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Love Sonnets

Updated on September 10, 2014

Original Love Sonnets by MyFairLadyah

These are many of my original Love Sonnets waiting below for your reading pleasure. I also suggest sonnet themed posters, books, links & videos to sonnets by Shakespeare and other famous authors of love sonnets.



All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

Readings on the Love Sonnets of Shakespeare

In This Lens

In this lens I'll write specifically

Sonnets in Shakespearean form

I intend they charm beatifically

Leaving the reader pleasant, warm

Some stories to be of love requited

Some to be of love un-exchanged

A few to be of wrongs so righted

And many to seem by fate arranged

What is This Lens About?

1. Poetically Summarizes the Sonnet Form

2. Has original Love Sonnets by MyFairLadyah

3. Pays homage to William Shakespeare

4. Offers Love Sonnets by other famous writers

Sonnet Poetry Form - A Poster


Sonnet Poetry Form

You may purchase this poster from

These 38

These thirty eight are but a start

At the work that will be done

As the secrets leave the heart

The writing's but begun

The Form of a Sonnet

In Shakespearean Sonnets

Fourteen lines in a metered rule

Of ten syllables per each line

Three quatrains in ABAB fuel

A couplet's ending in language fine

But more than this, his phrasing

Of pondering, asking, replying

Not always happy endings raising

Often a darkness not denying

What is a Sonnet (Some Helpful Links)

If you want to know more about sonnets, here are some helpful articles

My Sonnets

My Sonnets

My Love Flames Red

My love flames red inside this yearning chest

Your smell is missed when you are gone a trice

I drop all, unflinching at your behest

What have I done that you are doubly nice

Chivalry lives though you never demand

My cloak on the ground or holding the door

For you I would number each grain of sand

Though my lips be chapped and my fingers sore

Within inches of you my embers glow

One is blinded in the depths of my eyes

And yet, our sweet passion can ever grow

Like the best that poetry glorifies

Brighter than white hot iron being forged

Or fiery comet's tail with ice engorged

Thy Face is a Sculpture in Ecru Shades

Thy face is a sculpture in ecru shades

That God has perfected with chiseled lines

And during the night when awareness fades

Thy muscles relax and calmness reclines

Under thy slender neck, thy shoulders grace

A body with sensuous female curves

Should thee bend sideways to fasten a lace

Strong looks of approval thee just deserves

Thou hast chosen me, a sure companion

Protector, avenger and lover besides

By thy side in the vales and steep canyon

Shielding from all the misery that hides

The days ahead we shall ride together

On saddled steed in the finest leather

You Wait

Premiered at the Laughing Goat in Boulder - July 19, 2010

You wait just beyond my obscurity

Outside the shadows of my troubled mind

I look to you for my security

And worry that I will be left behind

In this chaotic world of daily stress

I suffer alone, going through motions

In keeping fit, keeping fed, I obsess

A way to keep me from my emotions

Know I that this is not a healthy life

You, as my partner, would be a blessing

But the fog's thick; can cut it with a knife

I dream oft of you, my love professing

My capacious mission is to find you

For being whole and loved is overdue

You Are My Lantern

You are my lantern in the darkest night

Guiding my footsteps that I do not fall

Baring what's to come allaying my fright

Speaking softly, in answer, at my call

Your flame is constant unmoved by the gust

What once was dim is better understood

You deflect me from bad; towards what I must

And bid me see in all men what is good

You are the angel in my doubting mind

Speaking with God's wisdom always, always

You are the one I wish in flesh to find

You've made daylight in the nightmare hallways

The plum will drop from tree into your hand

And I'll wait, untrothed, till you, by me, stand

The Sweet Skin of Thy Hand

On Grappling with Indecision

The sweet skin of thy hand beckons my touch

I lean and rest my own close but not on

Oh, so tentative, yet I want it much

Should I dally long, would my chance be gone?

