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Life with Poems

Updated on June 23, 2015



Don't hesitate to tell and share what you feel. Being free is a choice!


Oh my alter ego

I don’t want you to go,

Because I know …

It is plain as a pikestaff

That I am deeply in love.

I am fresh as a daisy

Along my journey

Because I know…

You’re my angel of mercy.

I will sing like a bird

Just to fade the hurt;

I will guide you to our own

Cloud cuckoo land

Where we’ll build our

Castle in the air not in the land.

I’ll make you proud

Like a peacock

And happy as a lark;

I’ll make you like an alley cat

But I’ll never let you be blind as a bat.

But what happened at the death of the night

And you’re not by my side

I can feel….

You’re not just that satisfied.

So now I just can’t laugh

As a drain,

And these things just can’t

Get out of my brain

Because now, your love is like

A ton of bricks that brings me pain.

You let my heart melt like

A dose of salt

And blaming me with

Different assaults.

I am deaf as a post,

Dry as a bone,

And I’m like a dead fish

Out of water

Because I know that now I’m alone.

Now I’m old as a hill

Can’t rise as a phoenix from the ashes

Since I was just crying for the moon

And turning dead as a dodo.

Now… I’d realized that ….

That was just all because of a sweet


From you.


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