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Power Up Your Life with Louise Hay Power Thought Cards

Updated on August 26, 2013

Louise Hay Affirmations and Cards

I have "Power Thought Cards" by Louise L. Hay, a deck of 64 beautifully illustrated cards in a lovingly-designed box for over four years now. The box and the card are still in great condition. Till this day, I still love this deck of card. It's seldom that something could be sitting out in open on my desk for so long.

If I have a collection box of pretty things that I love, this card deck would be in that box. Though I don't pick up a card from Power Thought Cards as often as I did in the past, even the presence of this box sitting on my desk kind of soothes me in some way. I know in times of need, I can always open up the box and random draw out a card, or I could look through the deck and draw out the card that resonates with how I am feeling at that particular moment in time.

I really like how each of these inspiring cards contains a colorful illustration with an positive affirmation on the front, with more detailed affirmations on the back of each card. If I want, I could turn them into daily affirmation for me.

Note: All photos on this lens are taken by me except those product images from Amazon. All rights reserved.

Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay - The Same Pretty Box

I bought mine in January 2009, and it's still the same box packaging as the one featured here.

Positive Affirmations for Women

Change Our Thoughts, Change Our Lives

When I was still a college student, I became interested in reading self-help books. It was years later that I was introduced to the idea of of how our thoughts affect our lives and if we could change our thoughts, we could change our lives. These are words spoken by various authors with slight difference in words.

Then I read Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" a few years ago. She presented information that was new to me. She believes a person's ill health is caused by negative or toxic thoughts. She also lists out various diseases and their emotional causes, and provides a tailored affirmation regarding that condition that one can use to heal their life. She writes a book full of hopes and affirmations.

After reading this book, I wanted something more. I searched for Louise Hay's affirmations, and came across Power Thought Cards. As a woman, I wanted something that's written with women in mind, I wanted the affirmations to be carved with special attention to the issues that women are facing in life. I'm glad these cards are reflecting that.

Affirming the Good in Life

I Am Not Alone, I Have Cards

I mean, Louise Hay affirmation cards. When I first held the box of 64 cards in my hands, I went through each and every one of them. I studied them and admired the colorful, hand drawn illustrations that sometimes come across as childlike drawings. What attractive cards!

Then I would pull out one that speak to me at my deepest level, put it on my desk, where I would glaze upon it several times a day.

When I bought Power Thought Cards, I broke off a relationship several months ago and was hoping to attract a new partner. I realized that to attract something better into my life, I have to change my habitual self-limiting thoughts. So these cards helped to bring empowering, uplifting affirmations into my life.

At the same time, I was working from home and wished to earn more income. Again, I turned to these cards where there are several affirmations about prosperity, success, and increasing income.

Later, I struggled with my age as I approached my mid-30s. this particular affirmation by Louise Hay soothed and calmed me. I remember reciting it many times a day.

"I am at peace with my age. Each age has its own special joys and experiences. I am always the perfect age for where I am in life.

I make handmade birthday cards, and I discovered that whenever I wanted to write an encouraging message about getting older, this affirmation always popped into my mind, and I would write something positive along the line that each age has its own special experiences to enjoy.

These cards, I believe have most areas of our lives covered. Work, family, relationship, health, self-acceptance and more. So yeah, these card affirmations are like supportive friends embracing me and encouraging me to advance in life.

A Conversation with Louise Hay - Listen to What She Has to Say

It's a short 5-minute video, but in it, Louise Hay shares about the importance of how our thoughts and words can change our lives, about what she believes is the most important thing one can do, and about being thankful and grateful.

Great As a Daily Affirmation

For All Sorts of Situations

If you're looking for a daily affirmation to power up the start of your day, these cards are brilliant for the job.

Many of these card affirmations are touching on very important and similar issues, but they are worded slightly differently to let your find your inner strength to overcome the challenges you're facing in life.

To some, it might appear repetitive, but there's beauty in repetition as it helps to reinforce a thought with a stronger impact. I'm not someone who can catch on a message the first time. Usually that message has to be repeated to me many times before I will act upon it, and so it is with affirmations.

Sometimes, a change of words in presenting the same affirmation would reach out to people differently.

Whenever you need a guiding light, pick up one of these cards and let it speak to you. You might be surprised to find that usually the one you've picked up is the one pertaining to the situation you're facing at that point in your life. If that's not happening, try shuffling through the cards and look for one that connects with you. That's what I've done on numerous occasions, searching for the one affirmation out of the deck that uplifts, soothes and inspires me.

If there's an area that you really like to work on, you can pull out the card, place it your desk where it's easily visible to you and read it as many times as you can in the day. You might continue with that same card for days or even weeks. I've used some cards for long periods of time, because some thoughts such as believing in the abundance of life take a longer time to root itself in my thought, as I was used to believe in scarcity of life.

You Might Be Sharing Your Cards

As this box of cards is so charmingly done, and knowing that these positive affirmations would bring cheer, hope and confidence into a person's life, it's very common to feel that it would make a splendid gift for the women in your life.

It's a beautiful, artsy addition to desk, on wall (if you frame it up) or coffee table. The cards can even be used as bookmarks.

If you don't mind sharing from your own box of cards, you can even give a card or two away to your sister or friend to give them a little encouragement, which would mean a lot especially when a kind gesture can brighten up someone's day.

Affirmation Cards

Besides Power Thought Cards, I've added other card affirmation box sets that focuses on certain areas. I've also included the book "You Can Heal Your Life" so you can take a look and see if it's something you might like to read it yourself.

Do You Use Daily Affirmations? Why Do You Use or NOT Use Affirmations? - Let Me Know Your Opinion!

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