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How To Improve Your Life

Updated on October 15, 2014

Are You Seeking To Improve OR Change Your Life?

Are you seeking to change or improve something in your life? Do you want to learn to use the power of your mind to transform your life into what you imagine is better?

Our minds are very powerful, more powerful than you may realise. The way we think the way we talk to ourselves, the stories and feedback we give ourselves can shape the way we think about ourselves and each other.

Use the power of your mind to help you transform and manifest how you would like your life to be in the future. It takes work and practical application as well but you have to start with you r mind.

Improving Your Life: Making Changes

Improving your Life-Preparing For Change

But Its hard work isn't it?

Manifesting, transformation, attracting? Making changes in your life, improving upon what you have now, living a more fulfilled life?

Don't you have to use a lot of willpower and struggle to get what you want in life?

So hard many give up and live lives "of quiet desperation"

If you don't have to do that don't you have to believe in the law of attaction and keep your mind totally focussed on what you want, and isn't that sometimes difficult as well?

Well its not really that difficult at all....

Often it seems our minds work against us telling us we are

not up to the job

not good enough

not talented enough

not thin enough

not good looking enough

not worthy...

Often many of our minds will focus on the little negatives we do every day like forgetting an appointment, not getting an "A" in that exam, not quite achieving all we wanted to in our careers, not being the perfect parent...

We would do much better if we could just focus on the positives we do every day but that is hard, or seemed hard to me anyway. I could do a hundred little great things and my mind would pick the one thing I forgot to do and beat me up over it.

I recall reading somewhere "Where were you when I needed you ?" meaning where was that same mind now beating up on you -when you needed it to help you ?

Well I was surprised when I came across Life Transformation System Z.

I learned it can be easier to work with your mind without the struggle...

You can get your mind to help you get what you imagine is better for yourself. It can be anything you imagine...

I am still learning but I wanted to share with you what has helped me.

Find Your Own Path In Life

Find Your Own Path In Life
Find Your Own Path In Life | Source

So What Is "Life Transformation?"

You may well have heard of the phrases;


"Attracting"or "Law of Attraction"


Of all the conscious processes of trying to bring better things in to our lives or make change happen, some call it "Manifesting"," Attracting", or "creating" your own reality.

Jori calls it Life Transformation.

This system accepts that we draw things to us with the power of our intention and the power of your thoughts.

The difference is that it does not require you to overthink or try to be a creator, or go through a complex series of making you a better person first or having a special belief system, you simply do the exercises and carry out your daily work.

My personal view of "The Life Transformation System Z" is that it is a guide, a template and a tool to use to improve your life into what you imagine is better. Its beauty is its simplicity and clarity. It is not difficult.

You need to be ready for change or as Jorj puts it "transformation". Dont do this if you want everything to stay the same!

When you ask for change , be ready for change!

Jori Elprehzleinn Talking About Life Transformation System Z - Tips for Manifesting With Mind Power And Improving Your Life.

Why is Life Transformation System Z powerful?

The Tools To Improve Your Life...

Life Transformation System Z gives you the tools to better your life.

It allows you to feel good in the present as well as the power to transform or to manifest what you imagine in your life as it moves forward.

You will learn how to consciously benefit from the Law of Attraction by completing simple practical exercises.

You do not need to have faith in it or to have or develop any special beliefs.

All you have to do is the exercises and they help you to find your own unique path and make your life into what you imagine is better.

It is clear when you purchase this first book that in order to complete the entire course you will need to purchase two further books on Amazon for $9.99 each.

the key to life is just to face such a way that all of its energies do not run you over

What will you learn through Life Transformation System Z?

Straightforward way to apply the law of attraction principles and work with your powerful mind..

As you go through the Life Transformation System A-Z you will learn:

How to succeed

To deal with worry and stress

To be happier

Improve any area of your life.

To deal with problems without hurting yourself

Handle criticism better

Shape your life the way YOU want it.

I would like to share my experiences of the Life Transformation System with you.

