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Living the Life of Riley!

Updated on February 25, 2013

This story is dedicated to a little girl I know.

I would like to thank her parents for allowing me to use some photographs of her.

Living the Life of Riley!

On a dreary day in mid September, where there was just black skies, rain thundering against the windows and a little girl being born several years ago.  It had rained all the way up until this little girl was born, when the sun suddenly burst through!  She was known to her family as ‘Little Miss Sunshine.’  There was a little ray of light that bounced off the top of the girl’s head, through the window as the nurse held her.  Her Dad saw this too, and as the light reflected off, it looked like a halo.  The nurse said: “this is a lucky baby!”  And after that, her Mum and Dad called her Angel!

As Angel grew up her Mum and Dad realised how lucky they were to have her in the family.  They would always get compliments on how calm and happy she was, and what a beautiful baby they had.  Unfortunately, as time progressed the only thing that remained angelic about her was: her name, her head covered in beautiful bright blonde kiss curls, and her innocent but cheeky grin!  Angel was a cheeky little monster, she was into absolutely everything!  And if there was a question to be asked, she’d ask it.  Such as: “I wonder how deep that river really is?” Or “how much do you think I can splash you if I jump in this puddle?!” Or even “I wonder how far up that tree I could climb?”  Angel was always climbing trees, however, almost every single time she would get stuck and need help getting back down!  So to stop her from running off again and getting stuck up anymore trees, her Dad would tickle her so much that she would fall to the ground giggling!

In spite of Angel’s mischievous little antics, she was very funny, you couldn’t help but to laugh at her!  She acquired the nickname “Independent Annie” from a very young age.  She had been watching so hard at how her Mum and Dad had dressed her and tied her shoes, she decided she wanted to do it all by herself.  She would take a long time to do everything, and of course everyone else had to be ready about an hour before they left for anything.  But she would manage it eventually, just like everything else.  Her phrase was “ME DO IT!” And she did too!

Angel loved playing outside!  She always had great fun bringing pigeons close to her to feed them and then scare them away!  She thought it was hysterical!  However, so did everyone else passing by!  The most fun she had was when it snowed.  She would always wrap up warm, and occasionally go out in her jeans and a tutu; just like most three year olds!  What she loved best was making snow Angels, and sometimes her Dad would join in too!

Angel loved making a mess, much to her Mum’s dismay!  Trying to get muddy stains out of her clothes after playing football, or getting messy while baking with her Mum!  Especially when they would make gooey chocolate cakes!  Angel would always get chocolate all over her hands and face.  She’d then chase her Mum around the house asking for a kiss!  But with her beautiful, clean, face, and her cheeky grin looking up at her, it would always make her Mum forgive her and Angel would always get the first taste of the cakes they baked!

However, there were occasions when Angel was told off, even though it was slightly amusing to her Mum and Dad, she was told off and this made her very grumpy.  One incident was when she managed to find her Mum’s black mascara and because Angel was only three, she just scribbled all over her face with it.  She got told off, but Angel shouted back: “right that’s it I’m leaving home”, so her Mum replied: “where do you plan to go?” and Angel just said: “to my room!”  Of course, just the incident with the mascara had amused Angel’s Mum a little bit even though she was very angry this time.  But Angel’s response to her punishment made her Mum laugh so much!

Sometimes there were days when Angel would just get so bored indoors because she couldn’t play outside.  None of her many toys, books, dvds and not even baking any yummy cakes would amuse her.  So she sat around sulking looking bored.  This inspired her Mum and Dad to get a puppy for her to play with while she was at home, supposedly having nothing to do!  She was so excited and couldn’t wait to go and get him!  Then all she wanted to do was play with her new puppy that she named Andy.  They would play tug-of-war in the living room, they would play fetch in the garden, and she even taught him how to roll over!  But what she loved most was to be allowed to hold on to Andy’s lead all by herself!  However, when everyone got back from the walks they were all exhausted.  So her Mum and Dad would collapse on the sofa to watch some television with a drink, while both Angel and Andy went for an afternoon nap.  However, Angel didn’t sleep in her own bed, she joined Andy in his doggy bed!

Little Angel, who was always up to mischief, and always wanted to choose her own clothes would wear whatever she felt like.  Even if she would be walking about outside.  She quite often would just walk down the street in chilly weather wearing a cosy coat and hat, and of course one of her many fabulous tutus with leggings!  This was a similar choice on her first day at nursery school.  She chose a gorgeous bright red top to match her bright red tutu, and because she started in January she decided she should wear jeans as well.  Angel thoroughly enjoyed nursery school, and got particularly excited when they decided to have a day where all the children went into school in fancy dress.  Unfortunately, due to Angel’s quirky dress sense on a daily basis, both Angel and Angel’s Mum and Dad were stumped at what to get her to wear.  So they went shopping and found the ideal outfit; she was a pirate!  She tried it on and did a little fashion parade for everyone that evening, and that was when they realised she was still trying to see with both eyes wearing an eye patch, and was looking underneath the patch!  It was a very amusing moment, but Angel was very happy with her new outfit that she could wear to nursery and show to all her new friends.

Little angelic Angel, the one with a quirky dress sense, highly independent for a three year old, extremely mischievous, but absolutely hysterical to watch and have fun with!  She might have been naughty occasionally, but she always likes to pick flowers for you!  And even when she was dressed up in her wacky ways or gets very dirty, she still looks beautiful!  Angel always likes to wear her “jewels” as she calls them in spite of her outfit that day!  She has a very pretty necklace, and lovely earrings.

All of these pictures are of the beautiful little girl; Angel.  She is an extremely happy and content little girl; she does like causing trouble every now and then!  But as the nurse said in the hospital three years ago; she really is a lucky little girl...

...and this lucky little girl really does live the life of riley!


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    • Georgie98 profile image

      Georgie98 7 years ago from UK

      Thank you fetty! Yes she really is beautiful, even if what she's wearing does make you laugh!

      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. :)

    • fetty profile image

      fetty 7 years ago from South Jersey

      She is a beautiful child who is truly loved by you all! Great hub!


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