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List of Must Read Books 2014

Updated on June 18, 2014

Reading is Fun

Reading is my hobby. On the average, I read 10 books on a monthly basis. With this rate, I can say that I can give a fair opinion on which books are worth sharing. I have done this in 2012 and I have achieved favorable responses. Thus, I decided to come up with a new list this year. The books I will feature include those I intend to read, the highly anticipated installment by readers worldwide, and novels I have already read this year. I hope you will take time to check the books on this page and share some of your choices too.

I made an effort to come up with this lens so that people will have an idea on what they must not fail to read this year. You may not like some of my choices but at least I gave it a try. I hope this lens will help you.

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Reasons Why I Keep Reading

I have so many reasons in mind but it can all be sum up in 4 points. I read because:

(1) It is required. As a student, teachers most often oblige us to read in order to come up with a comprehensive report about a given subject. The advantage of reading is that it is a good source of enhancing ones comprehension and expanding know-how.

(2) I am bored. At times, I am left with nothing to do and strenuous activities do not appeal to me. What better way to enjoy the time than to open a book.

(3) I want to escape the harsh realities. Whenever I'm sad and lonely, I read because I want to take a break from the depressing situation that I am currently experiencing.

(4) And I just love reading. I don't know how this started but as long as I can remember, I am never without a book. When I was younger, I prefer mystery adventures like Nancy Drew, and teenage themed chronicles like Sweet Valley High. During my young adult years, I went for thriller adventures like Jurassic Park, mysteries like The Davinci Code, and children's adventure like Harry Potter. Now that I'm much older, I have a more diverse genre. I fancy romances, horror mysteries, thrillers, adventures, literature, and inspirational reads.

Do you like to read?

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I have been checking online for this year's new releases. So far, only a handful has been made available. This is understandable since it is still the start of the 2014. But I listed the publishing dates to make sure that I get to read it as soon as it is made available. I have featured some that have gotten my interest. These books made my list because I'm a big fan of the author or it is an installment that I have been waiting for. In the next months, expect to see new ones.

You will probably notice that most of the ones featured here are romances. I'm a big fan of this type of books because I'm a romantic at heart. But rest assured, I will add other genres that are worth sharing.

Children and Young Adult

I'm a big fan of adventure stories. Ever since Harry Potter became a worldwide phenomenon, I have constantly looked for a similar material that could top that. I have read a couple of promising ones but only a handful is worth sharing.

Why do people love adventures so much? There are various reasons but mostly people will say,

(1) The characters are unforgettable.

(2) The setting is one of a kind. It takes readers into a place where only the mind can reach.

(3) The mysteries hold the readers interest from the beginning of the series until its conclusion.

(4) The flow of the story is unexpected.

Even if the stories have reached its end, the readers are left wanting for more. This is the magic of adventure books. Readers are captivated and they would want to hold on to the fascination as long as they can. I must admit that I'm one of those readers who stay mesmerized with the adventure even if it has reached its end. The magic just sticks with me

The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)
The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)

The Taylor family seems like the average residents of Savannah, Georgia notwithstanding the fact that they come from a line of powerful witches. The twins, Mercy and Maisie, are the youngest of the clan at 20 years old. Despite being twins, Maisie is the favorite among the family members including the matriarch & anchor because she possesses great power. Mercy, on the other hand, is on the losing end since she is without power – a first from their line. There are still so many qualities that Mercy should be envious with. Yet, she keeps it to herself and chooses to be happy for her because she values the love and respect that Maisie gives her. She is willing to do everything for sister as long as they keep their bond. So when she begins to feel a deeper longing for her sister’s boyfriend, she drastically opts to seek the help of a Hoodoo (Voodoo) to shift her feelings to Peter, her bestfriend who loves her dearly.

A series of events transpires after the visit to the Hoodoo. The matriarch & anchor brutally dies, an investigation is endures, a lot drawing is set to select the person who will replace the recently vacant status, and an investment ceremony is arranged to link the anchor energy to the chosen one. In between these events, family secrets are revealed, emotions are heightened, jealousy swells and hampers the sister’s relationship, and betrayal leads a 360 turn in the life of Mercy. Will she surpass the challenges coming her way?

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments Book 6)
City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments Book 6)

The final showdown. The shadowhunters and demons will go into battle until one is left standing. Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends come together to fight their greatest enemy - Clary's own brother. Sebastian is unbeatable but if their journey to the realm of demons is successful, they might stand a chance.

This is the 6th and final installment of the series. I'm quite excited about the turn of events and the fight scenes that will be narrated. This book will definitely hold the answer to all questions and mysteries that have been clouding the entire story.

The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, Book 5)
The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, Book 5)

Gaea will soon rise and her forces are getting stronger. But the gods of Olympus are not fit for battle. It is up to the demigods to go against Gaea and her allies. If they succeed, Gaea will be back in her slumber, her forces will be thrown back in Tartarus, the gods of Olympus will be stable again, and the Greek and Roman demigods will find peace. But if they fail, Gaea and her forces will reign. The gods of Olympus, demigods, and every living creature will cease to exist.

This is the final installment of The Heroes of Olympus series. I'm certain that a lot of action, twists and turns, and surprises are packed in this book. That's just how Rick Riordan ends his series. I'm actually looking forward with how the Greek and Roman demigods will settle in the end. In the previous books, the main characters have been mentioning about wanting to slow down and live a normal life. As to how that can be achieved, I'm pretty curious.


Romance Stand Alone

Stand alone novels are my favorite. I'm a big fan of non-series. Why? Here are the reasons:

I'm not patient enough to wait for the next installment. I read a handful of volumes every month and it gets frustrating when a sequel becomes available and I totally forgot about the first installment. This has happened to me so many times that at some point I shied away from these particular novels for a few months. I don't want to be left hanging and keep second guessing the next incident. I don't want to be lead to so much ups and downs only to find that a resolution is not at hand.I know there are readers like me who prefer to start a book and end it with only one volume on hand. So for book lovers like me, I hope you will enjoy the ones I'm sharing below.