I have read a lot of self help, personal development, manifesting and "change your life" type books. However before I got Life Transformation System Z I had some trouble actually putting the concepts into practice. I had tried positive thinking and it seemed such a strain.

When under stress I forgot what to do or thought too much about being positive or putting my manifestations-what I wanted, "out there" I seemed to be actually blocking myself.

I wanted something shorter, something set out for me in easy steps, to the point and where I could just do it.

For me The Life Transformation System is the most clear, practical, the easiest and most absorbable book I have used.

You have to learn it thats for sure, you have to put some effort in of course but it is all set out for you in easy steps.

Ready For Change? Feel Good As you Move Forward...

Ready For Change? Feel Good As you Move Forward...
Ready For Change? Feel Good As you Move Forward... | Source

Areas Of Your Life To Improve - Transform areas of your life.

With Life Transformation System Z you can work on all areas of your life. Which one is the most important to you now.

Which Area Of Your Life Do You Most Want To Improve?

See results

With Life Transformation System Z You have the key to improve your life.

The key of knowledge to achieving or manifesting what you imagine is better.

Instead of looking through the keyhole of the door;

With the Life Transformation System Z you get the key that opens the door to you having the knowledge and ability to change or manifest what you want into what you imagine is better...

The work involved for you while doing the Life Transformation System Z consists of reading the text and stories and doing the simple exercises.

Jorj is very approachable and cares deeply about people improving their lives.

This is not just a book to read, it is really important you do the straightforward exercises. Without doing them you will not get your own experience of your own issues the ability to make change happen and for your thoughts to manifest into reality.

Improve Your Life. The Key To The Door....

Improve Your Life. The Key To The Door....
Improve Your Life. The Key To The Door.... | Source

What is "Life Transformation System Z" e book like?

How Does Jorj Elprehzleinn Deliver The Mind Power Message?

The way Jorj Elprehzleinn delivers the message is by storytelling making ideas and experiences easier to remember.

He delivers information on the concepts and simple exercises.

You must do all the exercises to get the experience.

You do need to read Life Transformation System A- Z actively and you must do the straightforward exercises to get the benefit.

However, I did not have to "study" it or try to interpret it or analyse it. The exercises are mostly fun.

Read it, do each exercise as instructed and you will get it.

Why Life Transformation System Z ?

Learning To Cope With Life better...Work With Your Mind Power.

I stumbled upon the "The Life Transformation system Z".

My husband had ordered it and done the first chapter without me knowing. I was in a very tired stressed out state and he just wanted to try it out first so he could assess it. He then went onto order the whole book. I found it on our coffee table and started reading....

It is easy to read and interesting. I felt life was a little easier, a little kinder on me, that I was in fact a more worthy and better person than I thought I was.

Well I now think we have been creating or manifesting our lives since we were born, reacting to what happens to us, adding to our experiences and deciding how the world looks to us and how we respond to the world, for years.

Did you ever see the film "The Sphere" with Dustin Hoffman?

People were trapped inside this sphere and what they didn't know was that all their thoughts created or manifested the world inside the sphere. They could have had so much love, beauty and happiness but instead they let fear and anger drive them and manifested snakes and sea monsters and horror....

I wonder if we all create or manifest what we don't want sometimes in our lives? Maybe we dont need to...

Each person's needs and hopes,fears and loves are unique.

You will either want to do this e book or you won't. Thats your choice. I just felt I had to tell you about it.

The simplicity of Jori's Life Transformation System Z is all you need to do is read it and do the exercises, it is that straightforward.

I know that simplicity comes out of a lot of hard work, research and experiences on Jorj's part, and that makes it easy for us.

Can You Imagine What Is Better?

Can You Imagine What Is Better?
Can You Imagine What Is Better? | Source

Through Life Transformation System Z Learn How Your Mind works...and Winning

The first surprise about how your mind works

The Life Transformation System Z book can be described as the key to unlocking worry, fear, doubt, vanity etc and eliminating the barriers that seem to block you from living the life you want to live. Well that sounded great to me!

One of the key concepts and one that was a surprise to me and one I think I rejected at first. It talks about the mind and the way it thinks.

