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Lovely Thoughts

Updated on December 30, 2010

Lovely Thoughts Prelude

"Love overcometh all woes"

"Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori."

"Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love." - Virgil

All literature is written and (C) to me, HisLittleGirl.

Love Kills Slowly

Exhale so gently,

The blood flowing freely

From your veins,

As you lie on the floor,

Broken and bleeding,

You scream in vain,

The vision is first,

Then the deafening begins,

As your crimson blood,

Hits the floor like raindrops,

As your life fades,

Before your very eyes,

And you scream,

For the last time,

'Love kills slowly,

But I am dedicated,

To the one I love!'

No Air

Can't breathe,


Leave me with no air.

I love you with my heart,

My heart is yours forever,

I never want to see you go,

Please don't cast yourself away,

(I'm not insane, I'm not insane)

You cast yourself away,

Like a wave as it returns,

To the cerulean depths of the ocean,

I would wither without your love.

The fear of losing you,

It strangles me,

Like a thief in the night,

Silent and subtle,

You never feel it,

Until it's too late,

Too late to scream your heart out,

Please, please, please,

Don't leave me,

As a child would cast away,

Their broken toys,

As the leaves wither in the fall,

The waves will return to the cerulean ocean once again.

A silent scream in the night,

There's no air,

Asphyxiation complex.

It's a disease,

The fear taking over your heart.

There's no air,

No rescuing me now.


The Place WIth No Pain

Tears fall like rain,

Onto the concrete angel,

Eternally weeping,

Mourning for the deceased,

But the tears she sheds not,

Her pain is captured in time,

The tears fall from the eyes,

Of a young girl mourning,

The loss of her loved ones.

As the tears,

Continue to fall,

God reaches down,

With a caring hand,

Touching her shoulder,

With a gentle breeze,

Reminding her that,

Her loved ones are in,

A better place without pain.

Heaven Shine Down

Heaven shines down,

From the clouds above,

As the angels peek,

Into our world.

They watch us as we sleep,

They watch us as we work,

They watch us as we play,

They watch us as we pray.

Golden sunbeams radiate,

Through the darkest storm clouds,

The angels are watching us,

As the violent storms peak,

They ae silently watching,

Protecting us from harm.

They watch as a violent tornado,

Picks up a house and flings it away,

Their watching as the search teams,

Find the young child in a field,

Unhurt and unharmed,

Clutching a single white feather,

And smiling at the unseen angels above.


There's a place,

Not far from here,

A stairway to the sky,

Angels guard the golden gates,

They read from the book,

As they grant the sheep,

Permission to enter through,

The golden gates into Heaven.

They praise Him and sing,

Making a joyful noise,

A melody so beautiful,

They graced the crickets,

With their symphony.

They do not hurt,

Nor feel any pain,

They suffer not,

Grieve not ye stricken people,

For your loved ones,

Reside in Heaven.

The Cricket

The cricket sings,

His lonesome serenade,

Gracing the night,

With his joyful noise.

Angelic voices,

In disguise,

Slow down!

Take some time,

To listen to,

The true voice,

Of the cricket.


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