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Humor is no laughing matter

Updated on August 21, 2014

The highest paid people in the world are not those who know the most, it's those who are calculatingly funny.

A humorous TV host will be paid ten times more than the head of a university. So it's safe to say that we pay more for laughs than facts.

How do you feel after someone's told you a joke that made you buckle up with laughter? A tingling sensation all over?

This is because the brain releases endorphin's into your blood stream that gave you this 'natural high'.

Endorphin is a chemical substance that is released from the brain when you laugh. It has a similar chemical composition to morphine and heroin and has a tranquillizing effect on the body while building the immune system.

This explains why happy people rarely get sick and complaining people always seem to be ill.

We know that a speech which has humorous jokes, lines and cracks every 6-7 minutes is 200-400% more remembered than if the same speech is delivered without humor. So it's a great way to teach facts.

Norman Cousins is the author of the book 'Anatomy of an Illness'. Norman was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was told by doctors that he was beyond medical help and would soon die.. his reaction to the news was to book himself into a hotel room and hired all the funny movies he could get and watched and re-watched them repeatedly. Laughing as hard and loud as he could.

After 6 months of this self-inflicted laughter therapy the doctors were amazed to find that his illness had been completely cured. The cancer was gone.


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    • watchya profile image

      watchya 7 years ago from Within

      LOL ! All the blues !