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Updated on June 8, 2016

Everything! Ruined

Because I liedI broke your trust

Wish I could go back in time

And warn myselfI'm devastated

I never knew I care so much

Your words were like sweet sounds to my soul

You were not perfect

Your imperfections made me fall hard

I'm complicated

Just like the binary laws

Takes time to crack

You cracked me so fast

I fell in love without knowing I was in love

Distance inspired my decisions

Because of my wants

Everything we had is gone

Consequences! I face now

Killing my estranged soul

Your love I wish to regain

But you have assured me I can't

You have forgiven me

But you will never get close to me again

I regret deeply

My confusion caused me dearly

I need more than your forgiveness

It is difficult to move on and let you go

Now I truly know the value of what I lost

You deserve better

I will move on but I won't forget you!

Hoping you come back when there is still love

Farewell my love.

Till we fall in love again!


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