Maybe Someday
Maybe Someday

This is a story of making choices and standing firm. It is a romance that you will never forget.

Both Sydney and Ridge believe that they are happy and content with their lives. But their inevitable encounter proves otherwise. Will they suppress their feelings? Or will they take a chance at finding true happiness?


This is an unlikely love story. As the author puts it - this is not a love story.

I was captivated with the story summary and intrigued with the characters. A little over a year, he has been stalking her from a distance. But one unfortunate night will change everything.

First Love
First Love

This is the story of Axi and Robinson. They met at a cancer ward during their treatment and became instant friends. Together they fought their condition and eventually they were discharged - Axi in remission and Robinson for his body's positive response to the treatment. They embark on a journey filled with fun and unexpected happenings that will strengthen their bond and bring them closer. But their journey will have to end eventually.

This reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I cannot really say which one is better because both are equally heartwarming and sentimental.

First Love is story of taking chances, of living life while we still can, of acceptance, and of moving forward. I like the simplicity of the narration. It allows readers to relate to the characters and circumstances. I had anticipated the ending but it still brought me to tears when it was finally foretold. There is really no easy way to deal with death even when you are just reading a story. I like the characters so much that I would have wanted a miracle to happen just to push a happier ending.


Romance Character Series

These romance books are part of a series but the story itself is stand alone. What do I mean by this? The characters in the series are recurring. But in every book, one or two characters of the series is featured in his or their own story. So each book in the series is not a continuation of the previous one.

Basically, the author introduces readers to a group of friends or a family with interesting characters. The story of each of these characters will be featured in a novel which then becomes a part of the series. I have encountered less than 10 of this kind. Most of it are good because the author really knows how to keep the interest of its readers.

I also like this kind of setup because the story stands alone and I get a glimpse of the development of the life of the characters I have previously read. Additionally, you get a homey feeling because you intimately know all the people in the particular group. So whenever they are featured together, you will understand each reaction.

Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street Book 3)
Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street Book 3)

This is a funny and exciting book. A story of best friends who discovers their feelings for each other is beyond friendship.

This is Nate and Olivia's story. Olivia is a shy woman. Nate, her guy bestfriend, is her exact opposite. He is playboy and can easily get any woman he wants.

From the first time they met, an undeniable attraction appears but they both shrugged it off and settled for friendship. Everything changes though when Nate decides to help Olivia come out from her shell. As Olivia becomes more confident, their feelings for each other deepen further. Will they embrace their feelings? Or will they let each other go?

Four Years Later: A Novel (One Week Girlfriend Quartet Book 4)
Four Years Later: A Novel (One Week Girlfriend Quartet Book 4)

The fourth and final book of the series. This series has gone a long way. It started with Drew and Fable. Then, it geared up to Colin and Jen. And finally, it is Owen’s turn – Owen and Chelsea that is.

Four years after Drew and Fable’s story began. Owen at 19 is in college and a part of the school’s football team. He is well-known as a player with bad habits but despite his reputation people hover over him because of his good looks, intensity, and association with Drew. He parties, smokes, and commits to no one. But after failing in his classes, he is reprimanded. He is banned to play with the team up until he keeps up with his grades with the help of a tutor named Chelsea.

Chelsea is a young and smart girl. She has been accelerated a couple of times and at 18 she is a junior. Due to her constant step up in school, her social abilities suffered. She is oftentimes deemed as a nerd and not accepted to any social groups. This brought about her insecurities and reticence towards people.

Owen and Chelsea’s lives are about to change though. Will they come out better people? Will they win against their inner battles?


Romance Story Series

These are part of a story series. So, it is best to read the books in order to understand it well. There are many books of this type but only a few stand out and maintain the interest of the readers. Coming up with a sequel or dividing a story into installments is a good idea especially if the characters are lovable and the plot is great. However, there are some authors who keep prolonging the ending by putting up situations in between. This becomes too tiring for readers and at some point they lose interest. Thus, it is best to keep a story at arms length to keep your audience wanting for more.

I have a handful of series that I keep track. Some have already concluded its stories while others are still on the process of completion. There are also times when a stand alone book becomes too popular that the author decides to add a sequel to appease the audience wanting to explore more on the characters life.

Breakable (Contours of the Heart Book 2)
Breakable (Contours of the Heart Book 2)

Finally! I have been waiting for months for this book. This is Lucas’ story.

He grew up from a happy and loving family, that is, up until the death of his mother. Everything changed from that point forward. His father quit his work, disconnected himself from everybody, and packed their things to move back to his hometown. While his father grieved and isolated himself, Lucas nurtured his own sorrow and guilt. He barely survived school but managed to graduate with the help of other people. He has found his footing in college though. He achieved exemplary marks and worked multiple jobs to keep him afloat while under the guidance and watchful eyes of his parent’s friends. The sense of stability he lives in begins to shake when he sets his eyes on Jackie.

Twisted (The Tangled Book 2)
Twisted (The Tangled Book 2)

Tangled Series Book #2

The ending and the journey of Drew and Kate’s happily ever-after is predictable but the interaction and reaction of the characters are funny and real. The character development manifests despite the circumstances. And the title suits the story perfectly.

Kate and Drew two years after. Everything is perfect in terms of relationship and career. But everything crumbles eventually. After an unexpected pregnancy, the couple falls apart due to a misunderstanding. Families and friends come in between taking sides and keeping them at arms length to lessen the pain and ache. How will they achieve their happily ever after?


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