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Looking Back And Then Moving Forward

Updated on December 8, 2011

Gods Plan

When we have come so far and yet know we have so much more to go

Feel the energy that is deep inside that will give us the strength to survive

Praying to do the right thing and helping others to do the same

Feeling inner peace is are only gain

Living a life that we can be proud of every day with no regrets

Is such a relief of our chest

As things fall into place

We can only say grace

Looking for the right time and place

To find a way to help the human race

Listening to our good thoughts that constantly flutter our minds

Reassuring and comforting

Nurturing and healing

Feeling blessed and encouraged to do more

Opening up my bag of kindness and giving it away for Christmas

Little by little

Seeing new loves come into sight

That were never thought of before this night

Feeling freedom and constant happiness return home

I am encouraged to quietly relax and bathe in this special moment

For it is what I have been searching for all my life and now it has found me

When I least expected it

Life is a riddle and I am in the middle

Holding both my hands up and trying to find a way

I can only laugh as I try

Reaching out for help

I know it will come as I patiently wait

My arms are getting tired and they begin to shake

Enough already how long does it take ???


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