I read that short paragraph about the mind several times thinking WHAT?!!

It took me doing the actual exercise before I really got it!

As the book goes into examples and simple exercises about this concept I started to internalise it and to eventually understand it.

I am not kidding when I say that I started to think differently than I had before and actually felt just happy and strangely freer :)

Your Mind Succeeding...

Your Mind Succeeding...
Your Mind Succeeding... | Source

Will Life Transformation/Manifesting Stuff Work For Me?

Manifesting, life transformation, attracting, mastering my mind? Can it really work?

Doing the exercises and reading the information I felt happy and uplifted.

This I have to say was at a time when I was feeling particularly stressed and tired and actually quite worried about a few things going on in my life.

Then the critic in my head started resisting how good I felt and that I couldn't feel good from just doing a few writings on sheets of paper surely?

Well I always think you should give things a fair trial and go on your own experiences so I carried on....I am glad I did.

I have no way of knowing if your experiences will be the same as mine or of others who have found wonderful experiences and life transforming/manifesting success(whatever success means to them) through this system. Your experiences will be unique to you.

Finding Your Own Path In Your Experiences...

Finding Your Own Path In Your Experiences...
Finding Your Own Path In Your Experiences... | Source

Always keep your spiritual forces alive, and protected, in your own universe

Take Care Of Your Mind, Your Dreams. The External Universe.

There is the external universe, where you would like to have your dreams come true, and where they can and do come true for some people, and then there is your own universe, where you can use your belief, imagination, hope, dreams, and other spiritual powers, as much as you are able to.

When you realize that the two universes are separate, that your spiritual powers and your material world experiences are related, but not the same, I know that you will experience, more and more, the reason why you should never give up on your dreams, and how you can get better at making the good ones come true, and the bad ones disappear forever.

Your dreams are precious spiritual energy with the force and power to change your life in alignment with what you imagine is best for you life.

Always remember that inner universe of your imagination is a safe place where nothing can destroy your dreams.

Keep them and what you believe in safe from the hurt and disappointment that can happen when you expose them to the material world. If you do so you will enjoy a magical real life that is influenced by the spiritual powers of your dreams.

Your dreams,what you believe in, guides your actions, which changes your life.

Always keep your spiritual forces alive, and protected, in your own universe.

Improve Your Life:Believing Is Like Magic. Your Own Universe.

Have you ever failed at something and felt so bad that you didn't want to get out of bed?

Have you ever lost someone, or lost something, that also took your hopes and dreams down the drain?

Have you ever believed in something or wanted something so much that it seemed like it was true, only to have your heart ripped out of you when you got dissapointed that it did not happen or turned out to be something else?

I know that you probably have. It' s human nature after all.

And each time it happened, those are traumatic experiences that, in my own universe, are all healed for you.

It might be hard for you to even read this article, because your dreams and what you believe in has been taken away from you, or even beaten out of you by reality, so many times that you wouldn't even want to read another word about believing.

Well, I am not here to offer to take your problems away. I just want to remind you now, that your dreams, your beliefs, your hopes, and your wishes, are spiritual powers that you can use.

People say, "no one can take that all away from you", well maybe that is true, but things can and do happen that make you feel like not using those great powers of yours ever again. Yet they are your powers to use anytime.

In the past few years, since working with my own mind, using the techniques in the mind power system I publish, I enjoy amazing tangible results, that I can't deny, using my belief, faith, and imagination.

Did you know that these spiriitual powers are capable of having an enormous impact on your material life?.

When belief, faith, and imagination are applied correctly they have more force that a hammer, or even a jackhammer, to break through the limitations of your current reality and get you new results in and new material reality.

You need something like a jackhammer to get results, because sometimes reality is that tough to get your dreams to come true into.

Are you with me?


Treat Yourself Like A Beautiful Garden:Self Development With Kindness

Treat Yourself Like A Beautiful Garden:Self Development With Kindness
Treat Yourself Like A Beautiful Garden:Self Development With Kindness | Source

Treat Yourself Like A Beautiful Garden And Improve Your Life.

