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Life on Other Planets

Updated on September 23, 2014

Many Worlds There Must Be - Exploring Life on Other Planets via Poetry

Whether or not you believe in Ancient Aliens visiting our Earth, the mathematics of the universe is itself a compelling reason to assume there is intelligent life on other planets. In this lens, I explore the question Is There Life on Other Planets? - through original and thought provoking poetry. The highlight is the story poem, On a Dark World Far From Earth, a poem in 7 stanzas

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

How Many Worlds Must There Be

How many worlds must there be

Among billions upon billions of stars ?

Our Milky Way is but one galaxy

And life need not live on Mars

Long light years away there may be orbs

Encircling their distant stars

The cosmic rays their life absorbs

Which adapt well, just like ours

Let's assume there are worlds beyond

With folks perhaps like us

Allow our minds to drift, abscond

To other than our speck of dust

2001 A Space Odyssey - The Movie - Stunning and Groundbreaking

A Story Follows

I hope you enjoy this story On a Dark World Far From Earth about a being on a planet far from Earth

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 1

On a dark world far from Earth

A being struggled through its birth

Beneath the barren surface plain

Bombarded by a caustic rain

But in the cocooned shelter warm

It was protected from the storm

A thermal radiant heat was there

Deep within the bowels of planet Elaire

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 2

This race that lived inside the sphere

Held many tenets tight and dear

Like tending to their offspring with love

Who knew little of the bleak world above

And respecting their historic gains

Of overcoming challenges and pains

Passing their wisdom from start to now

Those to come would have better, they did avow

You'll Like this Poem About What Lies Out in the Infinite

Out in the Infinite

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 3

This child, in many ways like ours

Would never run through fields of flowers

Yet, despite this evident truth

The caverns would entertain the youth

So it grew some years according to its Sun

Exploring lengths of snaking tunnels, never done

Marveling at blazing crystals with a thousand facets

Just one of the underground's many assets

On Extraterrestrial Life

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 4

Along with other beings of its age

Who never felt themselves encaged

Learning their history and noble lore

Of the generations that came before

All the wisdom of the tribes of Elaire

That gave this race hope and not despair

Of simple inventions that allowed more light

In the craggy depths to augment their sight

300 Sextillion Stars .... And Counting !

Latest News .... 300 Sextillion Stars

Is There Life on Other Planets ?

Do You Believe There is Life on Other Planets ?

See results

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 5

More years passed and now the being

Was prepped and readied for the Time of Seeing

When it would venture out on the surface

Proof of worthiness was the purpose

On that black abysmal rocky scape

Which left naught to pillage nor to rape

To spend three days in solemn, silent quest

Not suited against the elements for this sacred test

On a Dark World Far From Earth - 6

And on return, if return there would be

The gathered would celebrate its maturity

But it must first last the dark time

Alone in the harsh climatic grime

Where its ready mind would receive

The knowledge to grant it Death's reprieve

Know that not all beings lasted through

Yet this being returned whole and true

On a Dark World Far From Earth - End

A fete was held to mark the day

With a tunnel of crystals guiding the way

The being was lauded for its accomplishment

And fed a special hero's nourishment

It could now contribute to the Elairian wheel

A new generation in this place concealed

On a dark world far from Earth

A being struggled through its birth

More Speculation

I hope you enjoy this poem about Wormholes

If a Wormhole

Maybe a wormhole will open up in space

Allowing us to travel through

I daresay that I'd be far off base

Saying the folks would look just like you

If they are bi-symmetrically lateral

Other features have likely evolved

To engender them to their planet; that's natural

And to get their world's challenges solved

Oh, the animals may be very strange

But we surely have oddities here

What we might find home on their range

Would for sure not be antelope and deer

The plants may be like Venus flytraps

Engulfing their meal in one chomp

If a wormhole appeared off the maps

It would certainly be a fun romp

I Thank All Visitors for Reading These Provocative Poems - about Life on Other Planets

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      moonlitta 7 years ago

      Hello there alien enthusiast:) Always glad to meet people who like (and recommend!) the same books I've enjoyed since I was a child:)