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Learning: a Non-stop Activity

Updated on July 11, 2016

When you are convinced that you learned enough, then you start depriving yourself to learn more and consequently you start becoming a fool.

Do not be a know-it-all individual because certainly you are not. In fact, every day is a learning day. It is a day of curiosity, experimentation, pattern unlocking and eventually a big day for new discoveries. This would certainly give you the enthusiasm to live and hope each day because new things will be found and surprises will be unveiled. So be hungry for new learning.

Moreover, reading books, news articles , interactions, observations and even your difficulties can be a source of a significant information when processed become a useful knowledge. All you have to do is to be awaken. Use your senses. Feel with your heart and live life with details…with appreciation..with comprehension.

So observe, appreciate, ask, interact, enjoy and lastly understand. But do not push yourself to learn. It will naturally take place and you will just be amazed on how it will happen. Just continue living and walk faithfully and reflectively in life.


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