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Give a Magazine Gift Subscription for Christmas

Updated on April 19, 2013

Magazine Gift Subscriptions - A great idea for Christmas - Something for Everyone

A magazine gift subscription makes a brilliant Christmas present that lasts for months. There's something for everyone and their are some amazing deals available. National Geographic for granny and grandad, Food Network for Mom, Wired for Dad, PlayStation Magazine for your nephew, Disney FamilyFun for your niece, you get the idea!

I often buy magazine subscriptions as Christmas presents. I buy them for my Nan who doesn't get out as much as she used to and appreciates something to read. For my sister who can't afford to buy magazines very often but loves them. For my Dad who loves cars. For my partner who loves Movies. My kids will be getting National Geographic Little Kids (and I'll be reading it too :-).

I love the idea of a Christmas present that lasts all year. And you can easily renew it for the following year making it a great ongoing Christmas gift. If you buy a gift subscription early enough then the recipient can get it by Christmas. If you leave it until the last minute you can buy the current copy of the magazine and give that to them along with details of the subscription - this works well as a last minute Christmas gift that doesn't look last minute!

Our Top Picks

National Geographic Magazine Subscription - One Year / 12 issues / 12 months

Category: Nature and Environment

Buy it for: Grandparents, Mom and Dad, older kids who like science and nature, Young people who want to travel

WIRED Magazine Subscription - 1 year / 12 issues / 12 months

Category: Technology and Modern Culture

Buy it for: Husband, Uncle, Boyfriend, Mate, Teenage Boy, Girl Geek

Disney FamilyFun - 1 year autorenewal

Category: Family, Art and Craft, Disney

Buy it for: A family, young girl or boy

Scientific American - 1-year auto-renewal

Category: Science

Buy it for: Teenage Girl or Boy interested in Science, anyone who likes to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries

National Geographic Little Kids

Category: Science and Nature

Buy it for: Preschool boy or girl

Everyday Food - 1-year auto-renewal

Category: Food and Cooking

Buy it for: Mom or Dad who cooks for the family

Vogue - 1-year auto-renewal

Category: Fashion

Buy it for: Women of all ages with an interest in fashion from teenagers up.

Automobile - 1-year auto-renewal

Category: Autos

Buy it for: Car and Auto Fanatics

Entertainment Weekly - 1-year auto-renewal

Category: Entertainment, Movies, TV

Buy it for: Mom, Dad, anyone who like TV and Movies.

Prehistoric Times Magazine - Yes, it's got dinosaurs!

Category: Science, Nature, Animals

Buy it for: Dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors of all ages.

Amazon Best Sellers

Why choose an Amazon Magazine Subscription?

Amazon has great prices on a wide range of magazine subscriptions and it has online management of subscriptions including change of address and renewal. See the magazine subscription FAQ for full details.

Note that one year auto-renewal subscriptions can be cancelled online. Or you can give the same gift next year and have Christmas gifts sorted for years to come!

Have you given or received a magazine subscription as a gift? Do you have a favorite?


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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @gradientcat: Were you happy wirh the delivery? I am trying to decide if I want to purchase a magazine subscription as a gift to someone through Amazon or a magazine subscription company. Do tou have any advice? Thank you.

    • profile image

      gradientcat 5 years ago

      I have received a crochet magazine subscription for Christmas in the past.