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Keep their heads down

Updated on November 22, 2014

At length are exploited

By the masters benighted

In each and every field

The slave always yield

Keep their heads down

In spite master he frowns

All his orders obeyed

Not one is delayed

But he wants some joy

And unsheathe rod of alloy

Unleashed is the inner Satan

With the furrows of batten

On the naked body of slave

He digs many a grave

Face mouth eyes and hands

Are swollen due to bands

These struck so fast and heavy

As advances the furious levy

Victims of torture do not speak

And their salvages becomes bleak

The perpetrator is never tired

But stops hand when annoyed

Unfortunate victims flutter

Not permitted even to mutter

As after shock of a quake

World raises slogans and awake

But what is this for man

When milk is spilt cry is vain


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