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Madness Unfolding In A Red Smear Of Time.

Updated on January 12, 2010


Madness unfolding in red smears of time.


crack  on a heated spoon,

and other narcotics boiling into sap

cross-eyed  after the sap injects it,

then as he staggers up, phhhharrrrrrp,  

the sound of a burp,

and a fart ripped from both ends

blast  goes the stereo

as he settles into his high chair,

laugh ter and crying are void now,

just a blank ecstatic stare prevails.

oddities loom around him,

as ordinary objects become strange creatures.

hairy  monsters pass in front of his eyes,

oops just a hank of his own!!

gaseous and lizard like

with pinpoint pupils half slitted he gazes at

Sponge bob on the t.v.

and on his injection site a sponge blobs up blood.

splitting drugs and mixing

is a dangerous course of action, but

irrational as it is he mainlines

many narcotic soups for fun.

madness seeps from his adrenaline rush,

and rage replaces the buzz.

sheer stupidity to be locked in a room

with weapons available to a man

utter -ing his angst, and seeking

for a way to avoid the sobering morn.

rarity is what his call to his mom was,

to tell her he loved her.

maniacal was that laugh,

as he loaded the revolver with one bullet.

a cross  his hair and forehead,

he pushed the barrel of the gun.

hair pin was that trigger,

and unsteady was his hand......

crack  went the pistol,

and his hand flinched a bit,

the shot wide!!

cross-eyed  he watched

as the bullet went through the wall.

pharrrrp!  went his anal retention

as he soiled his jockeys..

blast went the window next door

drawing him to his own

laugh  was his first reaction

as he watched his neighbors weird dance

of oddities  in the form of jerks and staggers,

and then a hard fall.

hairy chin and jaw dropping

at the realization of what just happened

gaseous odor's and a bladder empties

from the corpse next door.

sponge bob's real, for this neighbor,

as a blob of spongy tissue implodes

splitting internal organs, and bones

as it tumbles in a deadly spin.

irrational he leans further out the window,

hoping to change the view

of madness unleashed by a drug induced accident,

that dented real flesh.

sheer  horror replaces the sheer bliss,

that once marked his features

uttering  apologies he slips on the sill,

and plummets out the frame

rarity is part of the statistics

of human falls from windows.

maniacal is his last scream,

as he plunges thirty-two stories.

cross  armed was the position

his arms were in when he landed.

Hair pin  was his landing

as he hit the empty dumpster below.

Madness unfolding in a red smear

on a heavy metal lidded coffin.







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