Improve Yourself With Kindness...

Learn with Life Transformation System Z How to cope with criticism, protect your powerful imagination and handle problems better.

A little old lady I used to know as a child- I adopted her as my Granny as both my Grannys had died before I was a year old. Anyway she spent many hours with me teaching me things about "the olden days". She loved birds and was one of the most caring people I have ever met.

I recall one thing she told me which was " You are beautiful and your being is like a beautiful garden, be careful what you let into your garden. Weeds and rubbish can creep in without you knowing it"

Well frankly I didnt understand her as a child and I thought it was just the ramblings of an old lady. I totally forgot about what she said for most of my adult life until now and then I read Chapter two-Escape from Planet Earth I suddenly KNEW what she meant!!

I cant explain it like Jorj does. He teaches us how to stop assaults on the imagination, how to deal with criticism, how to handle other peoples problems without hurting yourself.

One of the things I have changed immediately is I now dont watch anything that makes me feel negative emotions, dullness or depressed. I have given myself a break from it all and I know it is making a difference.

My whole career is about being helpful and supportive to people and sorting out their issues. I now react differently when people bring me their problems and I find it helps them more!

Calm and peaceful

Calm and peaceful
Calm and peaceful | Source

Life Transformation:Dealing with Worry

Stop Worry And Improve Your Life !

How to stop Worry before it stops you. How to become the person you have dreamed of being, and how to manifest what you would like and transform your life into what you imagine is better, free from constant worry.

I found this particularly fulfilling as I have always been a bit of a worrier. What is making you unhappy and what will make you happy. In my experience they work on small things and on big things alike.

It goes further than that though. Amazingly things I was worried about started to turn around. You may have heard of the law of attraction, well I had struggled with that in the past, never quite getting there with it. Without a doubt, this is the easiest way I have found to turn things I am unhappy about or worried about into things I am happy about.

The exercises are not a one off task though, you do need to keep doing them, every day for a while then you can ease off a bit. It just takes some application.

To be frank with you, I didn't find everything easy. in fact I put the book down more than once in one area and wondered if I would do it any further.

I now understand my mind was resisting me and I needed to got through the barriers that were hurting me, things I did not want to think about I had to think about and once done and written down I felt pure relief...

What Is Happiness To You?

What Is Happiness To You?
What Is Happiness To You? | Source

What about Happiness? Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work To Improve Your Life...

"Here is another secret weapon - you have to have a way to handle what makes you unhappy, in order to be happy."

Positive thinking does not deal with the things you are unhappy with. What you are unhappy with needs to be addressed if you are going to get your mind to rally all your forces and energy behind getting your wish to come true.

You have to have a way to stop what's stopping you from having all your dreams come true. Most people don't know how to get around that obstacle. If you just "think positive" then what do you think happens to all the stuff you aren't happy with? You cut yourself off from some of your most potent energy resources.

I have many ways to re-connect you to ALL of the inner resources that you have, even the ones buried in your unhappiness.

In this book it is all summarized into one simple formula that you can apply everyday in all the areas of your life:

You can convert any situation, or problem, or anything that is happening in your life now, good or bad, happy or unhappy, into what you imagine that you want it to be, with great force.

Secret weapon - you have to have a way to handle what makes you unhappy, in order to be happy

Beauty Created

Beauty Created
Beauty Created | Source

The Life transformation formula:Practical Steps To Improve Your Life

Learn how to create in your own manifest what you imagine.

It breaks down all the parts of life. You learn how to create or manifest your own universe.

I have read a lot of quite mystical things about our ability to manifest and become what we want and have what we want. Jorj approach is I think more pragmatic, practical and straightforward...

Jorj says " ...the key to life is just to face it. However you need to face it in such a way that all of its energies do not run you over".

"Who you are in only discovered through living your life. You can have control over making yourself a better person if you want to. All change begins with you."

You need to set aside time; uninterrupted time that is yours.

This to me was different, more concrete, more practical in its application than many of this type of book s I have read. .

