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Little Spotted Red Bug

Updated on October 2, 2012

Little Spotted Red

by A. Gagliardi

Little spotted red,

You stroll about my flower bed.

Safely sing a summer song

as you quietly stroll along.

Catch an aphid; taste the dew.

I will smile when I look at you.

Lady bugs!

can you find the ladybugs?
can you find the ladybugs?

Little spotted red,

You scarlet messenger

Munching at all my flowers;

Dining throughout the hours.

Be my fortune. Marry me,

Bring fair weather. Flying free.

God's little sheep -

watch my plants while I sleep.

Fly, Ladybug, fly

Your slippers my mother will buy .

Come at Easter and

sit among my Lilacs.

Just a few bits of info

Ladybugs are helpful in the garden because they eat aphids, scale insects, mealybugs and mites. In addition, Ladybugs like to eat pollen and nectar of some garden plants. Plants that attract Ladybugs are: mustard, buckwheat, cilantro, clover, legumes, dill, cilantro, caraway, tansy and yarrow, to name a few.

Often Ladybugs are brightly colored to keep away potential predators. This phenomenon, called aposematism, works because predators learn by experience to associate certain prey phenotypes with a bad taste (or worse).

Ladybugs exhibit ‘reflex bleeding’ in which an alkaloid toxin is secreted (or sprayed) through the joints of their exoskeleton. This happens when a predator attacks and the toxin is venomous to certain mammals and insects the would prey on Ladybugs.

Purchase lady bugs

Go to these web sites to purchase lady bugs for your own garden.

Gardening Zone at:

These folks provide a variety of gardening supplies including lady bugs sold in bulk.

High Sierra Ladybugs at:

This is a family based business in the mountains of California.

The Ladybug Lady at:

This site provides lots of facts about lady bugs and kids activities along with selling

the lady bugs and other garden insects.

Insect Lore at:

Find lady bugs, praying mantis, caterpillars, and tadpoles at this site along with many

items for educating students about nature.


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