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They Say Love Hurts

Updated on March 12, 2017

They say Love hurts. Love never hurts.

Disappointment hurts; it drops you from the clouds without any care for the concrete below.

Love never hurts; it embraces you as a mom does her newborn child. Pulling you in tighter and tighter to their chest.

Anger hurts; it closes your mind to others and satiates your sight with red.

Love never hurts; it brightens the room, eliminating the dark shadows lurking in the caverns.

Fear hurts; it leaves you dangling stranded on a tight rope with only the sight of foggy, opaque cloud below.

Love never hurts; it empowers you to believe in the unseen

Isolation hurts; it forces you in a dark, ominous frigid cellar with only the sight of concrete walls.

Love never hurts; it fills our hearts with acceptance and compassion.

Agony hurts; it aches in your bones leaving you limping and struggling to move each muscle.

Love never hurts; love is warming, hopeful, comforting and understanding.

It is relentless in its mission to spread, immerse and overwhelm.

Love never hurts; love is all we need to conquer everything else


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    • profile image

      No name 

      19 months ago

      This is bitter sweet Elise

      And you know…. I think it is probably true.

      There are lots of things one can say here-

      Question: Is the hurt of a loss of love or unreturned love… Is that hurt the fault of love?

      Rejection hurts: It places you back in that cold dim cell, surrounded by mirrors; you watch its fading glow leaking from your body and soul.

      Certain kinds of love are exclusive. When someone feels its loss and becomes closed and guarded, is that because of love?

      Is love pure and absolute, or can it be alloyed with other emotions? Can love be “complicated”? Is there an element of timing in love?

      Can love be honestly betrayed? What about when someone foolishly throws away love?

      Do we learn best under pain or love? Does the former lead to bitterness or jadedness? When people talk of “love hurting”, is that a sign we have something important to learn/need to grow/change? How does love change us for the better? How about compared to pain?

      Suggestion: “Agony hurts” (redundant) so change to ”Defeat/loss/exhaustion/….. hurts”?????

      How does this poem relate to “It was the lies”? Are our views of love mood dependent? If so, are we sometimes Ambivalent about love and those we love?

      Is love an end in itself? Or is it instrumental to say …. the alleviation of guilt/pain/loneliness? I have my own thoughts…. Perhaps your readers might would like to hear yours?

      Your poem is about love (the noun). What about what it means to be “loving” (the verb)? Would you agree that to be loving requires patience, forgiveness and strength? Does love arise out of weakness? I do not think so.

      An idea: A poem about becoming more/less guarded. The part that love plays in this process?

      Another idea: Have you ever considered writing short stories Elise? You could begin each chapter (short) with a poem as your outline. Are you interested in characters, sentiments or ideas?

      Cheers Elise, No name

      P.S. I am working on a Hubpage account. I would be honored to have your attention, comments and feed-back soon.


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