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Lucy Agnes Hancock early medical Harlequin romances

Updated on June 4, 2012


Lucy Agnes Hancock was a very popular romance author in the 1940's and 1950s. She was born and raised in New York and lived there until her death in 1962. Mills and Boon only used British authors for their romances, but they made an exception for Hancock, who took Mills and Boon in a new direction.

A couple of the books you published in the 1940's for Triangle Publishers were reprinted as Harlequin Romances. She wrote quite a few medical romances for Mills and Boon/Harlequin with nurse heroines and doctor heroes. Hancock's books were the first Medical Romances published by Mills and Boon. The success of her books lead to hundreds of other Medical Romance titles.


Betty Neels

Olive Norton (pseudonyms Bess Norton, Kate Norway, Hilary Neal)

Peggy Dern and Peggy Gaddis

Elizabeth Hoy

Marguerite Lees

Juliet Shore

Anne Vinton

Elizabeth Houghton

I have a website dedicated to vintage romances at


Sally Maynard could have been a social butterfly, but she chose a career in hospital nursing, and when a wealthy, beautiful girl gives up everything to become a nurse, questions are asked, questions that Sally could not, or would not answer. Adding to the complications of her already exciting days, Sally becomes dangerously involved with a handsome intern. In Linton Hospital there is mystery, intrigue and jealousy, and the patients' lives are closely knit with the dreams and hopes of the woman in white.


With the war taking away many doctors from her home town, beautiful young Dana Brooks sacrifices her career at a large New York hospital to serve the needs of her neighbors. After the glamour and romance of New York, and training in a big city hospital, she found it difficult to return to the town of Sedgewick to become a community nurse. Nothing ever happens in a small town, or so Dana thought.


Lovely Alex Blair was not unaware of Douglas Allen's attraction. He was a young and capable doctor, and friendly with everyone at the Haddon Hospital. Alex had decided to make nursing a career after an unfortunate tragedy.


Against a background of life and death in a hospital, with its intrigue, triumphs and heartaches, emerges the story of Natalie Barlow, a beautiful young nurse, bitterly disillusioned by the inconsistencies of life. Natalie's struggle to overcome her personal problems and to take her place among the gallant women whose devotion to duty, loyalty and spirit of self-sacrifice are a source of inspiration to her, forms a vivid and compelling picture of the drama that is a nurse's everyday life.


The life of a nurse is not an easy one, but Susan Trent enjoyed every minute of her work, even those times of tragedy when unavoidable accidents brought disaster, bloodshed and suffering.

Lucy Agnes Hancock on Amazon


There is no room in the mind of a nurse, dedicated to the saving of human lives, for hatred and jealousy. And yet Kathy Marshall found herself in that unenviable position. Walking the silent corridors, through wards often happy, but more often fraught with despair and suffering, Kathy strove to calm her unsettled emotions.


She believed in these people, loved going among the poor derelicts of the slums helping where she could, scolding, encouraging, heartening and healing. That was the reason she had decided to become a nurse, and that was the faith that enabled her to stand day after day the arduous work, the disappointments, the failures, the opposition of selfishness and greed. Then the young doctor was put in charge of the district. His impersonal attitude and grim determination to do nothing beyond the call of duty was an affront to all that she believed in. She found that as well as fighting ignorance, intolerance and disease, she must fight the doctor himself, a task made only more difficult because of her growing interest in him as a man.


To Judith Morley, Cranford was more than just a hospital where she made her living at a job she liked. Cranford was a refuge and a haven and Judith had no thought of ever leaving it to face marriage, men, or the world. Judith had never known her father. Her mother had died when she was very young. She was brought up by her Aunt Hepsie in near-poverty, and it had been drummed into her over and over again that her father had forsaken his wife and child, that men were monsters not to be trusted, that she had a bad heritage and could never expect to amount to anything or live down the stigma. No one at Cranford knew about that past, or cared. Judith was well liked, an efficient nurse, an important member of the staff. Then young Dr. Larry Booth tried to break down her reserve. He said he loved her. He said he wanted to marry her. She didn't want to fall in love with he and she didn't want to believe him. But gradually, she found she was beginning to do both. And Rufus Grant said he loved her and he wanted to marry her. She felt sure she didn't want to fall in love with him, but she did believe he was honest. And one evening, when she discovered that Dr. Booth really wasn't trustworthy, she almost came to believe that Aunt Hepsie had been right. But Rufus Grant showed her why that wasn't true.


All her life Frances Gaynor cherished two ambitions: to be a nurse and to be accepted as an equal by her neighbors. But she was without money or relatives and when the iron gate clanged shut at the grey-windowed orphanage, she was a prisoner.


