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Lucid dreaming can be scary

Updated on August 30, 2017

Weird and concerning

Can you remember any dreams you had, were you able to tell your dream to anyone as soon as you woke up? Do you believe that dreams are a portal to a new and frightening new reality? Or are they just a collection of our previous experiences bundle in one crazy experience during our REM phase. Most of us dream, off course we do, it is a normal experience shared by humans to dream. It is said that if you dream't that night you rested your body and mind well than if you did not dream.

Some of us look forward for a new and exiting dream, but sometimes they can turn out to be really scary that defies all logic and reason.

Yes, some of you guessed it I am talking about lucid dreams, the ones that we can fly in and do all sorts of unbelievable and amazing things.

I will share one of my dreams with you, please after reading them don't be scared of me XD I do dream a lot of weird ones.

The insanity begins - Hold on tight

Concerning too
Concerning too

Captured and Abused

It was a day like any other, I was preparing myself to go to bed, the usual hygiene a snack and a movie, pretty much this describes most of my nights. It was a long day I was tired and ready for bed, I just had to go to sleep, which proved to be difficult. Something was preventing me from entering a standard REM cycle, very unusual of me. After a long and aimless struggle to force myself to go to sleep, I was just left staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open. Well since that didn't work, I decided to take a walk, maybe that will tire me down. As soon as I got up out of bed, something strange happened, I was no longer in my Pajamas in my room beside my bed, I was fully dressed in a skiing equipment, the full gear, also in a middle of a biathlon. At that moment I was completely confused and scared, what am I doing here.

It didn't take me long to realize that I was dreaming, I was surrounded by other people doing the same thing. But something was odd, I was in the village I grew up in, it is called Kruscica meaning a very small pair. Also on the road it was snowing and on the sidewalk...nothing, completely dry and warm, I remember that I took a shortcut under my friends harvester, and I had to dodge it and trashed some hay stacks.

After that we started shooting at targets, went up hill and then the sprint began. I was doing well, too well, completely surprised that I had that much stamina. Not long after that I saw somebody going beside me and just started talking to me, mask on skies and everything. It turned out to be a girl, a beautiful gypsy girl. She just started flirting with me and had no intention to stop. I explained to her that she is pretty and I would gladly go out with her, but I was married and I love my wife. She was disappointed, but something told me that it was not the last time I would see her.

We finished the race and so I got home and I went to sleep...I went to sleep, In my dream...yes I know, just bare with me. In the morning I heard some noise coming out of my room, I heard footsteps, and they were rushing my way. The doors opened and it was the girl! I was scared and confused, how does she know where I live and why is she here. She just jumped around my neck and was so pleased to see me again. That is not the scary part, even if you ignore the fact that she just appeared out of the blue, something was not right.

I saw something else, a dark shadow, long and twisted coming out of my hallway, even now it sends chills down my spine. The strange apparition like being walking closer towards me scared me more than this screaming girl that was really happy that she saw me again. It stooped at the entrance just staring at me, it was the tallest man you could possibly imagine, another gypsy. I panicked and garbed my knife that I always hold next to my bed and ran towards the giant, I went for his throat and submitted the man to the floor. He didn't resist me at all, I was holding the knife right at his throat and screamed at him asking him " WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!! ". He started chewing something and shortly after that he just started breathing at me " haaa haaaa haaa " I just fell over completely dazed and fainted on the floor.

Shortly after that I woke up, next to me was that same gypsy girl...naked...I was scared of a possibility that I cheated on my wife and so just asked her, she nodded with a huge smile on her face. I got out of bed and started walking out of the house, and as soon as I opened the door,I gazed into the abyss, nothing empty space, with only one phone booth that materialized out of nowhere. Confused and scared I got back to the room and asked her what was going on, she only replied.." You're mine, only I can have you ". After that my feelings were numb and I was forced too live the rest of eternity with this girl I don't even know, I had only one last phone call. I wanted to call my wife and tell her I love her, a last goodbye. The gypsy agreed and she called the number, the dream ended with the words, " I just called to say, I love you...goodbye my love "

The life I had in that dream lasted a very long time, like with most lucid dreams. I couldn't tell you how long it lasted but it felt like at least a year has passed.

Scarry right?!

Have you ever had such a vivid dream?

Did you ever have a lucid dream?

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When you think it's over, that's when it begins.

Some dreams can take quite a while for you to figure out if you are dreaming or not, the worst ones are the ones when you start feeling pain in them, oh god I don't even want to talk about it.

They seem to last forever - but you have to wake up at one point

I don't know why I remember my dreams, it always seems to be the first thing I think about as soon as I wake up. My wife and I always share our dreaming experiences and often laugh about them, sometimes we are speechless and very rarely very concerned and frightened .

Share your dreams with me, I am sure some of you have the same experience as I did. Feel free to share I always read them.

May your dreams be pleasant.

Lucid dreams, do you have them?

Did you ever wake up in cold sweat, jumping out of your bed out of breathe concerned for your own safety?

Please share your dreams with us :)

Are your dreams scary or pleasant?

Many dreams leave you speachless

There is always that one dream you remember that left such an impression on you, was it either the reality of it or just plain impossible to imagine that those things are really happening to you.

Explore your dreams

Sometimes all the things you saw in a dream can turn out to be predictions in future events

How often do you dream?

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Are you a member of squidoo

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Did you ever lucid dream?

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Have you dreamed yesterday :)

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    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 4 years ago

      i had a dream where I woke up -- but I was still in a dream so I woke up for real later. Very strange.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've never had a lucid dream, but a lot of weird dreams. Blue dolphins flying through the air as if they are swimming in water. Weird dreams that seem to continue like a TV series. Flying dreams.

      Have you ever heard of astral projection? Many say that when you are flying in a dream that it's an astral projection.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I always dream when I'm sleeping. The funniest dream I had, was trying to warm up a cup of coffee in the micro by pushing a button on my computer. It didn't work, repeatedly. :)