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Magnetic creativity

Updated on February 14, 2014
Zodiacimmortal profile image

I've always wanted to be a writer in some fashion and now I am... be it blogging, hubs or writing a couple of story or poems for fun

Hand magnetism

I wondered about magnetic poetry. Would it be cheating if I used this as a tool to write? Is it my own work or whoever chose the words to put in the kit? Finally I came to the point of making my own; however that was before I purchased my Vampire themed kit. Sometimes you find magnetic words in frames that you can use the frame for a picture and use the words to make a caption, so I just used those to make my own kit, below, I have one or 2 of them.

Make your OWN magnetic POetry Kit - photo& poem by me!

Strapped for Cash, or just can't find 1 magnetic poetry kit you like?

Well depending on the room you have and your resources, you can make your own magnetic poetry kit.

Mine is above, the 2 types that make up the 'poem' at the top of the picture were magnets from some Lisa Frank set I got awhile back, and those that are the plain ones in that same area all i know is they came in a magnetic frame for a dollar. Then among some of my stuff I found some word stickers, and I had a package of magnetic sheets and I just stuck them to it & cut them out. Instant Kit, using a small cigar tin.


*colored Pens, markers, pencils crayons etc. Paints if you want


*magazine/newspaper fonts clippings & pictures

*Color Printer to Print words in different fonts & colors off the computer

*different color & designs

*magnetic sheets

For a BIG kit

*3x5 index cards (1-2 packs of white & maybe a pack of each multi color)

*3x5 index card box.

Pocket version

* altoids box (regular size)

*print out words no taller than the width or length of your tin)

I think the easiest one to make is from 3x5 index cards, & get an index card box. You can leave the full card together or cut them in half. Use some white cards with any words you'd like. (try getting family, friends maybe even some co-workers in on it. Have them write some words down on index cards so that you'd have different print & script styles) use colored markers, crayons, pencils etc. If they can draw well ask them if they can also draw the word on the card etc. If you want the word fire, use a font from the computer print it out & in black & white & f the white part is the flames you can color it with pencils a little bit on red yellow & orange, or if you can find the word fire, that LOOKS like fire cut it out & paste it to the card!~ anything you can do to not only make verbal art but visual as well.

If it won't be much trouble you can even cut the 3x5 cards in half so you can have more words! Buy a pack of Magnet sheets, & cut into pieces and glue on back of Card. If you would like a wider card, try one of the larger index card sizes, cut them by width or down the middle or have a little bit of regular size & a variety of cut shapes. The idea is to have fun & make it visual art as well.

You can make a game of it when friends & family come over.

Someone (family/friend) puts a word on the table or a large enough magnetic surface, and you go around the guests whichever way you want.

To make things interesting.. You can Use a die or numbered wheel form a board game & assign a number to each word type..Noun, adjective, verb & so on...So let's say 1 is a verb the player may put out the word run... etc)

The idea is that each person in the group (at least 3) picks one word & puts it out to make the poem.

-Minimum of 5 lines, in the poem of however many words in a sentence.

have any more ideas for the game?

Magnetic kits

I've included the original & the sequal as well as a couple ones I would love in this section as well as following others

I've been wanting a magnetic poetry kit to just play around with for some time (have yet to get one) but it made me think

If 'I do write' a few poems with the kit. Am I really the writer as someone else put those specific words to use in the kit, and does really count as poetry. It might be cool as a writing prompt if you have a bit of writer's block but other than that....

I see it as this... When I get the inspiration to write a poem, it's all my idea (weather out of the blue or inspired from something I read etc) but I'm still writing it without help or forcing it. Magnetic poetry to me just seems like a way of forcing something that just isn't there. I don't want to rag on anyone but one could say Magnetic poetry is for those not (or just less than) talented in poetry.

I can see it as a visual tool, as a game of sorts for a group of people to make a story or poem out of, but as I said above as i write poetry the only thing I can see it as is a 'game' or writing prompt. Maybe it will help with ideas. Would I include what 'I write' with it in my poetry book... I really don't know maybe if I came up with enough to include in one book If it's one or 2 poems than maybe I might use the visual and try and include it as an illustration page taking a photo of it.

