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Keep your head down and your mouth shut....or else

Updated on August 20, 2012

Increasingly New Zealand is becoming a nation under the thumb.

We see evidence of this daily in our domestic situation and almost as regularly in regards to our International relations. The truth is if we don’t ‘man up’ (sorry ladies; it’s just a turn of phrase with no intended gender bias), we are in danger of becoming a nation of the most pathetic pussies you could imagine. (Another turn of phrase with no gender bias intended). The mere fact that I have apologised twice in the same paragraph shows how embedded this PC shit is and how it is combining with outright bullying to emasculate (no I won’t apologise anymore) the entire nation.

What evidence say the doubters? Well wrap your thinking gear around this lot.

International evidence:

Example 1 - The Kim Dotcom case.

The Jianqi Government has literally stumbled over themselves (illegal warrants and illegal seizures of property) to ingratiate themselves with the FBI over this.

But let’s look at the facts; Dotcom has been accused of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering. He has strong support among musicians and artists, which I doubt he would enjoy if he was infringing their copyright and no evidence has been put forward to support any of the other claims. In fact ‘evidence’ has been seized but Dotcom has not even been allowed to know which of the many things seized from him allegedly comprise this ‘evidence’.

The New Zealand Police took in a battalion of armed men and helicopters to arrest four peaceful people and then seized everything that wasn’t nailed down and gave it to the FBI, who promptly spirited the lot out of the country so Dotcom would not have access to it at his extradition hearing.

In other words our Government is so shit scared of the FBI that they will do their bidding with such zeal as to risk making International dickheads of themselves. Just what the FBI would do to them had they said get stuffed when they were first approached; who knows. Although it’s a fair bet that money is involved and I am not talking about the proceeds of any alleged crimes by Dotcom.

Example 2 – The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

On the surface this appears to be a ‘free trade agreement’ but closer inspection reveals it is anything but free. This apparently harmless sounding name hides a plethora of possibilities we don’t ever want to be realised. It would strip us of much of our sovereignty in our own land. Foreign corporations would have the right to sue us if we did something in the conservation line to protect our own land if it had detrimental effects upon their business interests.

If ever you needed it, this agreement is proof positive that it is not only our assets that Jianqi wants to sell; it is our right to be ourselves and make our own decisions in our own country. This agreement is being sold very hard by the USA. Australia has baulked at some of the measures, but not the good old pussies from New Zealand. They will tell you it makes economic sense, and they would be right. What they don’t tell you though, is that it only makes sense to the one percenters who don’t give a bugger about anything other than increasing their already disproportionate wealth. You can find out more about this horror at

Example 3 – The Rena disaster

Here was a chance for Jianqi to gain some popular support and actually do something that would really benefit New Zealand for a change. But instead of passing legislation to exact severe financial retribution from the polluters he hung back and let the burden fall upon the New Zealand taxpayer (yet again). Now he wants to let a whole heap of prospectors in to burrow through the land like moles, extract everything they can flog for cash and leave us with a cess-pit in return. Once again all the pussy needs is lots of nice milk and it will let you do almost anything.

But quite apart from these embarrassing examples of felines in high places (by the way I love real cats – so no offence all you moggies reading this); there are some extremely worrying happenings in our domestic affairs.

Those of us who are not afraid to say what we think or challenge stuff we think is wrong constantly bemoan the fact that it is very hard to get Kiwis off their backsides and meaningfully opposing stuff they think is wrong.

My theory is that Kiwis are too scared/pussy to pop their heads above the parapet for fear someone will ‘get them’ for it. And they are right to fear that might happen because we have countless examples of how those in a position of power in this country repeatedly exercise that power to bully any who disagree with them.

A frightening number of employers and their straw bosses bully and intimidate their staff so the person being singled out gets no support from workmates because they are terrified they will suffer the same fate.

But the employers are being given the lead by others in this regard. The Jianqi Government is leading the charge with their own bullying tactics. Notice how TVNZ7 was whipped off the air without so much as a by-your-leave despite some extremely good viewing figures? But then we couldn’t have that could we because it wasn’t bringing in advertising dollars and was dragging viewers away from the channels that did.

The election campaign was another example of how those who stick their head up get it lopped off when Jianqi and Banksia loosed the dogs of war upon Bradley Ambrose and tried to ruin his career.

But one of the most evil examples would have to be what that gross twat who calls herself a Welfare Minister (Warfare more like) did to Natasha Fuller, the woman whose details she wilfully leaked to the press. Human Rights Commissioner Robert Hesketh found Bumfat had breached Ms Fuller’s rights when she did that. But despite this Jianqi took no action against her even although the hypocritical Minister threatened to do it again.

That was just plain nasty and a perfect example of the sort of corporate and institutional bullying that goes on in Godzone these days. I reckon God will want to deny any connection with the place right now. The message that action and the subsequent lack of one from the PM is that beneficiaries had better not criticise the Government otherwise all their personal details will be deliberately leaked. Why Hesketh didn’t do any more I don’t know. I doubt very much that his statutory powers prevented it, but as I recall the former District Court Judge had a rather rough time of it a few years back over some expenses claims after which he was struck off as a solicitor and lost his place as a judge. Just sayin’.....

And here is another little something to chew over. In a scary sort of scenario that could make you wonder if you were of a nervous disposition and in the NZ Army. Lance Corporal Luke Tamatea criticised the PM for not attending the funerals of the two Kiwi soldiers killed in Bamiyan Province a couple of weeks back and then turned up dead himself on Sunday. I do hope God is not on the side of our Government!


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