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Magazines for Christmas and Holiday Reading

Updated on December 16, 2014

Magazines Cover Every Topic

Unlike books these publications are part of a periodically produced on going update and are full of information about whatever subject you happen to be interest in.

With so much interest in outer space many are focused on that subject and give up to the minute details of the latest finds concerning planets, age of the universe, what is happening where, the next big event, such as a passing comet, and so on.

But your interest might be more down to earth and you certainly can get it in the wide range of topics available in the ones represented on this site. Magazines that are fresh with great stories, ideas, educational benefits and everything else for which they are renowned.

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Magazines are the Best Reading Material

Growing up in a post war home they were just about the only everyday reading material my family had around. They were cheap and often contained serials that continued in future releases, which was a trick to ensure you continued to buy them.

They featured beautiful pictures of events products here too was entertainment. They also contained puzzles, kids stories, recipes, patterns, handyman tips and so on and were so good that you simply did not throw them away.

Most of these classics were kept for years whikle things were repeatedly copied from them. How well we remember the cakes and the many jumpers and other knitted patterns we made as a result of some design or gorgeous looking treat. Even dad got handyman ideas that inspired him into action.

Then things changed and the media word turned upside down. Magazines that were previously a good revenue source for newspaper businesses and their employees were suddenly undesirable.

With the introduction of television the magazine industry became somewhat obsolete. In the new scheme of things old magazines were either cast aside or revamped into larger commercial programs with a specialised focus that now caters to audience interests in certain genres. The formulae now is to contain valuable information about something in particular that may not be otherwise freely availabe.

Commercial television stations were bought by the media moguls and now they often produce shows with magazine support for things featured on them. Thus, cooking shows will have recipes in a magazine instead of being given free over the TV. Fishing shows have their magazines as do gardening, music and fashion. Of course we all know about the big money in sports and celebrities and it is in the interest of the media to promote them to the hilt.

This is just one of the hundreds of publications that this company supplies. It aims to be number one in the discount magazine business and states that " is owned and operated by Digital Magnolia, LLC., an Internet service firm with over 14 years of online experience." It guarantees that it's customers are it's number one priority and you will be well served when shopping for it's products.

This Company guarantees to have the lowest prices on the more than 1000 different magazines it offers. It's guarantees are such that unsatisfied customers can request cancellation and refund for undelivered copies up to six months after initiating a subscription. There are no hidden fees or charges and no auto-renewal. You are reminded when the subscription is due for renewal and it is up to you from then on. Check out the web site for more and to see the vast subject range they supply.

Mums still love good magazines and the range this company offers is excellent. From fashion to just about anything else a woman does or needs in her life is featured. Whether it's about having babies, raising a family, peeking into the life of celebrities or preparing a good meal. It's all here. This family owned business of 17 years means great service aimed at customer satisfaction. A subscription to any publication would really make the woman in your life extremely happy, be it your mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend.

What do you prefer?

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History in a Flash

History Recorded

There is nothing like the print media for recording history and everyday events that offer a glimpse of life in the time zone. The best images are done by reporters working for one of the companies involved in it. The best stories are from journalists who capture the feel and the mood of being on the front line when something happens.

Authors of books on the other hand record history from the print media. Usually their only view on a subject is fashioned by what they read in books or through a newspaper or magazine. That is also true for compilers of educational works like encyclopedias, history books, takes on life and what might have been the motivation or mood that propelled an event.

Unless you actually walk on the ground then you don't know the view. You miss the smell in the air, the temperature of the day, the insects that are often overlooked, the pain and suffering of the population. You then write from a clinical point of view and fill in the gaps with imagined scenery and everything else.

If you live through an event and then read a book that details it you know what this discussion is about. Magazines, on the other hand, are life-like in descriptions, moods, characterisations and everything else. They get the first hand interview with relevant players and pictures of things as they happen. The images often speak more than the words.

In today's world of super fast competition they have to be good. Readers want the best and they want to know where to buy the best equipment and what it will do for them in their hobby, business, profession or when just relaxing at home. The magazine industry has come a long way and we are the beneficiaries.

This company offers gifts that are a lot of fun. Magazines with your child, brother, father, mother, etc. as the main character. Turn him/her into a superhero and make them laugh at the results.

Reward for Magazine Journalism

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© 2011 norma-holt

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      My favorite magazines are Time and Newsweek.

    • profile image

      KidsMagazineEmporium 4 years ago

      This is a great lens. Our kids love to get magazines each month. A subscription of their own was a big deal.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I cannot forward the excitement and the anticipation of the magazine in the beginning of month. When I was a kid, I was a voracious reader and always looking out for new materials to read.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      I remember when I was little that our aunt gave us a subscription to a children's magazine. We really looked forward to it each month.