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Live Each Day As If It's Sunday

Updated on December 13, 2014



It was Sunday afternoon. The sun was already setting and the dark was about to take over into the view of the surroundings when I entered the church to attend the mass. I was glad because my favorite priest was the one who leads it. An old, vivacious, tactless-experienced priest. He became my favorite when I heard his very tactless, yet very true sermons to the parents of the children that he will be going to baptize. He said, "I'm sad to know that only two out of eleven parents of these children are married. You believe in baptism but you don't believe in marriage?" He was very lively despite his age. He even manages to add jokes in his sermons but behind those jokes are meaningful words of reality from someone I can say, “true man of God". He threw words without fear because according to him, if being tactless of his words is the only way of putting into everyone's mind what he wants to relay, even though it may hurt the feelings of other people, he will do so. He is already old and was gone through a lot of experiences in the battlefield not fighting as a soldier with gun but as a man of God using his faith as his armor. He is a strong influence in my belief that marriage should be prioritize before anything else in starting a family. And it is just amazing that they are giving free marriage ceremony - evidence that they are really want people to realize and understand the sanctity of marriage.

When I stepped outside the church after the mass, it was already raining. I went to grocery store to buy necessities good for one week. I live alone so I make sure that whatever things I buy would all be spent out. No waste especially for food.

On my way home, the rain got heavy and darkness fully took over and surrounded the environment but streets were still full of people going in and out the church, grocery store and fast-food restaurant and, people beside the road busy scattering the gathered dump garbage on the side of the street. Included in this bunch of people is the father who was tenderly putting an improvised raincoat made from plastic bag to his little boy, preparing him to help in selecting anything that would still be use or sell from the garbage. Such a young innocent child. Such a kind and loving father. I saw how much he took care of his son but the difficulties in life put him into situation wherein he has to let his son experience a life that maybe not playing but an experience that would mold his personality as a man of courage and resilience in early age as two or maybe three.

'What are we expecting? That's how life is. Unfair.' This is what I usually think when things in my life become difficult to handle. But, after seeing those people, it made me realize how lucky I am for being able to buy things I needed.

They made me miss my father who used to go to tailoring shop on a bicycle to save twenty to thirty pesos from jeepney fare and add it up to our budget and worked double to send my eldest sister in college.

It made me go back to our situation where we have to equally divide our food so that all of us, each one in eight siblings can have food to eat.

Those men I met on that Sunday made me strong to live and face everyday life. Even though alone, I am living with purpose of continuously working on with my dreams of better life for my family in a far hometown. This dream is a tie that binds me from them and let me live everyday like on that Sunday - inspired.


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