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For the Love of Lists

Updated on July 24, 2009
What did I have to do today??
What did I have to do today??
I never leave home without my grocery list.
I never leave home without my grocery list.
Boy, this is a long list...
Boy, this is a long list...

My dirty little secret!

Everyone has quirks. I have a quirk--some may even call it an obsession. I can not function on a daily basis without doing this. Sometimes I do it several times a day--I just can't help myself. Maybe I'm OCD : {

So what is this quirk? Okay, obsession!!

I am a <gasp> List Maker!

There, my dirty little secret is out. It's the truth. I obsessively, compulsively write lists. I have a list for everything:

  • grocery list
  • to do list
  • list of meals for the week
  • list of hub ideas
  • list of lists I need to write
  • list of phone numbers
  • list of people I need to call each day
  • list of bills I need to pay each week
  • list of rules for my kids
  • a wish list
  • list of addresses

OMG!! Look at that.....I just wrote another list : ) See? I just can't control myself. In fact, if you take a look at all 5 hubs that I have published so far, each and every one of them has a list of some sort.

Don't believe me? Take a look: Hub 1, Hub 2, Hub 3,  Hub 4, and Hub 5.

There is no 12 step program, no weekly meetings, and no medication for people like me. So, what is a mad, obsessive list maker to do?

Not a good list.
Not a good list.

Benefits of making lists

All kidding aside, there really are many benefits to writing lists. I'm getting giddy just knowing that I get to write another list detailing the benefits of list writing : ) Isn't life great!?!?

Benefit #1 --  Organization:  Making a list of things that need to get done help keep you organized.  You tend to forget less things and get more done.

Benefit #2 -- Priorities:  Making a list helps you to prioritize by determining what needs to be accomplished first. I mean, what is more important?  Picking up your child from school or watching "Wipeout" that you TiVo-ed last night?

Benefit #3 -- Accomplishments:  Having a list and crossing items off as they are finished helps you to see what you have accomplished and what you have left to do.

Benefit #4 -- Time Management:  Keeping a list helps to manage your time more effectively.  If you have a longer list, you know that you need to work quickly while a shorter list means you have more "free" time.

Benefit #5 -- It's Fun:  Okay, so maybe this really isn't a benefit, but it really is fun to write a list.  It helps the creative juices flow and it looks really neat & organized too.

Say What??

Are you a list maker?

See results

A Poetic Ode to a List Maker

For all you obsessive, list-making lovers, this is for you...

I get so excited every time I get to make a list.

It's like have a naughty little tryst.

Feelings of joy

Make me scream "Oh Boy!!"

As you can see,

I'm happy as can be

Makin a list and completin a task

How do you do it, you may ask?

With a smile and a grin

A held-high chin

With my pen full of ink

the color is pink.

Reeking with the smell of white-out vapor

I grab my stack of paper.

So, let's get started...

Excuse me, I just farted : o

My hand trembles as I begin to write,

I shudder with delight

as I think of all that I must do

First things first--take a poo!

Now it's time to make a list for this and make a list for that,

Don't forget to feed the cat

Go to the store

Buy a new door.

Play with the babies

Get the dog checked for rabies.

Clean the pool

Take a swim to get cool.

Get the mail

Go to a garage sale.

Clean the house

Eeekkk! I just saw a mouse.

Wash my husband's underwear

Dry my daughter's teddy bear.

Time to eat some lunch

Yumm! A Nestle Crunch.

Pay the cable bill

Buy a new grill.

Take the kids to the park

Time to go, it's getting dark.

Cook some dinner

Damn! I just cut my finger.

Take an evening run

I don't want to weigh a ton!

Although this has been fun

I am about done.

My list is now complete

Good thing because I am beat.

Now grab a piece of paper and a pen...

When you get up tomorrow DO IT AGAIN!!!

I love making lists!    I love making lists!    I love making lists!
I love making lists! I love making lists! I love making lists!

Ten days of top 10 lists

As a tribute to those who love to make lists or to those who like to read lists, I am going to indulge you and invite you to please share in my list writing obsession.  

Everyday for the next 10 days I am going to publish a hub that consists of a top 10 list.  The topics of the lists will vary--some will be pure entertainment while others will be informative.  Please check back daily for my lists. 

If you have any "list" hubs of your own, please feel free to post a link in the comment section or if you have a suggestion for a top ten list, send it my way!


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    • NYMiskovic profile imageAUTHOR

      Kara Leigh Miller 

      9 years ago from Oswego, NY


      You should write yourself a note to make list : )

    • SweetiePie profile image


      9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      When I do remember to make a list I am more productive, so I should remind myself of this!


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