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love till last breath

Updated on August 31, 2015

That Thing Called Love -1


“No, no how can this happen to me? This is not possible.” said Amit dryly taking a sip from his glass that had been filled with liquor a few moments before in order to celebrate the success of the results that had been published a few hours before but for Amit things had been quite opposite. “It happens sometimes Amit nothing to get depressed now. I too had been through the same phase bro before. It will take time.” assured Mohan and put a hand around Amit. “You would say like that now that you have managed to score high percentage this semester and became the branch topper.” retorted Amit with a hint of anger in his voice. “I didn’t mean to hurt you I just......” but before Mohan could finish, Anil interrupted and said finishing the third drink, who even didn’t do well but had managed to secure a moderate grade,” Would you two stop quarrelling about whatever has happened to you Amit it’s really unfortunate and we, the closest friends of yours are just trying our best so that you feel little better. So, please we can switch the topic and start discussing other. What do you suggest, guys?”

“Yeah, definitely the discussion is becoming too heated up and it’s ruining such a wonderful environment. We are already three pegs down but nothing seemed to make us feel that we are intoxicated.” supported Mohan. “I seemed quite insensitive of me to react like that towards you guys and Mohan I really apologize the way I reacted.” replied Amit with guilt in his voice.

“So, we are now one semester older in this college and slowly we are getting habituated with this system. Now, coming to the point do you guys found someone interesting out here for whom you have felt something?” asked Anil inquisitively filling everyone’s glass with a fresh drink.

“Hmm, let me think it’s pretty hard to make a choice as there not much good looking girl in our section.” said Mohan. “Nope, did you look at that smile of the girl named Rupsa? She has a very innocent smile and when she wears that red dress that she wore the other day to the party with her hair flowing she looked ravishing. The dress simply suited her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her after returning from the party.” replied Amit finishing his fourth peg and felt a bit tipsy.

“So, so what do you have here Amit falling for Rupsa? Rupsa is a natural beauty though I personally find her too arrogant because she doesn’t mix well with every other in the class.” retorted Mohan.

“Oh, now I understand that why our Amit was grumbling in the class that day when the Communication teacher rebuked her for not being able to answer a simple question.” concluded Anil`.“Hey, hey no I wasn’t grumbling for that all. I was really bored and attending that boring class that to so early in the morning was really frustrating. I just like her and it’s just a fling I guess, and you guys have now started making connections out of nowhere.” countered Amit hastily.
“Did you notice that girl in the second last bench, Amit, was staring at our very own Mohanji last day at the microprocessor class?” poked out Anil after gulping down his drink.

“Huh, from where did this thing come into being? Anil you are up to all sorts of all these pranks and wrong news from nowhere. You seem to remain like pretty good boy with that innocent face of yours and only I and Amit know the swing your head around to have a glimpse of the girls of our class.” rebuked Mohan and finished his sixth peg. The statement caught Anil quite off guard because he wanted to make fun of Mohan and drawing his attention to Mohini, the girl in the last bench who was the topic of discussion.

“So, have you ever fallen in love, Anil?” quizzed Amit inquisitively.

“Love is a very wonderful and sweet phase of someone’s life. When it happens it takes you in a state of trance and you relish living every moment. A very good friend of mine once told me although I haven’t been fortunate enough to experience that boon which I always cherish to and guys I am drunk up to the bream maybe we should call it an end.” said Anil after a long silence but he himself knew he was hiding something from the best buddies of his life because a part of him wanted to wash away thatmemory clean while other was preventing him.

“Yeah, me too.” concluded Mohan and. Amit almost spontaneously.


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