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Fighting With an Angel

Updated on September 10, 2010

I remember the dark wind that night...

I remember the dark wind that night,
My screaming soundlessly lost in it
Fighting you because you loved me
Let’s go, you said, away from here.
I said I’d follow you anywhere,
Then I knew I couldn’t be with you.
I had learned to hide my heart…
The wind tore at my clothes
And whipped my hair against my face

I remember the dark rain that night,
Tears mixed with pelting, stinging drops
As I told you I could not love you
But it was a lie, for my love was already profound.
Fear gripped me, paralyzed me...
All the reflections trapped inside a mirror-less soul,
Poured from me, spilling onto the ground,
An offering to spare your heart…

I remember the lightning hitting the earth,

And a singeing flash of when we first met.

You begged me to accept your heart.
I screamed at you for loving me
You screamed at me for not being loved
I felt I was fighting a menacing angel,
Tenacious and true.

I remember the rich smell of the earth
Clutching to keep us gravity bound
For a love like ours was able to take flight…
A love like ours was envied by mortals…
Our souls so deep and powerful, so able to love.
Our words swirled around in dusty spinning torrents,
Sometimes they found each other
On that dirt road all those years ago.


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      nicholsgirl 8 years ago