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make passive income online

Updated on March 7, 2010

How To Make Money Online From Writing

If writing is one of your hobbies you probably know that you can make passive income online. This can be easier than you think. All you need to prepare is to put in writing a few hours a day and you can forget about your day job. You will need to invest certain money in a laptop and Internet connection. Most probably you own these already.

Make extra money online by doing what you love. Keep in mind that as a beginner you must do some research before you start working. Learn about SEO and keywords research in order to maximize your profit. These tips will help you attract more visitors to your articles. Sometimes you can write a very good quality article but because you lack keywords nobody will be able to find it.

In time, as you get more writing experience, you will be able to make easy online money. You will be happy to see how much faster you can type and create content. This will also bring you more profit in a shorter time. You can set up goals and earn as much as you wish. It all depends of how much you are willing to work.

Find the right discipline to stay focused during the working program. Remember that time means money. If you waste it watching TV or talking to your friends, at the end of the day you will not be pleased with your earnings. For that, before you begin writing, you should make sure nothing will disturb you.

As a freelance writer it's important to have more places where you can publish your content. This way you will get paid from more companies. If some day one of them will not function anymore, you will always have work. It's like a safety measure. This is why it's better to always look for new opportunities.

You can get paid a certain amount per article or you can receive residual income. The good part about the fix payment is that you will be able to estimate how much you will earn. With the residual income you never know. It depends of the traffic your articles are getting.

Freelance writers need to have a good goal and a lot of motivation in order to make a lot of money. Making money can be very simple if you really work for it.


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