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Karen Rose Books In Order

Updated on March 10, 2014

Should You Read The Karen Rose Books In Order Of Publication?

If you've come across this great romantic suspense author and now you're wondering whether you should start reading the Karen Rose books in order, the answer from my point of view of having read all the books published so far is yes and no.

The books are not so much in a clear order as they're based on character relationship.

You can read each book as a stand alone novel and you won't miss a thing if you read them out in order (with the exception of the Dan Vartanian trilogy).

Latest Karen Rose novel: Watch Your Back

Having said that if you do get attached to a character or another, you will want to know what happens to them, so reading the novels in the order will make you enjoy the stories even more.

Here I've attempted to put the books in order - first of publication and also with explanations of which main character appears in which book. I love Karen Roses's romantic suspense novels, she is a very strong author, one that I won't stop reading any time soon.

Karen Rose Books In Order - Overview

List Of Books In The Order Of Publication

Easier To Keep Track This Way

* Don't Tell - The first book written by Karen Rose was Don't Tell and it was published in 2003.

* Have You Seen Her? - Her second romantic suspense novel was published in 2004.

* I'm Watching You - I'm Watching You is her third romantic suspense novel, also published in 2004.

* Nothing To Fear - Book 4, Nothing to Fear, was published in 2005.

* You Can't Hide - Her 5th novel, You Can't Hide, was published in 2006.

* Count to Ten - Count To Ten was actually the first book I read by Karen Rose, and then I went back and read everything else by this author. This book was published in 2007.

* Die For Me (Daniel Vartanian #1) - Die For Me is the first book in the Daniel Vartanian trilogy, and these three book should be read in order. The book was first released in 2007.

* Scream for Me (Daniel Vartanian #2) - The second book in the Daniel Vartanian series, Scream For Me was published in 2009.

* Kill For Me (Daniel Vartanian #3) - Kill For Me is book 3 in the Daniel Vartanian series. It was published in 2009.

* I Can See You - I Can See You is the next of the books in order by Karen Rose (not part of the trilogy). Was also published in 2009 - quite a busy year for this author.

* Silent Scream - The next book, Silent Scream, was published in 2010.

* You Belong to Me - You Belong To Me was published in 2011 and it's the next book in publication order for Karen Roses's novels. (Baltimore #1)

* No One Left to Tell - The 13th book written by Karen Rose was published in 2012. (Baltimore #2)

* Did You Miss Me? - Did You Miss Me? is currently the latest novel by Karen Rose. The hardcover edition was published in 2012, however the paperback was released early February 2013. (#Baltimore #3)

*Broken Silence - This is a novella in the Baltimore series published 2013 (Baltimore #3.5)

* Watch Your Back - So far the latest book by Karen Rose, published 2013 (Baltimore #4)

You can see all her novels in one place here, including the latest book Watch Your Back.

My First Karen Rose Read Book - Still Have It After All These Years

My First Karen Rose Read Book - Still Have It After All These Years
My First Karen Rose Read Book - Still Have It After All These Years

Don't Tell

Don't Tell
Don't Tell

Don't Tell is the first book written by Karen Rose. It's a strong romantic suspense, one that is also quite emotional in nature. The story is about Mary Grace Winters, the wife of an abusive policeman, who is trying to escape if she doesn't want to get killed by her husband. She flees with her son, changes their names and settles down in another part of the country.

I won't give more of the plot away, but it's really a strong story, one that leaves you flipping the pages just to see what happens next. I like that all her books have their main characters really nicely fleshed out, something that I don't see with every other author. All in all, a wonderful book.


Have You Seen Her?

Have You Seen Her? (The Raleigh Series)
Have You Seen Her? (The Raleigh Series)

This is a very good romantic suspense novel as well. Steven Thatcher, the main character in this novel also appeared in the first one, so it's worth reading the books in order. However here the focus is fully on him. He has a very troubled life, his small son was kidnapped half a year ago and the family is still recovering from it (his wife has also died years ago). His eldest son is acting up in school and following the story, Steven meets his son's teacher, Jenna Marshall, whom he strongly falls for.

The plot is kind of predictable, but the twists and turns are still there. And what I mostly like about this book is the complicated relationship that evolves, and how both parties come with their own baggage of problems and try to stick together despite all the problems they encounter. Another strong story by Karen Rose.


