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Updated on April 28, 2020

what is life?

Running after something!

Or just forcing yourself to get fit on somewhere else! Most of us don’t even know what kind of life we want. We all just want is to upgrade our status though we will never get satisfied with what we have. Instead we will keep on running, comparing and competing with others.

Forcing yourself to get fit on someone's else life is like wearing someone's else shoe whose size, shape and design doesn’t fits you perfectly but its beauty appeals you. Will it be comfortable? Answer is no, It’s just you admiring the beauty of the shoe without knowing if the person who is wearing it really feels the same. For an instance people do wear high heels though it becomes tough to walk with still we wear it because of the look but only the person who is wearing it can understand the real pain. Same happens with the life we just admire others life totally ignoring the real story behind it.

Life is the choices we make from the birth to death. The choices which can be right or wrong, it depends upon the situations or the traps created by the people we fall in. We make choices for our own selfish admiration when things goes right we take the credit and when thing goes wrong we blame others.

Are we leading to the right direction? Is this how we should deal with the situations and people? Are we really making our life worth a living?

All the answers i guess are straight and clear, it’s we who need to understand or we can say to accept. Everything lies in the way we think, it can be positive can be negative. The actual things which matter are we happy with our choices. Are we ready to accept not only the right deeds which we have done but also the wrong one, We are not perfect no one else is people do make mistakes. The one who accept it and comes out from it happily and peacefully from within is the one who actually living it perfectly. It doesn’t matters what people think. Not even it matters what are they going to say because who so ever is judging your life even their own life is not perfect so just to satisfy themselves they pick point on you to feel great for a sec.

Does anything in life is permanent whether its happiness or grief? Not even your own body, everything has its expiry dates. What stays within are the memories and what goes with you is your karma. Good and bad memories which strike so hard to our hearts that stays till we die and our karma decide how it will be framed.

Everything depends upon the choices which we make each and every day in each and every path, If people think you are selfish, be selfish everyone else are it’s just you who are loudly accepting it in front of everyone and others are hiding it by covering with fake sugar coated personalities. Be selfish, be human but not inhuman, I would have rather compared it to animals but as per today situation they are far better than us.

There is a difference in being selfish and being inhuman, selfish means we care about ourselves, we think about our growth, we focus on our happiness, we don’t interrupt in anyone’s else life, in short being selfish means loving yourself first. You give first priority to yourself without hurting anyone. As we all know you can’t love and pay respect to others when you don’t even bother about yourself, but now-a-days people has become inhuman rather than selfish. They put their interest more on hurting others than loving themselves, they care more about themselves than others who are in need, they think of growing by focusing on defeating others and make others life worst to stand to compete against them, they feel happy to slay others.

So stop ignoring your true self, start believing who you are, what you can do and stay away from all the negativity which may seems pleasing and easy right now but have worst consequences later.

At the end all we want a stable and happy life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Shelvi


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