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What I learned from the Hunger Games series.

Updated on December 31, 2014

Why I wrote this hub.

Let me start out by saying that this hub is in no way an overall review of this book series. It is simply an article on two main points I pulled out of this trilogy. I hope you take the time to think about what I have written. God really used these mainstream books to get my attention and no one was more surprised than me. I hope you enjoy this hub.

The heroine

A story to think about.

It’s not the violent images of war or the overindulgence of the rich. It’s not the poor being held down and controlled by the powerful. It is the main character. She is flawed beyond compare. She is brave yet cowardly. She is mature but silly. She is controlled yet on the brink of insanity at times. She is one of the best characters I have ever read in a fiction book. I have sat and thought over and over about this book and I think that this is what a great book does. It makes you think. I am in no way condoning violence especially, to children but this is during war so let’s face it, war is not fair. I have read fictional books based on Biblical stories. Those books were by far scarier and more violent than the Hunger Games. I think it is because the violence portrayed in those books was real. It actually took place. I couldn’t sleep at night after reading some of those books. I couldn’t sleep after these books either but for totally different reasons.

Let me also say that I was highly resistant to reading these books and watching these movies because of the violence. What I heard from different sources made me stay away from this series when it was first released. When the first movie came out it was my brother and husband who talked me into seeing them. Even then my husband would tell me when to close my eyes during certain parts. I have a great respect for my brother’s, my father’s, and my husband’s opinions so if they say I should watch or read something I usually listen.

The heroine, the mentor, the best friend..

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The first thing I learned was..

The first thing I took away from these books is the fact that the main character, while strong and extremely independent, relies very heavily on the men in her life. Some of these men are strong while some are troubled and extremely weak. She idolizes her father and keeps memories of him very close and very special. She hunts with her best friend and learns things from him to support her family. Her mentor who is flawed most of all, understands her better than anyone and she hates and likes this about him. Whenever she is in trouble or troubled of mind it is to the men that she goes. I like this very much. In the world we live in it seems that men are portrayed more and more often in a bad light. Little girls aren’t supposed to dream of getting married and raising a family anymore. A woman is supposed to be this fierce independent creature who if she needs advice she will go to her girlfriends to seek it. She will then complain about how inept and utterly stupid her husband is. Her girlfriends will agree and add a few compassionate comparisons of their own unhappy marriages. I am not saying that having girlfriends is bad. On the contrary, I think female friendships are great. I am just saying that in today’s world it seems men are getting less and less respect. What is wrong with telling your daughter that her father is one of the greatest things that ever happened to you and you hope someday she will find someone just like him? What’s wrong with saying that your brothers are the best friends you ever had and you don’t know what you would do without them? When a woman seeks advice why can’t she go to her father or brothers or husband with a problem? Men have this amazing ability to put things into perspective. Women see everything emotionally and while there is a time for that there is also a time for balance. There is a time to let things go. The men in my life have taught me that. The main character in this story ends up with the man that brings her balance. He is the one who can get her to see reason. He is the one who is everything she is not. He is compassionate, loving, and inwardly strong. The portrayal of men in this book was one of my favorite things. It is how I see them. They are flawed. They are strong and weak. There are a number of great men out there who bring balance to strong women. They are a number of men out there who are worthy of a woman’s respect and are deserving of it. This is the one thing I took from this book series.

A good friend is hard to find.

The second thing I learned was...

The second thing I took from this series is also from the main character. The
people around her give her lines. They make her pretty. They force her to be
something she is not and do you know what happens? It’s terrible. She is fake
and phony and no one in their right mind would follow her as a leader or want
anything to do with her. When she is who she was made to be she shines. People
see her as genuine and she draws people to herself without even being aware of
it. She sees herself as amazingly frail and flawed and she is. But when she
lets the voices in her head, who are telling how to act and how to speak,
subside she is exactly who she needs to be. I learned so much from this. How
many times do we let people tell us how to be? How many times do we listen to
the crowd telling us how to act and how to be popular? How many of us are
dissatisfied with how God made us? I learned from this book series that God
makes us exactly how we are. We are not meant to be our friend or that person
on the screen. We are meant to be us. We can only be used by God when we are
who He made us to be.If we spend all of our time pretending then He can’t use us to be the influence that He made us to be. He makes no mistakes.

Sometimes our gut decisions are the best ones we can make.


No one was more surprised than I was that I learned something from this book trilogy. This proves that God can use anything to speak to us. Amazingly, He used this series with me. I am still trying to figure out how He did this but some things we just aren’t meant to figure out. I know that there are those who will disagree with this article but I felt I needed to write it. I am in no way condoning some of the violence in this book. I am not saying that these books and movies are for everyone. I am simply stating that these books moved me despite my very strong objections in the beginning. What I learned from this series may be for me alone. I learned to listen to the advice from the men in my life and I learned that I am exactly who I am made to be. God made no mistakes. I think in light of these two things that my time spent reading these books was time well spent.

Which book in the trilogy was your favorite?

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