My indecision's a curse, a bane

That cripples a man from fast achieving

Those things that he would most like to attain

Goodness, catch me from so soon bereaving

A coin of silver lies inside my pouch

Which I can use to settle yea or nay

These silly musings are a waste I vouch

I shan't succumb to such a coward's way

I reach and firmly lay my hand on thine

And thou responds to fingers intertwine

Order a Custom Love Sonnet

Order a Custom Love Sonnet By MyFairLadyah for someone close to your heart.

at Custom Love Sonnets

This Garden Bench

Premiered at the Laughing Goat in Boulder - Aug 9, 2010

This garden bench of teak seats only two

Its sturdy back and arms with wood confines

A body dyad helpless to unglue

Long years have honed the couple it defines

Each day, each week, each month that we've held hands

Is altogether old yet always new

Feeling the golden skins that are our bands

Refreshes and reminds my love for you

Our bodies never tire of this walk

Around the verdant pathways to this spot

We stop, we breathe, we sit, we touch, we talk

You blow into my ear when I am hot

It is such a gift to know one so well

Better than any ribboned box they sell

In the Far-Out Districts

A story of watching from afar

In the far-out districts away from noise

A young man she spotted above the corn

Caught her eye; he was tallest of the boys

She ogled him, cloaked, her rev'rie untorn

She'd wait out of sight by the fishing creek

And watch as they walked to midday travail

Perhaps one day he would venture a peek

To the spot where she sat longing and frail

Of course she could not pine away her days

She must finish her schooling; have a life

This was just a fancy, a crush, a phase

The world needed doctors, mis'ry was rife

A few years passed and they met up in town

They'd mission in Africa then settle down

'Twas the Custom

A story of proposal

'Twas the custom to troth on bended knee

A chivalrous affect but there it was

His band offered that she was fair to see

And they'd follow the troth with grand applause

But how to woo her; she was wont to laugh

He would hide his more serious makeup

Perhaps a walk in the country with a staff

He'd stop to rest, pretend a nap, wake up

On a given day she'd ride her silver steed

To his slumber spot at just the moment

Of waking from a dream of daring deed

Fair lady would think he was deep in torment

Dismounting horse and over to him straight

He'd catch her hand and thus his offer state

How Your Raven Curls

How your raven curls hang defying speech

Dark upon fair skin an angel they frame

I would twist a lock were it within reach

You are a goddess deserving a name

That simple band of silver at the wrist

Reflects the beauty you have deep within

I gaze anew and spy what I have missed

Another facet that holds me smitten

Do you look at me this way? I pray yes

With lightened heart my courage builds, beating

I shall for you my utter love confess

Then feel no outward chill, but slow heating

I best solve issues 'fore they are perceived

And guarantee my love for you received

Why Do I Love You

She sees his inner softness

Why do I love you despite num'rous flaws

I see buried beneath redeeming traits

A sharp sense of justice to wage a cause

And weigh the sides fairly to deem their fates

You are coarse and often speak unthinking

Yet wish too late the words return to lips

Your audience stares at you unblinking

Till you soften, and move your hands from hips

Should a wanton man try to tend a bribe

An inner ire with Etna force erupts

In no uncertain terms you clear describe

That gold for favors done a soul corrupts

Thus I take you as you come stiff and cool

I know you well as I am not a fool

Jewelry Evoked by Love Sonnets are Nice Gifts

I Approach You

I approach you, cautious, careful, silent

You are bent in study of leathered tomes

What is in my heart I shall not repent

Your dedication inspires my poems

Where are the flowers for your auburn hair

They should bedeck your tress like fragrant clothes

Tomorrow I shall buy you 2 combs fair

And pick some heather to complete the pose

What thrill when my hands wrap about your eyes

You reach and take my left and pull toward earth

Gentle am I that you've shown no surprise

Sure your eyes are twinkling with coquette's mirth

Time to close your books upon the table

Our embrace consummated as in a fable

Blessed Am I

A touch of the real world thrown in

Blessed am I that you are here beside me

My strong knight slaying dragons false or true

Aiding me when I have difficulty

Trusting my own strength when champions few

When I came to wait you at the diner

The job I held to pay my way through school

I knew I'd find a soul mate not finer

I'd date a customer and break my rule

Happy are we with two years behind us

Fitting each to one another like gloves

Some golden Sunday I will wear my dress

As we pledge, melded, our undying loves

Yes, blessed am I to have my choice made

Our lives to live by soothing serenade

Alternate ending

Now, how in heck will this wedding be paid

Love Sonnets are Love-ly

For Valentine's Day or any day, Love Sonnets are Lovely

I Feel Ill Without Your Comfort Steady

I feel ill without your comfort steady

A devout spirit to erase the strain

Your soft, gentle hand is always ready

With tender pressure to allay my pain

You dip the cloth into water fully

And wring it once to still the heavy drip

We won't let this illness be a bully

Despite the utter drought upon my lip

During labored sleep you caress my brow

With compress softly laid to fever cool

True goodness from God flows to you endow

My fortune; you complain not of my drool

I love you as my nurse, my wife, my friend

Beyond the gray of age that's not the end

Let's Drink From This Chalice

(Wedding Sonnet)

