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Things That Can Be Used As Weapons - A Writer's Guide

Updated on January 13, 2018
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Having many interests, and an inability to make up my mind about which one to focus on is how I came up with my username: ControlledChaos1.


Improvised Or Makeshift Weapons Are Essential In Almost All Kinds of Stories

If you're looking for things that can be used as weapons for your story or movie idea, then you need to keep in mind that all things can be used as weapons, albeit with varying degrees of success. Choose something unusual or unique as your improvised weapon and you can differentiate your story from a lot of other ones. The stuff found below can be used to inflict damage on anyone if the intent is there, and as writer's, having a basic list of every day items that can be used to cause harm can be an invaluable tool to inspire your story onward to better things.

Although this article won't be the "end all and be all" list of makeshift or improvised weapons, it will be an ever growing list that I know I'll be using myself (and hopefully by others as well). Creative people don't like to admit that a lot of the time we are not that creative. The one thing that most of us are willing to do that give us an edge is search for inspiration, and then use what we find, whether those ideas come in the form of words, pictures, dreams or just by observing to create different versions of story themes that have been told over and over for thousands of years.

My hope is that this article will be of some help to those experiencing a bit of writer's block, which is often in my case. It doesn't matter if you write books, draw comics or make movies; you'll eventually need someone you created to take something in their hands and cause someone to bleed. Decide your poison.

Things That Can Be Used As Weapons

Chain: All shapes and sizes can be use to swing at, choke or trip up an opponent. Effectiveness will depend upon how well you control the weapon.

Squirt Bottle: Any type of squirt bottle that holds liquid can be shot into the eyes to blind and distract so you can either run away or attack with a vengeance.

Fireworks: Best to use these as a distraction to get away as they are more likely to enrage someone instead of scaring them off.

Bee Hive: If you are wearing a bee suit and the other guy isn't, it's good for you.

Broom: Most effective if you thrust the sweeping end towards the eyes. If you can dip the head into something like Clorox, you can also blind and burn your attackers face.

Shirt: An extra shirt laying around can be wrapped around your arm to defend against a knife attack or used to protect your knuckles as you hit someone. I wouldn’t recommend using the only shirt off your back as a weapon though.

Frozen Turkey: Of most use will be the ones that have the plastic netting loop for you to hold onto securely. Choose a size that you can handle fairly easily. Fresh turkeys would also do damage, though not as much.

Magazine: They're not very useful until you roll it up tightly; it then becomes a club that can be used to administer a beating. You can also use them for armor if you tie or tape them around your forearm and shins.

50 lb Bag of Un-popped Popcorn: Of course, 50 pounds of anything would do damage if you brought it down on the head.

Scissors: They don’t even have to be sharp to be effective. If by some chance you have some duct tape to make you a more solid handle, the stability factor will be greatly increased.

Plates: Dishes can make for very dangerous weapons, and plates are some of the best to choose from. They all can be used like throwing stars, but smaller saucers are more controllable. Aim for the face.

Light Bulbs: These are best used as a detection device for hearing someone trying to sneak up on you. Break the bulbs and scatter the glass along the floor. No one in the world can walk across this type of glass and not make a noise. Thicker glass could work, but extremely light people might not be heavy enough to make the glass crackle.

Hot Food: Boiling sugar will stick to almost anything.

CD’s: Could use like throwing stars, but be aware that due to them not having much weight, the possibility of them veering off course is a lot more likely. If you had a bunch to throw all at once, it might buy you some time to put some distance between you and the people who want to do you harm.

Paper: You would think that thicker paper would be easier to cut with, but I've heard that thin is the way to go. Experimentation is needed. Death by a thousand paper cuts! Be sure to spray a little alcohol on there.

Choose Your Weapon

Have you ever had to use a makeshift weapon to defend yourself?

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Homemade Weapons Are The Best!

More Common Items That Can Be Used As A Weapon

Books: Hardcover books can be used for offense or defense; you could also put them under your clothes to use as armor.

Car Battery: If you have the muscle to use it, you have a devastating weapon.

Darkness: Many don’t consider darkness a weapon, but they should. It can be used in your escape or to destroy someone as you pounce on them out of nowhere.

Plastic: Probably only useful if within reach and you are on top of opponent to suffocate them. Could be used for strangulation if it is long enough and wide enough not to tear easily. Saran Wrap anyone?

Hay Hook: Of course, just about all kinds of farm tools can be used to kill.

Rope: An underestimated weapon-at-hand that many people have access to, but don’t know how to use. Strangulation is the first thing that comes to mind, but if the rope is thick and heavy enough it can be used as a shield against a knife. Simply wrap it around your forearms.

Car Antenna: These things can be used like a fencing sword, but be aware that just whacking someone with it will only make them mad. Try lunging for the eyes or face or hitting across the nose.

Chainsaw: A truly terrifying weapon that can be turned against the user if they are not careful. Just the sound of one cranking up in the middle of the night will instill fear.

Drumsticks: Holding a pair of these would be like holding a pair of sai. Put one in each hand while holding the thicker end and aim for the face.

