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Krypto the Superdog

Updated on December 3, 2012

Krypto - Superman's Dog

Here you'll find information on Superman's pal Krypto, his faithful dog and companion. Continue reading as we explore the origin of Krypto the Superdog, discuss Krypto's powers, Krypto and Superboy, the Krypto cartoon and much more on the Kryptonian Superdog that hails from the planet Krypton.

As Superman would say, "Up, up and away!"


Krypto's Origin

Krypto first appearance

Krypto's first appearance was in a Superboy story in Adventure Comics #210 in March 1955. In the original DC Comics continuity, Krypto was the toddler Kal-El's dog while they were on Krypton. Jor-El, testing prototypes for the rocket that would eventually send Kal-El to Earth, decided to use Krypto as a test subject.

Krypto's rocket, however, was knocked off course. The rocket drifted through space for years until it eventually landed on Earth, where Krypto was reunited with the now-teenaged Superboy. Due to the Earth's yellow sun and lower gravity, Krypto possessed the same powers and abilities as Superboy, although his physical abilities were proportionate to his smaller size and species. Certain sensory abilities of Krypto's (senses of smell and hearing) would be more acute than those of Superman, just as an ordinary dog's senses would be more acute than those of an ordinary human. Krypto also had super-canine intelligence (approximately human level, though with his canine traits and interests still present).

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Superman and Krypto
Superman and Krypto

Krypto the Superdog - Modern Day

Modern version of Krypto

The modern day version of Krypto was introduced in the early 2000's in the Superman comics storyline "Return to Krypton" as a dog from a false, idealized Krypton that was created as a trap by Brainiac 13. Superman was able to defeat Braniac's trap. When Superman returned to Earth, Krypto followed.

This new version of Krypto has all the physical abilities of his predecessor, but with a normal canine intellect. This initially causes a great deal of trouble for Superman when Krypto would scratch at a door if he wanted to go outside or he got a little too aggressive when fighting supervillains. As a result, Krypto is kept in the Fortress of Solitude for some time under the care of one of Superman's robots. This robot is programmed to emit the scent of the dog's real master. Superman has gone to great lengths to train his companion and he now occasionally accompanies the Man of Steel on various missions.

Krypto the Superdog vs Streaky the Supercat - Who's the coolest pet?

Who is the more "super" pet, Krypto the Superdog or Streak the Supercat?

Krypto the Animated Series
Krypto the Animated Series

Krypto the Animated Series

Krypto the Superdog cartoon

In April 2005, Cartoon Network debuted Krypto in his own animated series, Krypto the Superdog. Krypto was teamed up him with fellow animal superheroes Streaky the Supercat, the Dog Star Patrol, and Ace the Bat-Hound. In the series, Krypto lives with a young boy in a Metropolis suburb and fights crime against various foes including a space cyborg feline named Mechanikat and his feline agents (including his sidekick, the evil genius alien kitten Snooky Wookums), the Joker's pet hyenas Bud and Lou, The Penguin's trained birds (Artie the Puffin, Griff the Vulture, Waddles the Penguin), Catwoman's cat Isis, and Lex Luthor's pet green iguana Ignatius.

This version of Krypto shares the origin of the first Krypto, having been launched by Jor-El from Krypton in a similar turn of events but he did not arrive till after Superman was already grown. Otherwise, the show is an original interpretation created just for this series and is not based on any of the previous comic book versions. A noticeable change from the original is that this Krypto can talk, as can all of his other animal friends and enemies, and can be understood by his young male caretaker, Kevin, through the use of an ear-implanted translator. In the Krypto animated series, Superman knows full well about Krypto's existence but he decides it would be best for the dog to stay with Kevin, especially after he realizes how quickly they had bonded.

Krypto Wallpapers - Krypto pics, Krypto images, Krypto pictures

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Krypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the SuperdogKrypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog
Krypto the Superdog

Comments - Are you a fan of Krypto? Did you learn anything new about the character?

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    • pinkrenegade lm profile image

      pinkrenegade lm 

      5 years ago

      I learned something new today.

    • MinaMirage profile image


      6 years ago

      Krypto the Superdog made such a cute kids' cartoon!

    • AngelDey profile image


      6 years ago

      I really thought Krypto was a cartoon creation; I didn't realize he was in the actual comics. I did learn something.

    • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

      Kathy McGraw 

      7 years ago from California

      I must say I never knew about Supermans dog Krypto, nor a cat. Interesting, and Blessed by an Angel :)


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