Let's drink from this chalice of blood red wine

That represents what's flowing in our veins

Coursing through this mortal body's turbine

Bringing warmth to fingers, lips and brains

These torsi are but vessels for our souls

Enabling us to sense, to feel, to touch

Loving our imperfect defects and moles

So grateful for the happiness we clutch

On this hallowed spot two hearts are wedded

Before God and family and friends much loved

We promise all secrets will be vetted

No shame shall mark our skin for hands be gloved

United now with rings to show this bond

Not letting any with our love abscond

You Are My Silver Knight

You are my silver knight that has avowed

To guard each choice I make, each step I take

When I receive an honor, you are proud

Your beaming sunlight smile you do not fake

Open my thickest doors and hold them wide

That I may enter quickly, unhindered

I barely blink and you are by my side

With burning love ne'er to be rescinded

Do I deserve you, fickle as I am

Holding court for suitors I would not choose

You save me from many quand'ry and jam

Debriefing my escapades with your views

I am a dolt wasting precious seconds

When my shining knight with true love beckons

Whisper Softly

Whisper softly the words that speak your heart

A million times are not enough to hear

They echo in my head when we're apart

When things get rough they help me persevere

Golden silence often gives perspective

Yet I prefer love's soothing tender strains

My passions make hard to be objective

Melting as the wicked witch when it rains

Even should your romantic words be simple

Deep intimate love for me is conveyed

My broad smile accentuates my dimple

While rosy blush about my face displayed

You have promised to ever mouth to me

Sweet, sweet sayings for our eternity

Golden Orb of the Night

Golden orb of the night shine on my heart

Illuminate what's there for all to see

Allow my glowing soul to her impart

My patience long, I live in reverie

Perhaps this starlit night will be the one

She falls into the abyss of my eyes

And I will resurrect her with the sun

After entwined dreams broken by sunrise

A more stalwart guy she will nowhere find

Arrest her loneliness, forthright I will

Her eccentricities I do not mind

Like long time gazing from the windowsill

Lovely Luna show me an omen bright

I'll be the world's most happy man tonight

My Darling Cry You Not Your Salted Tears

My darling cry you not your salted tears

I shall return soon as the long work's done

Know the current of my heart always steers

Toward you without any hesitation

Ignore the nuisance of counting moments

Lest that gives you solace for your longing

Busy yourself, as idle time foments

A feeling that you are not belonging

In the daily world of school and commerce

Farm and medicine, gardening and sport

Think on me often, but don't be perverse

I vision you involved, holding our fort

When I arrive, should your tears be just dried

I'll lick them; then you'll have me by your side

Clouds Have Made a Stairway

Clouds have made a stairway that I shall climb

As I am buoyant with my love's deep kiss

The lilting notes I hear in church bell's chime

Foretell our drink from the sacred chalice

From aloft my vantage of you is sweet

Reclining on the verdant garden grass

With honeysuckle, primrose at your feet

Knowing not that I spy on you my lass

I float up higher toward pearlescent blue

That ceils the cloud deck from which I survey

You, oblivious, with nothing ado

How shall I my boundless feelings convey

Words alone do not justice to this state

Thus, this sonnet, to you I shall relate

Kiss Me That I May Know

Kiss me that I may know that you are real

Else I shall think you a teasing mirage

Your sultry scented breath I long to feel

As complex as the finest decoupage

I shall respond swiftly to lightest touch

Of your lips on my lips, perfectly matched

Like shingles of a roof protecting much

My body with your goodness shall be thatched

It's trite to say you fit me like a glove

Yet my fingers always find their apt place

Our bodies nestle when we sleep in love