Have you ever used magnetic poetry & what are your thoughts? (Please answer to the following)

1 Are you really the writer, or is it more the person that made the kit?

2. Is it really poetry/ creative writing or just cheating,

3. Writing exercise? (to spark ideas)

4. Fun for the talented or just help for the talentless

5. (2 part question) If you were going to publish a book & have a few poems you wrote with the HELP of a Magnetic poetry kit would you

a. include it in that book & B. (if so) note it with the title as 'magnetic poetry' or not C.(If including in book) not write it in the book but use a photo you took of it to include in the book.

What is your opinion?

upon my Fridge

words hold on

hanging around

all askew

wonder why

they are there

when they start to move around

broken english

sentences incomplete

making sense

a writer playing

a family member leaving a messege

-KimMarie Ostrowski

Magnetic Magnetic Poetry

You might also want to look up Word stamp kits as well, but it's stamps not magnetic poetry

a GREAT collection

This is the best way to have your magnetic poetryvarious colors, fonts and so on
This is the best way to have your magnetic poetry various colors, fonts and so on

Themed - Magnetic Obsessions

The Stylings

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Loved the the way this looked(credit is noted directly on the image)Here's some political words for your homemade kitIt's not jsut magnetic! use it on paper, stamp words & make your own kit etcDon't just use your fridgeFridge poetryhere's another sample some give them out as promotional toolsanother prototional (really wish I had one of these myself
Loved the the way this looked(credit is noted directly on the image)
Loved the the way this looked (credit is noted directly on the image)
Here's some political words for your homemade kit
Here's some political words for your homemade kit
It's not jsut magnetic! use it on paper, stamp words & make your own kit etc
It's not jsut magnetic! use it on paper, stamp words & make your own kit etc
Don't just use your fridge
Don't just use your fridge
Fridge poetry
Fridge poetry
here's another sample some give them out as promotional tools
here's another sample some give them out as promotional tools
another prototional (really wish I had one of these myself
another prototional (really wish I had one of these myself

Other Kit titles

  1. Bitch
  2. Geek
  3. Christian Kit
  4. New York
  5. Office
  6. Haiku
  7. Music Lovers
  8. Happiness
  9. Yiddish
  10. THe Artist
  11. Nature
  12. Genius
  13. LoL Catz Poetreez
  14. Rock n Roll
  15. Little Box of Passion
  16. Little Box of Thanks
  17. Little Box of Peace
  18. Unicorn
  19. Cocktail Hour
  20. Baker
  21. Bacon
  22. Motherhood
  23. Parent
  24. Movie lines
  25. Dog Lover
  26. Pick Up Lines
  27. Cowboy Poet
  28. The Gardener
  29. Mustache Poet
  30. Detective Novel
  31. Languages (French, Spanish, Hebrew, German , Norsk, Swedish (Svenska)
  32. Pride & Poetry
  33. Romance Novel
  34. Bike Lover
  35. My Friend
  36. Queer
  37. Design Shapes
  38. Kids
  39. Politician
  40. party
  41. Erotic
  42. Beer
  43. Friends
  44. Writer's Remedy
  45. Bird Lover
  46. Horrorscopes
  47. Wine Lover
  48. HEaling WOrds
  49. College
  50. Juicy Couture
  51. Word Jam
  52. Yoga
  53. Foodie
  54. HOrse Lover
  55. WEstern

Magnetic Personalities - guestbook

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @John Dyhouse: That Idea I do like... esp. when you pickj out words that seem to not make sense (I do it as a game.. I just pick a few words from the kit I made or from the one i purchased) & then build onto that or atleast make it sound like something other than jibberish

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 

      5 years ago from UK

      I think there are lots of ways of making poetry. Magnetic poetry gives a head start because you have the words and just need to arrange them. I use a number of devices such as this and then use the results as starter or seed poems. I edit and may use a thesaurus to improve and make the poem my very own.


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