Life Is Always Hopeful

Life Is Always Hopeful
Life Is Always Hopeful | Source

Peoples experiences and reactions about the Life Transformation System Z

Life Transformation Formula -How It Improved Lives.

"I downloaded the Life Transformation formula. I am absolutely delighted of the things I am reading and understanding. It is synthesizing a lot of information that I have had in my being."


"I am just writing to say thank you to God, and you of course, for assisting for me to learn from and live a better life.

I am blessed and amazed. You are truly a gift to me and this world. I never expected you to do that.


I will be keeping in touch with you about this book, and I will be asking a lot of questions. That is also what I like about you, you are reachable. I can actually talk to you and ask questions, and I love that.

H.A. "

Focus On The Beauty And Happiness In Life

Focus On The Beauty And Happiness In Life
Focus On The Beauty And Happiness In Life | Source

The effect of the Life Transformation System e book on me.

I can only talk about my experiences here...

It was so easy, fun and not hard work but should not be underestimated. I like it as it is practical and in easy steps.

It is by far the easiest and most practical way I have yet personally discovered to apply The Law Of Attraction and manifesting or creating etc.... It does not require me to ponder endlessly on meaning and interpretation and mysticism. Much as I do enjoy a bit of reflection, I am at a stage now when I want results!

Now I am always honest with you and I am still in the process, early days, still learning, working on it. Looking through it again today I realise I need to be more specific, more present. I am learning to apply all I have absorbed.

Having said that a few things have already started to shift. They might seem minor things to you but because I know I put them there I am happy. I still cannot understand how these easy exercises have made a difference.

I cannot explain the different feelings I have about some things that really bugged me before, the different feelings I have about a person who used to really make me irritated, the calm approach I now have to a work situation that would have really worried me....

This is where I find describing this book is difficult, these are my experiences. How can I describe your experiences, what you want and need?

I am getting a lot from this Life Transformation System Z system. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely.

Reflecting On Life...

Reflecting On Life...
Reflecting On Life... | Source

Feel free to leave a comment. I do read all comments and I really do appreciate you taking the time to say what you think.

If you like this page please book mark it on social sites and tell your friends. Namaste

© 2007 RaintreeAnnie

Love to hear from you if you found this page interesting. - Thank you so much for visiting, :)

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    • awakeningwellness profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow you have presented a lot of really great information here that has caught my interest, thanks for sharing!

    • annetteghallowe1 profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow you have a lot of information here and I am intrigued! I am marking this as a favorite to return to when I can spend more time looking at it in more depth. 5*

    • monarch13 profile image


      10 years ago

      You are nominated for an Excellence Award at The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group!


    • monarch13 profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for joining The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group! 5 Stars!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Fascinating! Will definitely have to look into this! Thanks! 5 stars.


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      perception really plays a vital role in this. And your images are relaxing. thanks. :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Beautiful and inspiring 5 star lense! Thank you for sharing it. Please consider how I help people make their transformation too:

      Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Very good Lens always I rated 5 star for your Great works. This lens is providing more information about Life Transformation System, if you feel free to have a look at my lens at divorce lawyers

    • rebeccahiatt profile image


      10 years ago

      Excellent! Your images are gorgeous and fit perfect with your powerful information.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is a great lens, my new favorite for sure! My life transformation is happening through reading and taking online classes with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah: A New Earth Review, but I will look into this as well.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Nice balance between information and images. Very appealing!

    • LisaJesse profile image


      11 years ago

      Hi! I appreciate your great lens. Lots of good info! Please visit my Relationships 101 and learn to change your relationships with just a thought! Lots of great articles by me that I know you will love. "How Much Do You Love Me?" Hit me back and let me know! Your friend, ~LISA~

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Very interresting lens and lovely pictures.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Jasmine, you have done it again. This truly is a great source of info. I too have delved into self-help areas and the law of attraction. I must admit, I do have some issues with the LoA and 'The Secret'. You have intrigued me enought to look at this kit! Well done! Megan McC


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