs based on his experience?

Those that can be seen, heard, and the rest of the senses?

My invisible world is me, my mind, my emotions, and the complete me.

My invisible world is a perfectly beautiful and harmonious kingdom;

I am the crowned and honorable queen;

My king's throne and my own are set side by side;

My adorable king adores me as much;

We are soul-mates that hail from time immemorial;

He delights in me, he loves me, he serves me and pampers me;

My king is my life and so am I to him;

Nothing can come between us;

Death is powerless; for my king and I are inseparable.

There is love beyond compare in my invisible little world.

My invisible little world is an untouched paradise of beauty and abundance;

My court servants are angels and cherubim and sage;

They sing to the voice of rain and thunder a-blending;

They dance with the gracefulness of the cool breeze;

They play the harp with the soothing and harmonic melodies of the rushing creek;

Such pleasure beyond compare in my invisible little world.

My mentors and sources of knowledge and wisdom are the wiz of the ancient worlds beyond the sky;

They tell of a land where fire and water mix;

They tell of a love, a hope, and a courage, that create the universe;

They tell of alpha and omega, of unending stories of subjects beyond human discernment;

Such joy beyond compare in my invisible little world.

In my invisible little world, everybody loves everybody;

Everybody makes everybody happy;

Everybody appreciates everybody's uniqueness;

Everybody is vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful;

Everybody is a genius and talented;

Criticism is an alien in my invisible world;

Comparison and condemnation are outsiders;

Everybody and everything is just perfectly beautiful and harmonious.

My invisible little world is not a Utopia;

It's a fact;

Of course you can laugh;

How can a born-blind person understand red when all his life everything is black?

He can laugh to his hearts satisfaction, despite his predicament, if someone insists to him the existence of any color;

He cannot even understand black even if that is his only world because color is just beyond his nature and he's got no point of comparison.

So is everybody who heard my story of my invisible little world.

Did you say that I am living in fantasy?

That I am deluded or idealistic?

Whatever you call it,

The fact remains that the outside world,

Is now filled with comfort and convenience,

Because of the people who were once called

Crazy, lunatic, deluded;

When they were just bringing out the existence of their invisible little world.

Try to turn the pages of history;

Read the life of the uneducable idiot Thomas Edison;

The two brothers who died and whose death contributed to make the world smaller

By reaching far destinations by flying.

My invisible little world is a universe.

Discover that within you my friend.

For God's sake!


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Frank Atanacio,

      Thank you for the visit and the comment. Just writing down my fantasy and beliefs.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      wow, I really enjoyed reading your hub :) Frank