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making your article worth sharing to increase readership

Updated on December 26, 2013

Getting people to share your articles

$When writing for an online articles directory, coming up with very interesting and fun contents is a great way of increasing readership for your articles. With an interesting title and photo, you can surely get people drawn to your article but to cause the reader to share or subscribe to your articles after reading, you would need to go a little further than just the interesting title and photo. In other words, to have your first readers promote your article or recommend for other friends as well, they should be able to finish reading the content and be sure of what they are going to share with their friends. They should be able to confirm to themselves that the content actually represents their own voice or the feelings they would like to express.

Creating a Perpetual System of sharing and re-sharing

Interesting article makes your article worth sharing. Having a really interesting article is only when you can increase the cycle of sharing and re-sharing. This increases readership and subscription of your article. By writing an interesting article, you get to set up a sort of perpetual or automatic system that initiates and continues the cycle of sharing and re sharing. When this machine is turned on, it’s impossible to turn off till the content is deleted from the directory.

Do the hard work first and let the readers handle the easy task

With an interesting article, you really do not have to do much to increase readership yourself. Your job is to simply complete the only important task of coming up with a content idea that is interesting enough to be shared by readers and the readers would take it from there. The publicizing aspect would be handled by the readers through sharing.

After doing the difficult task of writing and publishing the interesting article, you won’t have to do much work to gain readership for your content as it becomes easy for the reader to also share information which he or she deems important, interesting or fun with other friends by just a click of a button. In fact, the readers are welcomed to be part of the success of your article through sharing and commenting on your ideas.

Making articles that are worth sharing

*To get more people to share your article, you should write or discuss ideas that represent the thought and ideas that your target audience would support. You should be able to say what exactly confirms the mindset or thoughts and perhaps feelings of your target audience. Most importantly, say it in the way that relates to them more and to their reading levels. Truly, the content represents the writer’s voice and to some extent the reader’s as well. As the reader share’s your views, the content or ideas in the article becomes their voice too. And to some extent you naturally obtain their service for promoting your ideas for free.

Knowing your audience and writing to their taste- Get into their minds and let them get into yours.

Connect to your readers and let your readers connect to you-

In order to write a content that really relates to your readers and their reading levels, it’s only necessary that you know your reading audience very well. When you know your exact reading audience and exactly what they would want to read, you can really connect to them through your words. You can come up with words and ideas that they can easily make theirs and thus share among their friends. When your ideas and way of description exactly represents them and what they stand for, your readers are more likely to share the article as their own thought and their own voice. If you know your readers very well, it’s easier for you to get into their minds and allow them to get into yours.

*When you write articles that really connects to your readers or which your target readers can really connect to, it actually makes them feel relieved to find someone who shares their view and mind. At least it makes them feel that they are not alone. They feel relieved to find someone who seconds or confirms their thoughts. After revealing your personality to your reader through your writing, they are able to connect that part of you because it’s in them as well. You can easily get them to follow you or subscribe to more of your articles. They feel that you are part of them.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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