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Vijaya: A Long Lost Love

Updated on October 13, 2019
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An Air Warrior and prolific writer with over 200 published short stories and 14 books on fiction

The Beginning

Almost three decades back I was posted to the Flying Instructors School at Tambaram in Madras. I have to mention this as my story begins from here. FIS is considered the home of flying. I was obviously delighted to enter the home of flying. I went to the officer's mess and the first man I met was flight Lieutenant Jaggi. There was another chap called Kapoor who met me and both of them took me to the officer's mess bar or a swig of beer.

At the bar, Jaggi told me that I was lucky to be posted to Tambaram. On my query how was I lucky, he mentioned that some of the best girls, in particular, the Brahmin girls from Madras are available as girlfriends. He concluded by saying, " you can't get better and more beautiful girls than the ones in Madras."

Readers, in those days Madras was the name of the city of Chennai. It is one of the oldest cities in India and was the first settlement of the British in South India. Robert Clive reportedly landed at Madras port and began his career as a great exponent of the Raj from this place.

The orderly assigned to me came inside the bar and told me, " Sahab, your motorbike has come."

I was thrilled at this news and promptly went out to take delivery of the motorbike. It was a Royal Enfield 350 cc 4 stroke bike which my father had gifted to me on my getting Commissioned in the Indian Air Force. I connected the battery and pumped the Kickstarter and the bike roared to life. I drove it to my quarter which was about a furlong away and parked the bike there, telling my orderly to clean it up. I went back to the bar to join Jaggi and Kapoor.

After sometime Jaggi turned to me and said, " look we have a party this Saturday and some girls from Madras town would be coming to Tambaram."

I nodded my head and Jaggi continued, "The girls will come by the local train from Madras beach and we have to pick them up from Tambaram station, but we have a problem."

" What is the problem?" I asked innocently.

Jaggi took a swig of beer and said, "there are three girls coming but we are only 2. How about you joining us and taking one of the girls from Tambaram station and bring her to the officer's mess.'

I jumped at the idea as secretly I thought that maybe the girl who will come in my quota would be like the film star, Saroja Devi. In those days she was the top star of the Tamil screen. As a young man, my imagination was fired and I hoped that the girl allowed to me would be like the Tamil film star and she would become my girlfriend.

The dating party

The D- Day arrived and we drove to Tambaram station to pick up the girls. My Royal Enfield made a four-stroke engine noise and compared to the other two who had only smaller bikes looked the more masculine vehicle. We reached the station and with our engines running parked in front of the exit gate. Soon I saw three young girls emerge from the gate. Two of the girls who knew Jaggi and Kapoor went straight to the duo. The first girl's name was Visalakshmi and going up to Jaggi said, "look we have brought Vijaya also with us."

Jaggi only pointed towards me and I had a look at the third girl. Jaggi introduced Visa and Sugna the first two girls to me. Jaggi smiled and said, "Now Visa will introduce your friend to my junior."

I learned her name was Vijaya. I could make out that she was the prettiest of them all. I shook hands with Vijaya and motioned her to sit on my motorbike on the pillion seat. Before that, I had a close look at her. She was fair and extremely slim about 5 feet 2 inches and considering that I was 5ft 8 her inch, I considered to be ideal for me Vijaya wore a blue color silk saree with a matching blouse that set her figure to great advantage. She was indeed beautiful with lovely large eyes and I thanked my stars that such a beautiful girl had fallen into my arms.

The party commenced in the ladies' room and Vijay and I came to know each other. She told me everything about herself. She told me she was a student of the Presidency College and as the college was over at 5 o'clock, she must get home by 6. In that case, she said you will have to drop me back to my home in Madras.

"No sweat," I replied, "I will you back on my motorbike."

I held her hand and a current darted through my body. It was soft like butter and almost seemed to melt in my hand. In between our conversations, I had a good look at her body and small bust and fantasized that she must look lovely without clothes. These are lascivious thoughts but I suppose they can't be helped, more so when you are just 24 years old.

After lunch, Jaggi and Kapoor took both girls away leaving Vijaya with me. We were alone in the ladies' room. With my heart beating hard, I told her that I liked her immensely.

She replied, "I like you too, more so as I always wanted a Punjabi boyfriend."

Normally any other man would have kissed Vijaya but I went on my knees and gently lifted her feet and unstrapped her sandals. I followed with small kisses on the toes and instep. She was taken aback and said, "what are you doing?"

I replied, " I am paying my homage to the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." As I kissed her toes, a thought flashed through my mind and I knew that in time to come Vijya would be mine.

After some time we heard a raucous noise and knew that Jaggi and Kapoor with their girls had come back. I was dimly aware that perhaps they had more than just conversation. I sucked her big toe for the last time and strapped her sandals back.

Jaggi entered and with a satiated look told me," now we must drop the girls back to their home s." He looked at me and said "look you take Vijaya to Egmore. You have a long drive but not us, as we are not going far as these girls live much closer to Tambaram. You have a long drive so take care and drop her home and I hope your Royal Enfield doesn't pack up."

We bid farewell to the two girls and I started my bike. Vijaya sat on the pillion seat and held me tightly. I adjusted my rearview mirror so that I could see her face and lovely eyes that added to her allure and mystery.

