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I Fell In Love With a Leprechaun

Updated on January 5, 2012

March 17, 2011 has become my official love day. Surprisingly it all occurred at the neighborhood bar. Yes, I met my Leprechaun at Four Cloverleafs' Tavern. What can I say, this guy was dressed in green, of course. He topped his head with a black hat, wrapped his waist with a matching black belt and stepped out with black buckle shoes. The wardrobe was not enough, I never ever seen a man with such good looks. My Leprechaun had a baby face with smooth curly eyebrows, mustache, beard and emerald green eyes. His hair was also long and thick as a horse's mane. That voice is what really won me over, when he spoke to me, his words sound like bells and chimes all together. I can still hear him say, "fill my darling's cup, please "!

While I finished another love tonic, my Leprechaun ordered his favorite dishes "Shepherd's Pie" and Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have to admit it, but this was my first time tasting such succulent meals. My dear Leprechaun did not stop there, after our scrumptious meal, we had little heart-shaped butter cookies sprinkled with green powdered sugar.

My Leprechaun and I decided to walk through the park, and watch the sunset. After the sunset, we found a fallen tree to sit on and observe the moon and the stars. We were able to catch a shooting star and make a wish on our new beginning together. Finally we fell asleep, but we were awaken by the rain which brought along a magnificent rainbow.

My Leprechaun told me there was a surprise waiting for me at the end of the rainbow. Imagine this, as we began to walk, we ended up travelling down a trail filled with four leaf clovers. The trail led us to a gazebo with a table setting for two with a breakfast of sausage, Irish potato cakes and coffee too. I turn to my Leprechaun asked if we had time to brunch, and he said "of course my darling," "yes we do". I didn't need to have anyone to pinch me, because I had already done it myself.

We finished our lovely breakfast, and continued on the trail of four leaf clovers. The closer we seem to get to the rainbow, the trail appeared to have footprints. The footprints started out as white, red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow then gold. We had finally reached the end of the rainbow. "Here it is, my darling", my Leprechaun said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. There sat a chest trimmed in colors of green and gold. I could not believe what I was seeing. "Go ahead and do the honors", chimed my Leprechaun. So I took the key from his hand and unlocked the chest. The inside of the chest was a green cover. I lift up the red cover and estimated there was over a million in gold coins stored there. "Oh...Oh..what do we have here?" said my Leprechaun. I said to my Leprechaun, "it's only a gift fit for a queen!" "And who's queen is it?" I shouted for all the world to hear, "Your queen, my darling and no one else!"



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    • profile image

      Nan Mynatt 6 years ago

      Laurin Gateway, you truly Irish and this kind of dreaming could only happen to the Irish.

    • profile image

      Nan Mynatt 6 years ago

      Laurin Gatewood, only the Irish would have an imagination like this, it seems to happen around St. Patrick's Day..Good Luck