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love phrases

Updated on October 7, 2011

These phrases helped me conquer love the person you love most in this life, I hope they serve and use them to express what they feel, if I feel the same.


I need to find a person like me to agree with defects and virtues, just look for someone to help me change my faults and turn them into virtues. Seeking also to whom he could help someone for the time although this becomes unbearable, someone who also knows relog stop and wait a compliment, someone who inspires me to think and create, Someone like you to see beyond the world of others.

your eyes never stopped being my inspiration and your mouth gave me the encouragement I needed help with the words that came from you and now I want to be with you and to hug you.

When I'm with you all about magic and turns though look around and apparently this staring you in my mind and in my lonely heart I'm with you.

If you're not, never have sighed, had never sought a place apart from others in order to think of you and find the only light that can be compared to the brightness of your eyes.

Although not known to love you the way you'd like, I'll always love with all my heart as best I can.


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