Lord Krishna takes a hand

I drove the bike slowly forward. I wanted to take as much time as possible in reaching Egmore. I took a circuitous route along the sea towards Madras. The city was 29 miles from Tambaram but it was a little longer by this route. It was also a lonely route but the scenic beauty was enticing. I drove the bike slowly forward mostly in second gear wanting to take as much time as possible to reach Madras.

Vijaya held me tight almost like a hug and her bust pressed against my back. Lord Krishna now took a hand and in a moment the sky becomes dark and I could sense that rain was in the offing.

"Hey," Vijaya whispered, " it's going to rain and I think I will get wet. What will I tell my mother when I get back home."

As if on cue the heavens opened up and heavy rain began to fall. It was a torrent and the rain lashed us on the bike. Vijaya held me tighter than ever. I saw a clump of trees and drove the bike under the clump. I looked around and saw that we were crossing the Adyar beach. The trees were not much of a shelter and the rain now had become a veritable thunderstorm. Thunder boomed and boomed in the sky. The rain increased in ferocity. I looked around and saw a small tourist hut about a furlong away.

├ľK, "I said, " let's go there" Vijaya nodded her head. We got off the bike and began to run towards the small hut. Vijaya slipped and I looked back and so her lying prone on the ground. I rushed to her and picked her up and realized that she had lost her sandal. There there was no time to look around as the rain beat on the earth with tremendous force. Thunder boomed and boomed. I looked around and could see giant waves rising up and crashing on the sea beach.

I took only a moment before I cradled Vijay in my arms and sheltering her from the rain moved swiftly towards the hut on the beach holding her close to my heart. I begin to feel I was carrying a goddess or maybe a beautiful princess, more lovely then what is described in the Tamil epics. it was good that I was physically strong and fit thanks to my military training and I carried Vijaya cradled In my arms. We reached the hut and I pushed open the door. It was unlocked. Inside it was bare except for a small wooden bed with a mattress on it.

All around the rain had increased in intensity and visibility had been reduced to a big zero. From where I stood I could not even see my bike which was just some distance away on the road. Then something magical happened and I was overwhelmed with passion and my lips found Vijaya's. it was a spontaneous kiss and I felt I had moved to the world of Nirvana. Vijaya, completely wet was a thrilling sight. The sari clung to her body and the blouse accentuated her small raisings.


She looked extremely beautiful. " Look," I said, "you better take off your clothes as you are all wet and could get a chill."

I did not wait for an answer but immediately began to disrobe her. I did it fast and outside the rain continued in a devilish fashion and I knew we could not leave the hat for quite some time. I cradled her In my arms lead her to the bed and then the lord of love Kama took over. All that happened after was something inevitable. It appeared to me that this was the vision of the Lord himself. With the rain beating ferociously on the earth I made Vijaya my own. All that I remember was a soft gasp from her when she became a woman from a girl.

After it was all over I looked up to see the rain still beating on the earth. I held Vijay in my arms and found her eyes closed and breathing heavily. There was nothing else to do in the cottage and passions again aroused. I had a feeling like floating on a cloud over the Ocean. It was all over soon as a hot sophomoric delight.

I cradled Vijaya in my arms and with the rain beating on us carried her out into the rain. With the rain beating on my back I once again reached a hedonistic delight. Vijaya responded as a princess would.

I can only now feel that it was the Lord himself who had directed district the last episode. It was well past 10 pm when I dropped Vijaya at her home in Egmore. She rushed inside and I wondered what she would tell her parents. I headed back to Tambaram wondering at what happened in one day in my life

The will of the lord

I drove back in a pensive mood. I reached midnight and as I entered the guard room I saw a frenzy of activity.

"Whats happened ?"I asked.

"Sir, war is declared and Indian troops have moved into East Pakistan"

I saw Jaggi And Kapoor in flying overalls. They saw me and shouted.

"Hey, The COO is trying to get to you. Man, where the hell has you been.?"

"What?"I asked.

"You are assigned to proceed to Bagdogra to pilot the gnats for the air cover to the 5th Infantry division moving into East Pakistan.

I left within an hour in an AN-32 that dropped me to Baghdogra. I tried Vijaya's number but it didn't pick up. There was nothing I could do and wondered if she was thinking of me? Would she realize that I had to go? It was no fault of mine.

Many weeks later at Gauhati, I ran into Jaggi. He shook my hand.
"hey," he said, "did you know that all 3 gals have got married."

I felt the ground shake under my feet at this news. I gulped my whiskey in one go and left the bar.

I never went back to Madras and for readers, I must inform that the experience with Vijaya had affected my psyche and I didn't marry. Almost 15 years later I was a member of the airstaff team and once again landed at Tambaram. Memories of Vijaya flooded my mind and I longed to meet her thinking she was married. But then better sense prevailed and I decided not to disturb her. Lord Krishna had different ideas and my junior took me to Kanchivaram the math of the Shankaracharyaya.

Last word

As I was walking around I saw Vijaya. She was with a boy, maybe I surmised her son. She saw me and looked at me with an open mouth.

"Vijaya, "I said.

She tried to go away but I held her hand "why did you get married"I asked.

"No I didn't," she said "I waited for you" but as your seed grew I left home and came to this ashram. My parents almost turned me out".

I held her close and whispered "all is well that ends well.I am back and the lord has united us again. Come with me."

"No," she said, "I now serve the Math and cannot come with you".

"I won't take No for an answer," I replied. I will let readers guess whether Vijaya came with me. But that's another tale.


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