I'm Watching You

I'm Watching You
I'm Watching You

The third book written by Karen Rose starts strong and goes strong right till the end. Assistant state attorney, Kristen Mayhew has a stalker. One that kills for her. When she meets homicide detective Abe Reagan, he has to figure out who is after her and why is he killing for her. And of course, as usual with romantic suspense novels, the two main characters fall in love while both trying to find who the killer is and why is he doing this for her.

One of the things I like here is also that there are chapters also told from the killer's point of view, how he plots his next kill. We get to enter his mind and sort of understand where he's coming from. Of course this doesn't make it any easier for Kristen. A very good book, full of romance but also great action.


Nothing To Fear

Nothing To Fear
Nothing To Fear

Ethan Buchanan, an ex-marine, is asked by a friend of his to try to find his kidnapped son, who also happens to be deaf, which makes the situation quite tough. What makes it even more complicated is the fact that the family doesn't want the police involved. While searching for the kidnapped guy, he meets Dana Dupinsky who runs a shelter for battered women and children all the way across the country, in Chicago.

Of course it's easy to figure out that the two main characters of this story are Dana and Ethan, who strongly fall for each other. And of course, nothing is easy in Karen Rose's books, so here as well we'll see them struggle - with their feelings, with the serial killer and with everything else that it's thrown at them.


You Can't Hide

You Can't Hide
You Can't Hide

Dr. Tess Ciccotelli is a psychiatrist and her patients are dying in apparent suicide. When police stars to investigate the case, detective Aidan Reagan is called on the scene to investigate what is going on. Is Tess maybe killer her own patients? As you've already probably figured it out by now, the two will be our main characters, who have lots to fight against - and for - in this book, not the least for Tess's life.

Another strong romantic suspense, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Lots of romance here, yet plenty of action and drama to keep one busy with the plot and keep turning pages to see what comes next.


Count to Ten

Count to Ten
Count to Ten

This was the first book that I actually read by Karen Rose and it has a special place in my heart. This made me pick up all the rest of the books in her romantic suspense series. Here the story is about Mia Mitchell, a Chicago homicide detective and Reed Solliday, a Chicago fire marshall who will become her partner for a short while. Reed is called to a house fire where somebody was killed. However as it turns out that the killing happened before the fire, Mia is called on the case, and this is how the two meet - and are teamed up together - for longer than they both anticipated.

Both come with quite a baggage on their backs, try to struggle with their situations while fighting a serial killer who targets them - not to mention trying to squelch their stronger and stronger attraction to each other. Another great romantic suspense by Karen Rose, one that is worth reading.


Die For Me (Daniel Vartanian #1)

Die for Me
Die for Me

This is the first book in Karen Rose's Daniel Vartanian series, and it's worth reading all the books in order since the plot directly followed from book to book. Vito Ciccotelli is a Philadelphia homicide detective asks for help from archeologist Sophie Johannsen when the police discovers a single grave under the heavy snow. He suspects that there are more graves to be found in the area, and a bit of place mapping could be of great help. They discover lots of bodies, so the hunt for the serial killer is on.

This book is a bit of a departure from the usual romantic suspense novels in that is more graphic, more intense and it's more a thriller really than romance. I love mystery and thriller books, so it was right up my alley.


Scream for Me (Daniel Vartanian #2)

Scream for Me
Scream for Me

In the second book in the series Daniel Vartanian takes a more center stage. As the previous novel, it's more of a nail-biting thriller than a romantic suspense. A very engaging story. While it can be read as a stand alone novel, if you want to learn more about Simon and what he's up to, it's best to start with Die For Me, as he gets introduced there first.

I loved this book, I love this mini-series and in a way I'd rather prefer the books darker and full of suspense than full of romance as Karen Rose's previous books are.


Kill For Me (Daniel Vartanian #3)

Kill for Me
Kill for Me

The third and last in the Daniel Vartanian series, Kill For Me really packs a punch. It is the most disturbing from all 3, the darker one so to speak and it's my favorite as well. Human trafficking, incest, pornography and a load of other creepy things make up this book - but the romantic aspect is not all forgotten either. Here we get to see more of Susannah Vartanian, Daniel's sister, and agent Luke Papadopoulos. Both of them come with lots of baggage and try to overcome their problems to be finally together - and solve the case as well.

In a way I'm sad that the mini-trilogy has ended, because I think this was probably my favorite from all books by Karen Rose.


Did you know

Karen Rose has also published a novella in a trilogy with other 2 authors. The book is called Hot Pursuit and you can check it out here.

