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Lotus emblems the throne

Updated on August 14, 2012
 A flower on a paper napkin.
A flower on a paper napkin. | Source

Lotus in sun rays on the emblem of stars …….

I laugh at the rays of colorful light.

That bloom all light.

Rays shine like an arrow upon a bow of gold.

That strikes light in streams of floating discs.

Thus the sun’s ray radiates my kingdom from my throne’s emblem.

My honor is loved.

My honor is loved in caring gold.

Caring gold is found in my crown.

In complete romance my throne is still.

It is like the crowned castle.

It is mountain that holds me king.

Can my throne keep my honor when I am gone?

The seasons tilt my crown to darkness of laws.

The seasons shadow my throne like a forest.

Good kingdoms make great laughter in wisdom.

My throne:

You radiate life when love has gone aside.

You lighten my heart with patient sight.

You keep me close to hope towards good outcomes of my kingdom.

You touch life in a bright flow of honor.

You give me memories of life bleeding in love.

You fade my sorrows through laughter of my subjects.

You rekindle the joy that has gone dark from my kingdom.

No moment can pass me as king.

The steps can’t cease my path to my throne.

By the cup of kings I have drank my dreams.

There are things I know by legend.

There are things I know as king.

Copyright(c) Shamela 25 / February / 2012


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