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'Let's Make Some Great Art' Book Review | Awesome Doodling Activity Book

Updated on August 17, 2014

This book is packed to the brim with fun art exercises to dive into, and although it is primarily aimed more at children than adults, the author herself states that the book can be enjoyed by anyone aged 5 to 95!

What is in the book?

There are a huge 224 pages of interactive activities in this book, with drawing prompts galore (see examples in the photos below).

The book doesn't have the usual typed lettering, but instead the entire book was originally all hand-written and hand-illustrated to produce a more free and informal style which would appeal much more to kids.

Part of the book is inspired by 12 famous artists including Magritte, Jackson Pollack and Matisse, with a small summary of each as well as a collection of engaging exercises based on the work of each artist - for instance, you are encouraged to make a Jackson Pollack abstract drip painting using marbles!

Also peppered throughout are a few informative snippets and lessons on art materials and drawing techniques basics such as cross-hatching, plus interesting facts about the origin of certain colors.

The majority of the book though is filled with gaps, blank pages and spaces just waiting for you to fill them in with your own creative artwork; whether it involves coloring-in shapes, drawing a certain shape over-and-over, ink blob splatters, doodling monsters, filling in comic strips or other awesome ideas.

What do I love about it?

I have owned a few doodling books before buying this one, and the reasons why this one stands out above the others is due to a) the masses of space and ideas provided inside, and b) the simplicity of the prompts which direct you just enough without trapping you into a specific drawing. Some books have more complicated or confusing ideas which can stifle creativity but I find the pointers in this book inspiring and they give great freedom for different interpretations.

Doodling is what I enjoy in my down time; I often draw in this book whilst watching TV or I keep it next to the computer to use when I feel like taking a break from staring at a screen. It's a very relaxing hobby for me, and it helps my brain get into a more creative 'mode'.

I love the fact that you can complete an exercise in 5 minutes, or spend an hour on it, depending on your attention span and how much time you have, and I also appreciate the fact that the book hasn't really got a childish vibe so it appeals to older kids, teens and adults too.

With regards to kids, this book would be a fun activity for on a rainy day or when on a day trip or long journey. There is plenty to spark a child's enthusiasm and imagination, plus they will be sure to learn a thing or two about well-known artists and drawing techniques.

Blank pages can be intimidating and this book proves that all you need is a shape or a short sentence to start you on your way and remove the fear.

A fantastic purchase (and gift) for anyone who enjoys doodling and being artistic. It would be an excellent introduction to art for children, and it certainly contains enough to keep anybody occupied for hours - making it super value for money too.

Here are a few more fantastic books to encourage drawing and doodles:

Let's Make Some Great Fingerprint Art
Let's Make Some Great Fingerprint Art

You'll never believe the variety of drawings you can create mainly from inked fingerprints!

Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz)
Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz)

I've got this book and it really is fantastically inspiring for anyone - both adults and kids - who wants to draw without inhibition.

Doodle Dogs (Klutz)
Doodle Dogs (Klutz)

A cute doodle book for kids who love dogs!


Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This paperback book is quite thick but also lightweight. Take a look at the next photos for examples of the pages inside.
This paperback book is quite thick but also lightweight. Take a look at the next photos for examples of the pages inside.
This paperback book is quite thick but also lightweight. Take a look at the next photos for examples of the pages inside.

Here are two videos; one is a review of the book, and the other is an introduction by the artist/author herself:


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