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it could be Paris...

Updated on April 17, 2017

It could be the evening

You would say “bon soir”

I’d say you look amazing

And you’d reply

That am not doing so bad myself… I am charming.

And what better place to love than in Paris?

Now I could lie about your name just to make it rhyme

But what kind of a Parisian goes by Peris?!!

Is it “Parisian” or is it “Parisite”?

Whatever it is I want to be stuck with you always… parasite.

I don’t want you even an inch outta my sight

And talking of sight, the Eiffel does look exquisite tonight...

I’d stare in your eye

Deep down beneath your blue Iris

And the tide of your breath and mine

Mixing making a strong lovely storm…

I’d pull you closer to sneak a kiss

In the hurry I’d miss

And our noses would collide

And that’d be funny because I once said I was the perfect hit

(I wonder how that sounds now from your side)

Anyway you’d let it slide

And we’d get back to talking.

You’d bombard me with French words

Such that end with “mwah”

All I hear is “je taime”… “toir”… “moir”

And for some reason “love builds a garden”

Starts playing in the background

And I am lost in your guiding light

My mind’s taken a flight

And we’re caught in a blizzard of bliss

As I lean closer and we kiss

And pervy Parisian birds sneak peeks from inside the trees…

Some sort of freakish avian voyeur

And before I know it you’ve already said “au revoir”

It’s getting late and you want to leave

And I don’t how I am going to live

Well, with you not here

You’ll say I got it, besides you need to disappear

And I don’t know if it’s because you are a Russian spy

Or it’s because you are my imagination

All the same…

Before I realize I don’t even know your name

I’ve let go of your hand and laid down all the French I know...

“Je Taime”, “Au Revoir”… and “mwaah”

©IkonyaWarachi (2017)

For I am a poet and prone to love.


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