Marbles: A single marble would be of no use, but if you had a jar of marbles and were trying to get away from someone, then just throw them down in between you and your pursuer. Chances are good they’ll at least slip and fall once or twice on them.

Bicycle Tire: If you can somehow trick your opponent into grabbing the spokes and then quickly turn the wheel, you’ll hear some screams of pain.

Weed Eater: Always makes an effective weapon if you can handle it well. Beware that they don’t always crank as fast as they do in the movies.

Firewood: Perfect for a defensive weapon. Hold with both hands with each hand holding an end. If you find yourself close enough to the face thrust with great force and break a nose or knock out some teeth.

Soy Sauce Packet: Make a small pin prick in any sauce packet and you’ll have a projectile weapon that will be fairly easy to direct. Aim for the face.

Cardboard box: Use it to shield against attack or break it down and wrap around you body to use as armor.

Makeshift Weapons Can Be Devastating If You Know Where To Target Them

There are certain places on the human body that are much more vulnerable than others. While pinpoint accuracy is not always necessary, whacking body parts listed below will cause some pain.

  • Areas of the face. (eyes, nose, ear, teeth, etc.)
  • Groin (Only on men, of course.)
  • The instep of the foot or the toes themselves (especially if they have ingrown toenails).
  • Knee and elbow.
  • The throat is always a popular choice; striking the side works almost as well as striking the front.

Cool Weapons You Can Make At Home

Cool Guns Used In Movies (AKA The Easy Way Out)

McMillan TAC-338A (sniper rifle)
RPG-7 (anti-tank)
.38 Special Smith & Wesson
AK 47 Assault Rifle
Sawed-Off 12 Gauge Shotgun
Walther PPK .40 S&W
.22 Winchester Rifle
M120, 120mm Heavy Field Mortar
Desert Eagle .50
Colt AR-15 .223 Remington Rifle
.475 Wildey Magnum
CZ 700 Sniper Rifle
Heckler & Koch MP5
Harmonica Pistol
Ruger 10/22
Uzi Sub-Machine Gun

Even More Unusual (But Effective) Weapon Ideas

Pencils: Likely to break if used with great force. Make sure you aim for a vulnerable area and make sure your aim is true with this improvised weapon.

Pens: Slightly more resistant to breaking than pencils.

Bowling Ball: Be careful about someone grabbing it and twisting with your fingers still in it.

Belt: Can be used as a makeshift swinging weapon, but if it causes your pants to slide down during the fight, it could backfire big time as it could cause your escape to be slowed down considerably.

Barbed Wire: To trip, tangle and strangle (just remember to wear gloves).

Sock Full of Quarters: Fans of the “Death Wish” movie will recognize how dangerous this makeshift weapon can be. Anything with weight can be used, just make sure your sock isn’t flimsy or has holes in it. You need to also make sure you have enough room to swing your weapon.

Stick (flimsy): Any kind of stick, whether sharp or not can be an effective weapon if you aim for the eyes.

Stick (solid): Use as a club; aiming for areas such as the knees or ankles is more likely to catch someone by surprise.

Weights (in a gym):While heavy weights will do damage if your victim is laying underneath them, choosing lighter, easier to handle plates or dumbbells might be the better way to go. In a battle between metal and bone, metal usually wins. Choose weights that you can move and attack with fast. Any blows landed, they will feel. Small 2 ½ pound plates are easy to hold and devastating when hit with.

Brass Knuckles: Also known as knuckle dusters.

Thorny Plants: Cactus, rose bushes with thorns on them, etc. can be used to shove into the eyes of an assailant, and if you happen to have a glove to protect your hands, their effectiveness as a weapon goes way up.

Feces: Reasons to use poop as a weapon won’t come along too often, but when it does, it’s effectiveness will depend on how motivated your attacker is. If they are focused and determined, it might be ignored all together; if not, excrement in the face might cause them to immediately stop and give you a chance to run.

Soft Drinks: Shake, squirt and run (or strike). You will only have a moment.

Trampoline (large): If you are already in the middle of one of those large trampolines, your attacker will have to try and climb on, when they do, kick them in the face.

Deadliest Ninja Weapons

Need Weapons In A Hurry?

Milk Crate
Nail Gun
PVC Pipe
Football Helmet
Deer Antlers
Traffic Cone
Tennis Racket

© 2016 Don

Any Makeshift Weapon Ideas?

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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 8 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Pens and pencils are good, but if you want to give your attacker poisoned blood, stick the object's point there.

      The lead or ink can poison the blood!

    • profile image

      BeanieD 19 months ago

      Cool weapon ideas make any movie better, but they don't always have to be improvised weapons, sometimes a really cool looking gun can do the job just fine.

    • profile image

      PeachyKeen 20 months ago

      I'm a bit of an amateur writer myself and agree that using an unusual weapon helps make the story more entertaining. The improvised weapon I use depends on where my characters are at. Some places provide better weapon choices than others.

      I once had my characters fighting under the water, in the ocean and had one of them grab a starfish to smash the other on the head with. Talking about a weapon you don't get to use that much, right?