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Love and Romance Through Original Love Poems

Updated on October 5, 2014

Love and Romance through Love Poetry

I hope you enjoy these lovely and original love poems. There are short love poems and long story love poems. There are rhyming poems and ones that don't rhyme. I hope you enjoy reading them!


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

The Heart is Moved

The heart is moved

With pleasing gaze

Love cuts its groove

Through fog and haze

Oft without any sense

Love knots one tight

Its pulls so intense

When heart fire's light

Throw a Kiss

Throw a kiss for your love

A world away that kiss will land

He'll look up, and, from above

It floats as a feather to his hand

She Blushes Red

She blushes red upon her tender skin

I tilt my head and give a laugh

She answers with a wicked subtle grin

I pour a glass from near carafe

On verdant, earthy, carpet, we laze

She has at last put down her book

I would we could thusly pass all days

I ne'er tire on her face to look


L'amour is how the French say Love

It's lovely off the tongue, ne c'est pas?

The sound is like a gentle dove

But of course; they invented oo la la

Bask In the Candle's Light

Bask in the candle's light

And hold his hand tight

The flickering, though random

Will quiet your mind's abandon

Imbibe the calming amber flame

To quench the thirst without name

Close your eyes; you'll see it still

Internal sense of peace fulfill

Here We Sit by Candlelight

Here we sit by candlelight

Sipping glasses of expensive wine

I'll gaze at you into the night

Taking but a bite of which we dine

In the gentle flickering cast

Spectres dance about your blouse

I want these hours to slow, to last

'Fore I return you to your house

Table for Two: French Recipes for Romantic Dining

Our Love Is the Ember

Our love is the ember

Which burns so bright

We do things to remember

We talk all day and night

Our love is the ember

Which burns hot and steady

Let's take a trip in November

Let's pack and get ready

Our love is the ember

Which now burns low

We have years to remember

Hand in hand, still, we go

Lustrous are Thy Raven Locks

Lustrous are thy raven locks

Which make thy knowing eyes to shine

And compliment thy party frocks

I succumb to thee; I am thine

Give Me Thy Hand

Give me thy hand

That I may kiss

I'll give you my land

Thou pretty miss

Along the Beach We Walk

Along the beach we walk

Through the night we talk

We notice not the dawn

Till the bird calls with song

If Into a Bottle

If into a bottle I put a secret

And send it off to sea

Will you be the first to find it

And speak your heart to me

I Lay Beside Thee

I lay beside thee

In comfort like a babe

Thy love is tenfold to me

That I to thee gave

100 Stories High

Love on a Skyscraper

100 stories high

Where the wind blows a gale

She walked out on the parapet

And over to the rail

Out there the parks and homes

Were covered with dew

The other office towers

Gray columns in her view

Her hair billowed out

North south east west

All that time before the mirror

The wind mocked her, a jest

Would he meet her

As promised?

Here at the sky

If the answer were No

She would be a big girl

And not cry

Oh, the horror if that should occur

Be stalwart, tough

Don't think

All will be a fairy tale

We'll drift away on an airy sail

Back to reality

She walked the 4 sides

Came again to the first

With head down

Bracing against the force of air

She collides

Oh, God, I am disgraced

My shoes aren't laced

I can't look up

And start apologizing to a stranger

Two strong hands are on her shoulders

Helping to steady her

Finally and slowly she lifts her head

To thank this kind stranger

But instead

Calloo callay

She hears in her mind

Wonder of wonders

Another neuronal find

Through her unruly strands

Her Mr. Right is gazing at her

Nothing can deter or defer

The long-awaited kiss

For nothing is amiss

Love on the Empire State Building


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