As tired kittens curled by mama's face

And after we have locked our mouths again

I'll eagerly succumb with new passion

You Shed Light on the Darkness of My Heart

You shed light on the darkness of my heart

With mirth emitted at any hour

The tiny creases at your nose impart

A laughter that melts me with such power

Were I to think a mildly sorrowed thought

It would dissolve quite quickly at your gaze

No therapist could match what you have wrought

Through anecdotes and unique turn of phrase

This gift of yours perhaps is tuned to me

For I have never seen another moved

Someday soon I shall ask you verily

For your hand; as our bond has sure been proved

And with that joyful smile you will impress

The dourest of our gathered wedding guests

I Sit Quietly

I sit quietly writing in my chair

And look briefly to gaze at winter's scape

Hoping that he will soon be fram'ed there

Covered by crystal snow upon his cape

Our modest cottage flanked by timbers tall

Lends a privacy to our existence

Nestled among the best of Nature's hall

We can live and love without resistance

The blazing fire in the hearth he set

To keep me warm'ed on this chilly day

So I can pen what comes to mind direct

'Ere cold fingers make the thought slip away

Patience lasts; though, my love I surely miss

A sound; he comes; I rise to give a kiss

Trissotin Reading His Sonnet, from "Les Femmes Savantes" by Moliere 1846


Trissotin Reading His Sonnet, from "Les Femmes Savantes" by Moliere 1846

You may purchase this poster from

Love Can Take a Walk Along the Beach

Near the water's edge we walk hand in hand

Enjoying each others' slow steady gait

Feeling sundried toes brush the soothing sand

There's much to imbibe; nothing to debate

The sun casts our lithe shadows behind us

To make cool stepping spots for two lovers

A cackling interrupts the quiet thus

We turn briefly, spy the noisy plovers

She has bent down to palm a perfect shell

Long ago vacated in far out deep

Booty from the tossed blue-green ocean swells

She shows me, delighted, what she has reaped

Yes, love can take a walk along the beach

With no pointed destination to reach

I Pose a Question

I pose a question to the far'way stars

Do I, small speck that I am, deserve love

Like the lightening bugs in their glass jars

The stars twinkle their ambivalence of

Should I ask a man this pointed query

He would answer yes or no depending

On if his thoughts of me were most dreary

Or would he sing my praises unending

Should I ask a fair woman what she thought

She'd touch her lip and accede to quivers

In a fictive love dream she'd be caught

Answering me as if my love were hers

So why do I postpone what I must do

To ask my dear love what I've asked of you

We Look Towards the Sky

We look towards the sky at what may rain down

His arm I hold tight so I do not drift

The two of us bundled against the brown

Swirling cloud of haze from inversion’s lift

No one ever knows how long is their time

So best be spending it with bonded hearts

With luck to start ‘ere we are in our prime

Drawing comfort from Cupid’s errant darts

Yes, one may be strong but two are stronger

Facing the path that lays before our feet

Salving the small wounds that last no longer

Assuaged by the love that won’t deplete

Let us not look up just now and be swayed

The path holds hope which should not be delayed

White Sands Caress

White sands caress soft as baby powder

Our laughing toes that dangle off the spread

Milky like the winning local chowder

That we, with love, to one another fed

We listen to the cries of black head terns

Standing sentinels on thin jointed legs

Who luckily do not have skin that burns

As they scavenge about for people's dregs

So nice to spend with you this pleasant noon

Beneath a graying blue cumulus sky

Not looking to decipher vapors' rune

That might our lush contentment falsify

I look north up the curving coast, then south

Then right here to your sweet and wanting mouth

Love Across the Tide

The dark wet sand marks the rush of the tide

Coming from a shore 'cross the blue expanse

What person waits for me on that far side?

