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The Thinking Human: A Poetic Introspection

Updated on February 2, 2013

The Searching Man

This verse is quoted from the Bible.

"What is man that Thou art mindful of him?

And the Son of Man that Thou visitist him?

For Thou hast made him a little lower than angels;

And hast crowned him with glory and honor."

Man is a complex crown of creation;

Within him are billions of mysteries he himself cannot understand;

Even those who spent a lifetime searching for answers

Can only start with questions and end up full of riddles.

To begin searching the truth from within one's self is tedious enough;

How much difficult it would be to search and conclude another human of complexity;

It's just enough that a person should watch his own unfolding; To his personal development and natural capacity.

I had tried time and again to search for my own truth consistently;

Following my thought processes and flows and formulating my logic and philosophy;

Observing my feelings and emotions in any given situations;

Whether I am alone or I am in the the midst of a crowd;

Whether I am busy or idle.

I meditate on my achievements or failures;

And searched on my sins of omissions;

Compare all these to my present preoccupation;

And forecast the future for definite outcome;

Puzzles and questions such as;

Who I am;

What I am;

Where I am;

What am I doing in life and in this world as a whole;

And why I am doing what I am doing and vice versa;

Bringing out conflicting answers which lead to more questions;

The mood and the feelings in any given time;

Doing all these lead to more confusion;

The more I think, the greater also is the confusion.

Sometimes I want to think that perhaps I will know my own truth by relaxing and doing nothing;

Observing Mother Nature's other creations and getting awed at its wonders;

Or watching man-made creation and technology as they prosper every day;

Surmising what mankind had done and are yet to do;

This way I may be able to figure out my role to contribute to the world my own personal value.

I realized that searching for the truth culminates from within;

"What is below so is above" is an invaluable fact;

To search for an answer is the answer itself;

For humans are made to search and search, and crave for the rest of his life on earth;

There is no satisfaction for a craving soul;

Even God is craving for love and loyalty;

Aren't we human the same?

To stop searching for love, beauty, abundance and fulfillment;

Is giving up life and returning his breath to the Giver;

Craving, desiring, and searching are what humans are meant to be.

Even great thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, Ptolemy, and Pythagoras;

And wise men who studied the movements of the sun, the moon, the heavenly bodies and the whole of the universe;

Great inventors like Edison, Newton, and Einstein;

Richest men like Henry Ford and Bill Gates;

Cannot claim that they know everything there is to know in this vast universe;

They lived spending all their lives to discover and achieve;

Yet they rest in peace feeling that they are not done yet;

And were still in the process of searching for what else can they learn and discover in this wondrous universe.

Great men who are still alive continue in their search for what else is better than they had already achieved.

The question I must ask myself specifically is;

"What am I exactly searching for?"

I must be searching in the spirit of joyous exultation;

With passion and expectation for the answers I am unfolding;

Withe the realization that I can only focus my search for what my heart truly desires;

I cannot be searching fr everything in this world;

For it would only be in vain;

I am not made to contain the huge universe inside my limited brain;

For this whole universe can only fit in the Mind of the Greatest Intelligence;

The Mind that hangs the planets and the solar system and everything that there is;

The One who created Mother Nature by just His words.

I can only passionately and continuously search for something unique to me and that which interests me;

Such as painting and other hobbies and how to improve my livelihood activities for self-preservation;

It's all up to the Greatest Intelligence how I must pursue the desires of my heart;

All I do is to "switch on" my connection to the Greatest Source of all wisdom and knowledge;

For it knows what is best for me;

All I do is to listen and be alert to His guidance and follow it thorougly;

For to live with the Divine Guidance living within me;

Is to know everything there is to know, and which are specific for me;

My tedious searching is now over;

For the Source of all Wisdom and Knowledge lives within me.


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