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Life of the Rose-life Lessons Learnt and Taught

Updated on July 15, 2015


"life of the rose" is poetic drama among three characters. the characters are: money, rose and poem. These three characters are symbolic representation of love triangle in modern society. The love triangle that has almost made the term "love" to loose its meaning. READ and figure out what life, money, love and society have in common.

the morning conversation.


Poem to Rose

morning rose

Your bloom scent lured my nose

My words in verse prose

I picked, laid and for you I chose,

Your is almost near, there and close.

Rose to Poem

morning poem,

Your words are soothing to my heart and soul realm,

You are unique and mystic as elm,

Kind and tender as loam.

Money to Rose

morning rose

I make it happen in a loss,

Am the chosen, movers and shakers in life drama fuse,

I make them, even slaughter themselves and even the goose,

With me all turn mad and confuse,

Rose don’t dare cross my lane loose,

But you have a chance to be with me, close!

midday conversation


Poem to Rose

rose dear,

When sun is hot, I will be there,

As fast as deer, to shelter you dear,

When rain drops, I will be near,

To sing a poem song, to pull rain away in fear,

And the evening you bloom, far

Rose to Poem

poem dear,

You are daring and caring,

Sheltering me, is great and luring,

Watching over me, is a death quest and yearning

Requesting early, even before aging!

Thanking and thinking.

Money to Rose

rose dear

When sun is hot, I will water you,

With my influence and power,

When rains drops, I will cover you,

Again with my influence and power,

And the evening, you will stand safe and sound dear,.

Rose to Money

money dear,

You have only influence and power,

You have no love and kindness to shower,

Pride comes before a fall, Mr. Higher

You should play it lower,

As silent slayer



Poem to Rose


I write history, right?

Remember I make victory

Am a writer, weapon at military?

I mark base regulation and territory

Pen is mightier than sword, wright?

Rose to Poem


You are nothing but words!

Full of rhyme, metaphor and wise saying,

Description of no history and yelling not telling

Mind your standards per fighting and wanting

Keep your wording!

Money to Rose


Do you value all?

Your gift of life in all

Remember your beauty is viral to all,

Even to beast and monsters of all,

If provoked, your life is more at all

Yet I provoke them all.

Rose to Money



Am crazy and loony

You are the reason, hey

You make it happen, how?

I fear for my life, now!

You are mine, wow!

may in another lifetime mr.know

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