Looking for love or maybe just romance

Teal licks recede with a wave going west

White grains sparkle with promise to my heart

While laughing gulls commune their raucous jest

Mocking my earthbound pose as abstract art

Seaward the alar group lifts high in flight

Towards my unknown darling on distant coast

I mouth hello for wind to take through sky

And lift an airy chalice up in toast

A light gust caresses me with its kiss

Love has answered & nothing is amiss

My Mind's Adrift

My mind's adrift in whirling scattered muse

Not ready to settle on my heart's course

Know I full well thy fragrance offers clues

Yet should I act shall I but feel remorse

I must hie away to the far country

To gaze upon green leas of grazing sheep

Involve my tost thoughts with other sundry

I pray that in my lapse thou dost not weep

Go about thy days merry as thou wouldst

More likely than not I shall soon return

Fleeing thy tether think not that I couldst

Once I feel on my chest such mortal burn

Perchance some days only, perchance hours

'Til drinking we are as bees from flowers

I Wonder On the Sultry Sounds I Hear

I wonder on the sultry sounds I hear

Upon a quiet from life's teeming noise

A gentle lilt caught by receptive ear

Thankful it uplifts rather than destroys

The minstrel serenades his love most true

With whispered words I cannot hear, but know

I would relay the sentiment to you

Singing softly that its grace I bestow

My heart shall carry these song chords henceforth

Though I not be a roving bard by trade

For sharing oft with you, my dear True North

Whether in stormy wood or sunny glade

When such melody echos round one's soul

Wafting like a Venetian barcarole

Stand Before Me That I May Lift You Up

Stand before me that I may lift you up

Upon the roan steed with nostrils aflare

Fret not, he's gentle as a buttercup

Yet acts the stallion when I am not there

Let's ride together o'er the fields bright with dew

Amid the new shoots of grass and heather

Before the sun rises, too warm, on cue

And dries your pale skin like tawny leather

The next minutes can't pass quickly enough

'ere I see your dark hair flow with the wind

Like the just hoisted schooner sails aluff

On this thought, plus others, my heart is pinned

A country outing thus brings swift romance

Two hearts in love, on horseback, fit to dance

Thou Art My Prince

Facing life’s burdens know thou art my prince

Shouldst thou awake chilled from a slumber tossed

My warm hand in thine should rightly convince

Thou art not adrift in a dream sea, lost

Meeting each day a world that makes no sense

Peopled by naïve men with minds enchained

Toil thou hard to keep thy just recompense

And thine honor unblemished by deed feigned

Stay thou steadfast darling, worry thou not

The threads of our hearts make a valiant rope

For thou canst pull me from a wayward plot

While I can assuage thine ills with hope

So thy bloodline lacks stamp’ed royal seal

Thou art my true prince; know this to be real

We Sit Beneath the Ancient Chestnut Tree

We sit beneath the ancient chestnut tree

And ponder how to spend this afternoon

For love can follow our activity

Whether we sail or walk on sandy dune

At times, to laze together does suffice

Out cloth'ed skin set mere inches apart

Whilst I read, she pens her verse to entice

Both considering affairs of the heart

Thus, today, we share but half of our minds

I read someone's words; she authors anew

We mentally traverse o'er that which winds

Through mind and heart and back with naught to rue

So, in the midday sun with books we sit

Now I need peruse what my love has writ

A Dearth of Inspiration Leaves Me Void

A dearth of inspiration leaves me void

Yet you walk into my field of vision

The wheels of my mind are again employed

Taking many paths without decision

Till they settle at peace in your kind eyes

I leave the chaos of a churned morass

No longer harassed by black demon cries

Shrieking in my lame consciousness en masse

In you I put my faith to steady steer

What shall else wander to a thousand ports

Your soft and gentle ways make you quite dear

As light arcs from your lips of rosy quartz

Call this love if you will, still it is more