I Can See You

I Can See You
I Can See You

The 10th book written by Karen Rose follows detective Noah Webster who tries to take down a serial killer who is targeting the online world. I love MMORPG (online role playing) games a lot, so this book was right up my alley, of course. And it was chilling too because here you realize how non-anonymous people online actually are. Eve Wilson is such a character who is trying to hide her real identity due to something that happened to her in the past. But the serial killer finds and and Noah has to find the killer before he finds her!

This book goes back to more romance and less gruesomeness, so if you like your mystery sweeter, this will be something to enjoy. Quite a good book actually, without all the gory details that the Vartanian series brought to us.


Silent Scream

Silent Scream
Silent Scream

The next book in the Karen Rose series brings us detective Olivia Sutherland and firefighter David Hunter as the main characters who have to fight a serial killer while see their feelings for each other awakened. While David was mentioned in previous books, here he finally gets his own story. Both characters are - as usual - emotionally damaged, and both struggle to find some happiness in the harsh world of a serial killer.

A great read full of nail-biting suspense. Quite a fast read, one that you have to finish reading once you took the book in your hands.


You Belong to Me (Baltimore #1)

You Belong to Me (The Baltimore Series)
You Belong to Me (The Baltimore Series)

In this new installment of Karen Rose' romantic suspense stories, the main two characters are Baltimore homicide detective J.D. Fitzpatrick and medical examiner Lucy Trask - and of course the required serial killer without whom we would have no story in the first place. The plot starts strong - Lucy finds a body right next to her home, easy to notice. Of course it does not end there. The bodies will pile up and they are all somehow connected to Lucy's past. But how?

JD Fitzpatrick is brought to the case and to the life of Lucy, to figure out why her childhood is so strongly connected to all these new killings. Quite a disturbing books, one that doesn't forget the romance, however, despite the chilling CSI style details and mystery to be solved. A strong book even after over 10 ones already written by Karen Rose.


No One Left to Tell (Baltimore #2)

No One Left to Tell (The Baltimore Series)
No One Left to Tell (The Baltimore Series)

No One Left To Tell is book #13 by Karen Rose. It also starts with a real punch: a car crashes in front of the house of private investigator Paige Holden and the person dies in her arms while murmuring her some cryptic words and giving her a flash drive full of blood. Grayson Smith, state's attorney, enters the case when Paige gives him the flash drive.

The romance between the two main characters becomes quite strong, and they are both quite nicely fleshed out and well developed. I think this book has more romance than her previous novels, so those who loved this aspect of Karen Rose's books will really enjoy it. Personally I do prefer books with more mystery and suspense than romance, but the balance in this book is quite well kept, so I did end up enjoying reading it.


Did You Miss Me? (Baltimore #3)

Did You Miss Me?
Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me is currently the latest book by Karen Rose, another great romantic suspense. I've read the book as downloadable version. The paperback edition comes out apparently 5th of February. As usual with Karen Rose's books previous characters have a role as well. For example here we see the main characters from the previous book, Paige Holden and Grayson Smith, however the focus here now is on state attorney Daphne Montgomery and FBI agent Joseph Carter who take the lead role.

The story starts with Ford Elkhart who walks his girlfriend home and next thing he knows he is gagged and bound in a place with lots of bodies and bones. While we are introduced early on to the killer, it doesn't get any less gripping or interesting to read. But beware, this is a huge book at over 500 pages, so if you like to read long novels, you'll be in for a treat.


Watch Your Back (Baltimiore #4)

Watch Your Back (The Baltimore Series)
Watch Your Back (The Baltimore Series)

The 4th book in the Baltimore series by Karen Rose it is in fact a stand alone novel, however it is linked by location to the previous three novels published.

I really enjoyed this book as it has more romance than the previous few last ones, which reminds me quite a lot of her early novels - those being the reason I fell in love with her writing in the first place. Also this book is a great conclusion to the previous books in the series. Yes, I know it is a stand-alone novel, but still it's best to read the book sin order from #1 to #4 (also don't forget to read the shorter novella Broken Silence in the same series)


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      All K R books are an exciting and thrilling read, and great thrillers

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      NEW BOOK - Watch Your Back, a Stevie Mazzetti novel - 2014 Headline Publishing Group. I think that tis is Actually her NEWEST novel

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i've read some of karen rose books and i find them good

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Karen Rose is a new author for me - I am anxious to read the first one - and happy to know that you have a list here in order! Thank you!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      How nice to see the list in order and a great review.

    • Camden1 profile image


      5 years ago

      I haven't read any of the Karen Rose books, but I'll have to check them out...I like romantic suspense novels.


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