Ellen Adams, engrossed with her sick mother and her job as district nurse, aiding the sick and poverty stricken, spent little time wondering about love. Jim had adored her since they were children--but she was quite sure she didn't want him. She saw so much of the pity and terror of humanity that she had begun to doubt that such a thing as romantic love existed. But how Ellen Adams finally found it--and found it could be part of reality.

Lucy Agnes Hancock on Amazon


Roberta Cameron, young and lovely (not one of these people is ever old and decrepit, or middle-aged and plain) believed deeply in her career as a nurse. It was a profession to which one might wholeheartedly dedicate one's life. But the outside, larger world intruded upon her smaller universe (*damn* that outside larger world, anyway!). It brought tumultuous, disturbing people like Chris Baxter, just back, bronzed and tall, from flinging steel bridges over the Andes.


Stephen North came to the little town of Alderton with great hopes. He had always wanted to practice medicine in a rural community.But he soon discovered that the town was full of feuds and rivalries, not only over politics and medicine but also religion. He was inevitably drawn into the unhappy situation through his attractive office nurse, Gail Dennison, and her willful and beautiful younger sister, Corinne. The arrival of the young minister, Roger Crane, helped Stephen solve the social and health problems of a poverty-stricken section beyond the village. The two men become close friends, and when Stephen believed Gail had fallen in love with Roger, he was presented with a new dilemma, for his own heart had become trapped by the serene loveliness of his assistant, and Corinne's attraction to the youthful minister further complicated all their lives.


Christine Barnes found great satisfaction in her new work as a Public health Nurse in the poor Tenth District of Westbrook. Her friends wondered if she had not left Westbrook General Hospital to take public health training in order to avoid further contact with Dr. Jim Ballard, but if such was the case Chris would not acknowledge it, even to herself. The doctor for Tenth District was another newcomer to this work. Dr. William Alden came from a very wealthy, socially prominent family, and Chris could not reconcile his easy, unconcerned manner with their tedious and unglamorous work in the town's poorest district. She soon realized, however, the young doctor was very capable and understanding indeed, and was steadily winning the confidence and love of his patients as he worked among them. Chris was determined not to let herself become involved with Doctor Bill, but in spite of this she was very much aware of him as together they attended to the needs of the sick in the area.


When Doctor Hale knocked on the door of Doctor Whitney's office and announced to his niece, Miss Pat Whitney, R.N., that he was the new doctor in Eaglewood to replace old Doctor Whitney who he understood was about to retire, he could not have made himself more disliked by Pat had he tried.


Penny Stuart missed the boys who had gone to war, so she became a nurse's aid, proving she could do more than party,

Lucy Agnes Hancock on Amazon


This is the story of the Warrens -- of John, the father; of Margaret, his capable wife; of Stephen, the banker whose wife Harriet (who is not a Warren) makes him toe the mark; of Melissa who has been disappointed in love and is blindly endeavoring to reshape her life along strictly unemotional lines (and who might have succeeded except for a certain young doctor); of Ted, a Visionary who wants to be a farmer; of Sally, Ted's gay irresponsible wife; and of popular, headstrong Laura who defies them all. Their ins and outs, ups and downs, quarrels and love affairs provide admirable material for an entertaining family story.


With her sisters and brother all selfishly pursuing their own thing, Ann was left to give up her college course to look after her mother and the family home. Not that it really mattered in the end-Dr. Andy Rayburn found her there, anyway. For Ann he was the real fulfillment of her dream!.


There was no place in her life for men. At least, Ellen Gaylord was quite sure, not for a long, long time. She was beginning her nursing career -- the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition -- and nothing and no one was going to spoil it, especially handsome young interns. Yet in her final year Dr. Cyrus Dent was still pursuing her and Ellen was as determinedly ignoring him. She knew that if she once let down her defenses now, she could be badly hurt.


Prudence never expected to take up Rodney Seymour's cabled offer of a job in New York, but when her fiance let her down so horribly she knew she must get away. When Rodney offered her a job as his wife instead, Prudence realized a loveless marriage could be her safe harbor. When you aren't in love, she said, you can't be hurt. But was she really certain about not being in love?


Gran and Gramp Marsh cherished memories of Christmas at the farm with the family together. But now their five children rarely visited, and once again it seemed they'd spend the holiday alone. Undaunted, they invited some young friends to join in a traditional celebration. Meanwhile Joan, their loving granddaughter, concocted a happy surprise for them. Little did Joan know she had a surprise in store, too for at Christmastime memories are made as well as shared!

Lucy Agnes Hancock on Amazon

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