My strength, my zeal, my fire, you restore

You Have Rescued Me My Angel of Light

You have rescued me, my angel of light

Reaching your warm and tender hands towards mine

A palpable aura in blackest night

So natural our fingers intertwine

Poker hot my endless love for you burns

With searing heat that balms my every ache

Darling, when you're away my full heart yearns

To be by your side and grave tasks forsake

You arrived in my life on perfect cue

When I called out for a partner so fair

I least expected our love to ensue

Like a mirage you would soon not be there

Yet, I was beyond pleasantly surprised

When your dagger of love left me incised

My Love Who Neither Winces Nor Sheds Tears

A tiny spot of scarlet blood appears

Upon your finger from the cutting knife

My love who neither winces nor sheds tears

Of course I'll take you as my partner wife

Shall I lick that red spot or tissue bring

To stop the flow of your life's fragrant wine

Too late you've just now rinsed to stay the sting

Returning to the task that's so benign

From the fruitful bosom of brownest earth

A multi-colored salad you convene

In reds and golds and greens that limit girth

Such pleasant autumn shades for our cuisine

How skilled you are most times on wielding blade

I delight in your cooking arts displayed

Meet Me Neath the Mountain

Meet me 'neath the mountain when the snow leaves

And the streams flow swollen crystal and cold

When the sun shines warmly upon the eaves

And God's beauty spreads for all to behold

I hunger for the touch of your soft skin

As deep longing memories hold its stead

My aching heart I must contain within

'Til you leave that for which your hands have bled

You are my shining hope for a sane world

Beyond misery's pall which you have salved

I long to have your supple legs encurled

With mine - until then I am cert but halved

By verdant hills awash in slender blade

So soon I'll kiss you my sweet serenade

Thou Step'st To My Heart Beat

Thou step'st to my heart beat each day thou liv'st

Facing thy tasks both mundane and urgent

Tot'ly immersed with all focus thou giv'st

As new found worries become emergent

A smile upon thy lips bodes well for me

Signaling thy gay mood and inner peace

How can I appraise my fair love for thee?

I know only that it shall ne'er decrease

Place a distance between us, I am bruised

Though I heal quite quickly at thy mere touch

Many a sep'ration I have refused

For thy presence is my inspiring crutch

To all I announce this abyssal bond

Lest some rascal with thy heart doth abscond

Sunbeams Dance on Your Silky Auburn Locks

Sunbeams dance on your silky auburn locks

When the dawn light rises through soft gray clouds

And harbor boats ready to leave their docks

As our sea port wakens from foggy shrouds

Today we'll sail to a small nearby isle

Where the seals laze and the raucous terns swoop

You'll make those witty comments so worthwhile

As to the latest office chatter scoop

Then upon our soft blanket we'll embrace

Mindful of each other; the world distant

Mundane minutiae we'll so displace

Just our breath enough to be existent

Our sails flutter as do our rhythmic hearts

Yes, this perfect day will end as it starts

More Love Poetry by MyFairLadyah

Thoughts On William S.

Perhaps the greatest writer of the English tongue

But the famous Bard has his critics too

It's the community of lovers that I'm among

The plays, the sonnets, how his words imbue

More Readings on the Love Sonnets of Shakespeare

The King's English

The narrators of the videos below

Speak the King's English well

Soothing scenes complement the flow

Of the Bard's words truth to tell

Shall I Compare Thee... - William Shakespeare Sonnet #18

Your Favorite Shakespearean Love Sonnet

Which is Your Favorite Shakespearean Love Sonnet?

See results

Love Sonnets by Other Poets

Other Love Sonnets

Love Sonnets by Other Poets - I've Chosen These Classics for You

I'd Like to Know Why You've Come Here

I'd like to know why you've come here

When time is precious; time is dear



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Conversion Tracking PixelsWe may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.
Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)