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Love should save

Updated on May 18, 2014
A Pink rose.
A Pink rose. | Source

Plain of heart finds souls that rest in love.

Thus the power of love refuses evil that takes refuge upon the righteous.

Good souls make favor of love.

Kingdom glories are of love.

Love is the potion of giving.

Love is the chamber to believe.

Love makes no sound towards a mistake.

Love is the shepherd’s cloak to happiness.

Big love begins in an honest heart.

Love makes you wiser than a fool’s dream.

It redeems you to the light of heaven.

Believe when love is coming slow fret not to redeem it.

Love grows the power of heaven at the doorstep of your heart.

Love can never be given in the shape of an evil form.

Love is the wisdom of the heart.

It is the gold that reaches the soul.

It is a garden of heaven that lives in you.

I loved you like my own soul.

But you favored me not.

I can’t move forward in life without your love.

It was your love that kept me strong in the day’s harshness.

But I am a fool to have wanted you so badly.

I needed life when I was in the dark light.

I needed hope to live.

I needed someone to make me feel okay.

How can I live another day in life when love is gone?

Love made me live in hope in the best of my days.

Love made me what I was in life.

I was beautiful.

I was at peace in my soul.

I had a soul to live for.

My God’s love will save me.

Love cannot be my weakness to evil.

It should protect my heart.

It should be the strength that saves my heart.

Copyright(c) Shamela 14 / February / 2012

My art about love.
My art about love. | Source


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