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A Letter To "My Treasure"

Updated on February 14, 2012

Product of a fertile mind

The following narrative is just a product of my imagination in a poetic form. it's entitled;

A Letter To My Treasure

I started to notice you when I was just a little girl;

I saw your sparkling silver coins inside my mother's bag;

A thick pile of red, green, and yellow bills in my father's wallet, and inside the crate.

I so loved to hold your cold and smooth textured coins in my little palms,

Your tinkling sound was music to my ears when you are shaken and aplenty.

You are made of brass, silver and gold, I thought;

You are a flat and round beauty;

But you are also a rectangle and light that's made of paper.

My father had abundance of you;

Whenever I should like candies, ice cream or chocolate;

He delightfully gave you to me to buy plenty of those I wanted to eat;

My mother preferred to give me things she acquired through you;

She gladly handed me and my siblings goodies;

Fruit. cake, bread, biscuits, orange juice, as well as dolls and more toys.

Gradually I developed a strong desire for you knowing what good you bring into my life;

I desired to see you and feel you piling thick inside my robust wallet;

Seeing and touching your thickly bundled set of bills filling my attache case;

Excites me with such assurance of complete security;

My heart beats so fast in elation as I place your thickness in my counting machine;

Holding your plenteous stock in my palm and finger-counting you, lifts my spirit up to "cloud 9"

The sound and the smell of you when I flip you as I gladly count you piece by piece serenades my soul and takes my spirit to the garden of healing essence.

You are so precious to me not only because you bring me good feelings but also because you make everything possible in my world.

You are a magic that makes my dreams come true;

Your constant company brings all the comforts into my life;

You make me healthy, glowing, and beautiful;

You bring me honor and dignity;

Your abundance in my possession make my relationships with all my love ones more meaningful;

You raise me up to the throne of prestige and make me reign like a queen of authority;

Princes and princesses are now the position of my children and family;

My mansions, my palaces, my castle, my yacht, my Cadillac, my Jaguar, my airplanes, my helicopters, my Jewel, just to mention a few material possessions aren't they your gifts of love to me?

I see and have been to all high and lofty places; Can I forget the admiration from great men, politicians and businessmen, kings and queens and "blue bloods" just because they know you belong to me throughout my existence in this life?

You are the gift of love from my Father; the Richest Father of the whole Universe;

You are my wings which carry me up to the highest and brightest stars;

You are my Magic Bridge that take me to the paradise of my Soul Mate;

The Paradise where my Perfect Mate and I together fulfill the depths of our hearts. desires;


In Your Absence

...such life of fame and glory is doomed in your absence;

All around and inside me is dead and gray;

Because in this material world;

Success and happiness, honor and dignity, are measured on how much of you, and of how long you linger on with me.

My Treasure; How many times and how often have you forsaken me?

You leave as soon as I got hold of you; you leave without a trace and with no promise to come back.

I have to struggle hard and sacrifice all that I have and I am in order to find you and bring you back to me.

You left me with nothing; you took away everything that I value;

Life is a mess and chaotic as soon as you left;

Life without you is no life at all; everything is a curse, miserable and horrible;

To live in this so-called life without you is dead and impossible.

I miss you terribly and I must persist till death to search for you;

I wonder why I am still breathing; thus I can still think of you;

And because I did not die when you left me, I can gather now my last strength to seek and capture you.

Where oh where are you now? I went to a university to study your "what, how, and where about"

I went to the street to watch all passers by and hope you were among them.

Could I even recognize you if ever you pass my way?

It's been so long since you left, I was just a girl and was carefree and careless; I never thought that you would leave one day; I never even remember how you left me, but I remember how it was when we were together;

One day I met a millionaire, he was talking about you;

He was so enthusiastic and I realized you were with him, you did not even know me so did I, such a horrible situation knowing that you and I belonged together once in my life;

I felt so deprived and distraught; but I got willpower enough to persist and I resolved "I will be dead if you won't come back to to stay."

There were times when I wished I would hate you for this miserable feelings of desiring you. Desiring you more than just living my life happily with or without you; but remembering the good old days; the prestige, the abundance of everything you brought into my life; triggers my urges and obsessions for you hence I cannot anymore be complete in this life without you.

That was the last thing I remember; my obsession for you;

But then everything under the sun have its seasons; just like what King Solomon said in the Bible..."there is a time to be born and a time to die..."

Finally, I gave up hope; I got tired of chasing rainbows; just tired;

I killed you inside me, I killed that part of me that fantasized you;

I could even kill myself if that is the only way to get you out of my system;

I shed tons of tears for you in my lonely nights; I bruised my knees kneeling before your altar;

I was wearing a slave's necklace indicating your possession of my life;

But the end came naturally.

The awakening

I just dropped and fell down to bottomless slumber land; and when I woke up I was in a different world.

Yes, this world was dark on the onset; but I didn't care;

In this darkness there was nothing to worry; it was just complete darkness and nothing else;

Like the darkest night before dawn, I knew that this darkness is the beginning of a brightest day;

I lie still and as I gradually brought myself on my feet, a feeling of peace like I never had before; encompassed me.

Gradually a ray of Light emerged;

I felt the anticipation of a new day as the Light grew brighter;

A feeling of warmth caused another growing expectation within me for a brighter day ahead;

A feeling of peace and assurance enfolds me as the Light unfolds;

The Light brings me good tidings;

It's saying, "This is your truth...listen and be free...look around you..."

So I looked around; and behold!

There's infinite bounty and abundance untold.

They are much more than the rainbows I used to chase;

And the Light spoke in a thunderous but but loving voice,

"These are your treasures, welcome to your true world."

Confusion was coming back as I asked "Do I have to die in order to see my treasure?"

Then the Light answered "Go back to your world, remembering all the while your treasures here so you stop chasing the ones that don't belong to you."

My Life is My Own Treasure

I experienced again some sort of joy and gladness and as I did a key fell on my lap;

The last words I heard from the Light " Use this key to open yourself to your world of abundance and channel yourself to your material world; are the source of your own treasures, you, yourself is in fact your own treasure."


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you for dropping by too time2rite,

      To love one's self is to love the Creator who created us and because we love ourselves we can also love everyone and everything that God created.

      I do appreciate your godliness; and your kind heart. God Bless You.

    • time2rite profile image

      time2rite 5 years ago from Navarre, Fl, USA

      This is a beautiful piece, Jynzly. God has given us indeed a priceless Gift of Life and we are to truly love ourselves; the Bible tells us to "Love others as yourself...". It's not selfish to love oneself. Thank you for sharing this hub with us!

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      God bless you too Princess.

    • Princess Prisca profile image

      Princess Prisca 5 years ago from Heaven living on Earth

      God Blessed Your Heart With This 'Message.'

      Thank you for being God's mouth piece!

      Blessings Be Unto You.

      Ciao...Princess Prisca