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Love blooms me from tears

Updated on June 25, 2014
A dark pink center of a rose.
A dark pink center of a rose. | Source

Do you not know how much I care to love you?

A lotus blooms in my stillness.

The beauty of a pond radiates my hope.

That becomes a violet rose to be loved.

Likewise my love blooms you in sugary sweetness.

In great hearts there is wisdom to be lived upon.

Merit is not a question I can answer for.

The beauty of roses grows by touch that guides from your lips.

Love grows by the presence of another.

Good energy from your peace.

Why can’t you follow what is good for you?

Stone hearts fall down the bottom of a pond.

A heart with love raises the soul.

In good times love cannot grow cold.

The measurement in life comes with love.

Love finds its way through the darkest forest of the soul.

The weight of love is from the mind’s thought.

Waste not love by loving ignorance.

The challenge of love is freeing your ways for another.

When love blooms life begins in you.

Copyright(c) Shamela 22 / February / 2012

My drawing, " love and flowers".
My drawing, " love and flowers". | Source


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